Individuals and Humanity are at a point where we can no longer brush things under the rug.

It is our time to lift the rug – to reveal what was buried and hidden – so that we can heal anything that is not of love – and ensure that everyone feels empowered and in control of their life and destiny.

As Individuals

?The impetus to look beyond our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors is upon us – so that we can heal the wounds that cause(d) bad, ineffective, inappropriate, or hurtful attitudes and behaviors.

?We are learning the importance of – and the necessity to – stand up for ourselves: for our freedoms, beliefs, and right to live life as our hearts and souls call us to.

As a Collective

?We are being forced to look at the inequalities, injustices, and cruelty we have – and still do – put upon the poorer, marginalized, and disempowered individuals and groups, and …

?We are called to make restitution.


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In this blog post, I will focus mainly on our individual healing. I have mentioned the healing of the collective to give a fuller understanding that this inner push to heal is part of Humanity’s current evolutionary process and that the healing of the individual and the collective goes hand in hand.

Healing Our Emotional Wounds Has Far-Reaching Effects

We were created to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally expressing love – and its supportive qualities like fairness, sharing, and compassion outwards into the world. See my post The Qualities of Love.

However, Humanity’s past caused emotional wounds within us and we  disconnected from that love.

Healing our emotional wounds can be done in many ways – but they all start with acknowledgmentwith looking at the conscious or Unconscious Influences that cause(d) us to feel, react, or act out of context.

Acknowledging how we feel, or what we have said or done that caused us or others pain or upsets, is the 1st step to healing.

Once we acknowledge we then work to remove the blocks to love – to undo the Unconscious Influences that may be keeping us from accessing the love within.

To go deep enough in the healing to make impactful shifts within us, we must be brave enough to be honest with ourselves.***

There are many simple and professional ways to do this. A few that have helped me are …

?Journaling*** our thoughts, feelings, and what comes to us as we sit to write about a hurt, our feelings, or try and understand why we felt, responded, or acted a certain way.

?Connecting the Dots***between how we feel or felt and how this may relate to a past hurt, disappointment, or misunderstanding that we have brought into the present. And connecting the dots to how our attitude, reaction, or action may have come back to us helps us release frustration or anger towards the other.

?Forgiving/Making Peace With***whatever has bothered or upset us or caused conflict with others. We are all only ever coming from a place of misalignment from love, and we are all on different legs of our journey to returning to love. With this understanding, we can more easily forgive others for their bad, hurtful, or inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

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Sometimes professional help is needed to overcome deep or horrific wounds, but most of the time, we can work through them ourselves or with a little help.

If you wish to go beyond any of the above suggestions (do check out the related posts for more detailed info), a few of the programs I recommend would be Byron Katie’s The Work, The Sedona Method, The Hoffman Process, and A Course in Miracles.

Healing Ourselves also Heals those around Us – and Our Ancestral Lineages

When we acknowledge – and start to heal what causes us to feel, react, or act in ways that are harmful to us or others, we not only heal ourselves, we heal those in our sphere – and we heal our ancestral lineages. (Below are links to a few ancestral lineage healing modalities).

Although it may not seem obvious immediately, as we start to heal our past wounds, those around us benefit because we become less reactive, causing less conflict in our communications with others.

And as we heal, our vibration shifts and the lighter energy we emit may even cause those around us to shift to more positive and uplifting attitudes and behaviors.

And because the Universe is holographic, when we forgive or make peace with another or a situation they caused, both heal at the soul level.

We all have wounds, and we are all making our way in the world as best we can and as best we know how to.

Humanity’s past attitudes and behaviors have caused individuals – and the

various races, cultures, and religions, to have deep wounds that have gone unhealed

The repercussions of these wounds got passed down through our families and ancestral lineages. Now held in our DNA, they affect our peace and happiness. They are waiting for healing!

Whatever comes up in our life may, unbeknownst to us, be leftover past generational trauma.

As we make peace with and heal, we remove any conscious or unconscious heaviness, fears, or attitudes that may now affect our peace, happiness, or sense of contentment or empowerment.

Healing Ourselves Helps Heal Others, and Our Ancestral Lineages

This cross-time barrier is possible because God, Spirit, and the Universe do not operate in linear time.

From our 3D perspective, we aren’t aware of it, but our Universe is holographic, with all the parts affecting each other. And with time being fluid, healing happens across time barriers.

So, when we heal our wounds, it has way more value than just to us today – it helps heal our past and future, that of those around us, and our generational and collective pasts, presents, and futures.

©Rosemary McCarthy, January 11, 2022



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