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The December theme, Creating Loving Feelings, was from an essay I wrote a few years ago for The Love Foundation, for which I received an honorable mention?. I tweaked it a little to reflect the Holiday Season and the impact the current state of the world may be having on us and our ability to feel joy.


Most of us aspire to feel good, be positive, and express love out into the world. However, sometimes we cannot feel love in our hearts – at least not enough to be joyful, happy, and contented, or loving towards others.

Even if we are usually calm, loving, and are a positive person, personal stress and stresses from outside sources – like what we have recently been experiencing with the restrictions put upon us – dull our senses. Feelings of joy and happiness and our sense of aliveness may weaken.

For many of us, our ability to connect to loving feelings is fragile and can easily be upset.


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We were created to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally expressing love – and its supportive qualities like fairness, sharing, and compassion outwards into the world. See my post The Qualities of Love.

However, at some point in humanity’s history, negativity arose. As this played out, our connection to positive and uplifting ways of experiencing and expressing life weakened. As time passed, harmful and disempowering ways of approaching life and others became the norm: our default position.

Because of What We Experienced, or Were Exposed to in the Past,

Our Connection to Loving Feelings May Be Weak. or Even Blocked

?Some of us were victims of how the negativity played out in others. As they abused, criticized, or belittled us, or were unsupportive of us emotionally, mentally, or physically, our hearts hardened, and we unconsciously erected protective and defensive mechanisms to protect our hearts and emotional world.

?Others of us inherited the negative ways of being from our families and cultures. We learned to view the world through a lens of judgment, biases, and competition: to battle rather than be compassionate and cooperative. To be suspicious of others different than us.

Whatever caused us to disconnect from loving feelings, the protective and defensive mechanisms we erected, or any judgment, biases, and competitive ways of approaching life we adopted, habitual reactions and limiting beliefs became entrenched in our being.

I call these Our Unconscious Influences. These influences that run our lives – without our conscious consent – are based on fear.

They are energetically heavy and dense and bring us down. They cause us to feel too much, react badly, and restrict our lives by the limitations they hold us to.

reating Loving Feelings, December 2021 Newsletter Message

We now know that light, positive, uplifting high-vibrational thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors create feelings of general well-being. They burst through any weakness or blocks we may have to joy and loving feelings. They send sparks of light and love to our whole being – allowing us to reconnect to loving feelings.

The More We Embrace High-Vibrational Thoughts, Attitudes, and

Behaviors, the Better We Feel. And the Better

We Feel, the Easier it Is For Us to Express Love Out Into the World.

If We Cannot Tap Into Joy Or Loving Feelings, We CAN Conjure Them Up

Because love is our true nature, we can easily reconnect with loving feelings and the sense of peace and joy it embodies. Passionately evoking loving feelings with our thoughts, words, attitudes, and behaviors, and doing with …

? gusto ?relishing in?delighting in ?reveling in ?and doing so with exaggerated feelings. This gets the ball rolling!

We are attempting to override years, generations, and even eons of our feelings of love being dulled and subdued – so we must approach this with enthusiasm.

?Hug yourself or your pillow. Create a practice by summoning up feelings of love as if you were hugging a baby, your child, your most precious loved one, a cute kitten, or whatever will create pure, unabashed childlike pleasure within you. This creates love feelings within your being, which you can later connect to more easily.

?Embrace joy and light-heartedness. Regularly do what brings you joy. Bring fun and light-heartedness to whatever you do, as this creates a sense of joy around it, anchoring joy into your being. Joy then becomes part of your make-up.

?Be passionate and bring abandon to all you do. Being passionate and bringing abandon to whatever you are doing creates a positive vortex around it. This makes everyday tasks pleasurable—the mundane start to feel extraordinary. Life starts to feel extraordinary.

?Delight in small things. When you allow yourself to delight in the small things in life, like the bubbles in the sink, spring’s first bloom, or a baby’s smile, you are evoking loving feelings. When we do this, it creates a sort of love muscle memory, and you will automatically start to feel sparks of joy and loving feelings in small things, each time strengthening your connection to loving feelings.

reating Loving Feelings, December 2021 Newsletter Message

?Allow for wonder and awe. Whenever possible, embrace what creates wonderment and awe in your being. Whether it be the sky and stars, sunsets, nature’s beauty, beautiful art, uplifting or spirited music, or majestic architecture, allow the wonder of it all to seep into your being. Doing this reminds our cells that there is a generous, creative hand at work orchestrating all there is – that we are a beloved and important part of it.

?Evoke Feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Like love and joy, feelings of gratitude and appreciation are of a high-vibration, and lift our consciousness out of fear, worry, stress, and negativity. Evoke feelings of appreciation for what you have – and who you have in your life. Start a gratitude journal, and write in it whenever you want to feel uplifted or more connected to loving feelings.

?Bring to mind all you love, and have loved; have, and have had. Think fondly and lovingly about all parts of your life – all you have had, do have, have loved, now love, and all you do – as if it is your most favorite thing in the world.

Remembering What Was – with Love – Instead of Missing What Was

Life is ever-changing. With its ebbs and flows, things and people come into our lives and go out of our life. Circumstances change. It is human nature to miss what was – especially what we loved and what was comfortable. However …

It Is More Helpful to Us that We Love What Was – Rather than Miss What Was.

Remembering What Was With Love –  creates a positive vibration within us. Our consciousness reads remembering what was with love as appreciation, and it is translated as us requesting and expecting more of what we love to come to us. This Creates Expansion in Our Being

Missing What Was – creates a negative vibration within us. Our consciousness reads missing what was as lack. As despair – void of love, hope, and appreciation. This Creates Contraction in Our Being.

Moving to Loving What Was – From Missing What Was

To make this shift …

?Fondly remember the feelings created in your heart by what you now miss.

?Revel in the feeling.

?Smile about it.

?Write about it.

?Bring to mind the details. The sights. The sounds. The smells.

?Dig out old pictures and lovingly gaze at them, embrace them, and hold them to your heart.

?Do, or bring to mind, whatever creates that positive and loving feeling you remember about what you miss.


The more we do what connects us to loving feelings, the more easily loving feelings can arise in us. Make creating loving feelings part of your everyday life.

Start your morning by taking a few minutes to create loving feelings – just as you wake up if possible. Use any of these suggested ways or any other that works for you.

You will see the difference it makes to your day!

  • You will start the day feeling calm, peaceful, and happy – and your day will go more smoothly. But if it does start to go awry …
  • You will be able to summon up the good feelings – as they are not so far away from your consciousness.

I wish you a beautiful and magical Holiday Season – filled with love, joy, and laughter, and that the times spent with loved ones are spirited, memorable, and fill up your love cup.

I hope the beginning of 2022 is treating you well. Rosemary ?‍♀️??

© Rosemary McCarthy, December 14th, 2021, updated January 12, 2022.

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