We are now living in a time of huge social change that is affecting all of us – and in various ways. And we are all feeling the fatigue and stress of the past few years.

No matter our thoughts and beliefs about it all,

our best option is always to be loving, hopeful, compassionate

 and forgiving towards others – and the world … because …

We – and the World Need a Gentle Touch!

None of us have liked the restrictions of the past few years that have been put upon us.

Some of us have made peace with them. Others of us feel they are a huge imposition on our human rights and freedoms and they are. However, they are attempts to keep people safe.

And most of us are doing a magnificent job staying positive, compassionate, and loving  at least most of the time ?

There are good arguments for both sides. Either way, time has heightened the frustrations and stress levels for all of us.

Many are baffled or angered with the divisiveness this has brought to the forefront especially with the protests now going on (in Canada). 

Many are concerned about the disruptions. Others feel the protests are necessary so that individual freedoms are respected.

Most of Us Are Managing Our Emotions Most of the Time.

Most of us are doing a magnificent job staying positive and being kind and compassionate towards others.

However,  as frustration and fatigue has grown, some of us may have become more reactive, or even grumpy and argumentative.

And some people may even have become distant as being reclusive feels more comfortable to them.

NO matter the circumstances of the day, our beliefs, and how well or badly we have acted or reacted these past few years  we are all only ever just doing our best to deal with how life has, or is now, playing out.

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It helps us, others, and Humanity to extend kind gestures – general goodness, which may often just be a nod or smile towards all who cross our path – even those we disagree with.

I see this happening much of the time, but it is easy to fall into the “poor me” head down rut these days and forget to extend to others– especially when we are tired of it all and feeling frustrated by what is now going on.

The thing is, when we feel a little down we often forget that when we extend any of the expressions of love, we feel better. It raises our mood. It’s a win-win.

This is a post from a few years ago that I re-post from time to time – with a little tweaking to address the current energy and situation.

It’s a reminder that no matter what is happening around us, it’s a time to be …

?especially kind,  gentle, loving, and compassionate towards everyone we see or talk to, and …

?forgiving of people who don’t seem to be managing well and are grumpy, negative, or are acting out.

Extending love’s qualities to all whom we meet and in all situations is the best way to help uplift the world!?

From here on down is mostly from the original post.

The World Needs Our Gentle Touch

Offering gentleness to those around us, people we come in contact with, the animals that inhabit the planet, and to our home, Mother Earth, will help create the world we all want.

It was intended that everyone be happy, feel fulfilled and empowered, and have all they need to survive and thrive –mentally, physically, and spiritually. Extending Love’s Qualities helps us get there.

Gentleness is one of the most powerful qualities of love, because when we extend it to others they feel  safe. And in this safety they can more easily tap into their heart-space.

Many People Need a Rekindling of the Love Within that Is Inherent in All of Us

Because of what we inherited from Humanity’s history, most of us have, or have had, a weak connection to our True Self – to our heart-space and to the love that is held within our hearts.

Therefore, we have been unable to experience the full benefit of this connection – or to  fully express love out into the world. See my related post Creating Loving Feelings

Some of us have worked to strengthen our connection to this love,

and are reaping the benefits, but many of us have not been able to do so.

We all emerged from love, and at our core– through our True Self, we are all still connected to that love.

However, over time, as Humanity’s history played out, our connection to the love weakened, and we became unable to experience pure love and the peace, joy, compassion, and gentleness it holds.

Whereas once we naturally felt our connection to one another and were able to share in and express love’s qualities, throughout Humanity’s decline we also lost our ability to extend it to others, and our sense of Oneness faded from our consciousness.

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Our past history has shown that gentleness, as well as many of the other qualities of love, was not valued by those who held the power – nor was it rewarded.

Power, control, and wealth were what was valued, and these require might. Gentleness and might are not congruent.

People struggled to live, and the effects on our psyches of not living under the umbrella of unconditional love was brought forth through the generations.

Attempting to rid ourselves of the emotional and spiritual pain of being unfairly and/or cruelly treated, we projected our hurts and frustrations onto others in unloving, selfish, impatient, judgmental, and even cruel ways. This created emotional wounds to those around us – and the cycle continued.

These unloving ways that were directed at us caused us to contract emotionally and we put up barriers to our hearts.

The subtler part of ourselves became overshadowed by the harsher realities, and our connection to our True Self and the love inherent within it further weakened, as did our sense of Oneness with others.

The World Needs Our Gentle Touch - Part 1/3

When we are distanced from this love, we are unable to fully accept love from others or to express unconditional love out into the world. When our ability to feel and extend love has been snuffed out, we need help rekindling it.

Offering kindness, compassion, understanding, and consideration to others comes through as gentle love. And these expressions of love can overlap depending on the situation, as they are not mutually exclusive.

Offering some form of gentleness to everyone we come in contact with will help strengthen the connection to the love within them. And it may even give enough of a flicker to start to rekindle it in others whose connection is virtually non-existent.

We offer gentle love by our approach as much as by our actions. Here is a list of a few examples of how we can express gentleness towards others. I will expand upon these in Part 2, as well as show the many ways offering gentleness benefits to the receiver:

?Be kind

?Be helpful and considerate

?Be compassionate

?Speak kindly to people

?Be accepting of all people – no matter their current demeanor

?Forgive others for what they have, or have not done

?Offer a helping hand – just because you can

?Share – just because you can

?Give your full attention to others

?Really listen

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