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I recently became aware of Galentines Day (February 13th ), and the funny thing is that the theme of my 2nd newsletter (February 2018) is somewhat similar to what Galentines Day is about.

February 13th Galentines Day was put forth by the show Parks and Recreation, and it was declared as a day for girls to celebrate their female friendships and support systems.

My February 2018 Newsletter message suggested that on Valentine’s week, we show all whom we know – and any whom we think may be lonely – some love and appreciation.

Below is some of that 2018 message. You can read the entire 2018 Happy Valentines Week message in the post I created.

We all want to be happy. We all want to feel loved.

And we all feel good when someone SHOWS they care about us

Even though Valentine’s Day is known and promoted for couples expressing and showing their Love and appreciation to each other, let’s use this day/week deemed for LOVE – to express love out into the world.

First, let’s ensure we Love ourselves. Loving ourselves – forgiving ourselves and being authentic and attentive to OUR soul’s desires ups the love quotient in our being. We can then more easily be loving and generous of spirit towards others.

During Valentine’s week, let’s spread that Love – wherever we can, with whoever crosses our path, and with those we know who would benefit from an expression of Love – or simply a little bit of attention.


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Although many of us look forward to and experience wonderful Valentine’s Days, many do not – and for many reasons. With Valentines Day being so hyped up, it brings with it mixed feelings for many of us.

Because Valentines is deemed for sweethearts, people who are not in a relationship – or not in a loving one, often feel bad.

Valentine’s week may bring a sense of loneliness for people not in a relationship – even if they usually do not feel lonely or are alone by choice. The commercial build-up is so in-your-face that it’s hard not to feel any effects from all the hype.

For people in a relationship who are not getting along, this week promoted for loving couples may bring with it sadness – for what is not.

Let’s use this day to ensure we feel good; our loved ones feel loved,

and extend simple expressions of Love to all those whose path we cross

or who we know may feel sad, lonely, or left out on this day.

If Valentines Day brings with it good feelings for you – share the warm feelings with others through your demeanor or with simple gestures. Any expression of Love we make towards another sparks feelings of Love within our being.

If this day brings with it loneliness or sadness for you, extending a loving gesture to another will not only benefit them, by the Law of Attraction, it will also benefit you by inviting more expressions of love into your life.

There are many simple ways to make ourselves feel good and express loving thoughtfulness to others. You may want to check out my post, The Qualities of Love, which shows the many qualities of love and ways love is expressed.

If Married or In a Relationship

Don’t let this day go unnoticed. Just don’t allow cynicism about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day to affect you showing Love and appreciation to your chosen life partner in some way.

If your relationship is strong, recognizing Valentine’s Day and showing Love and appreciation for your partner – in one way or another, makes it stronger.

If your relationship is rocky or stressful, showing love and appreciation to your partner – for all that is or was good can help rekindle loving feelings.

Loving gestures water our relationships.

They make strong ones grow stronger and help weaker ones become stronger.

Valentine’s gestures don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Showing Love and appreciation to your chosen life partner – even with small – but heartfelt and meaningful gestures will help maintain and grow the love.

And people feel Love in different ways. How we feel loved and appreciate how love is shown to us – and how our partner feels love may be different. Knowing which acts of Love touch our person’s heart ensures they feel the Love to the degree we are showing it.

My Recommended Book of the Month is Gary Chapmans, The Five Love Languages.

 If You Are Alone

Honor the day for yourself. Indulge yourself. Have that goodie you usually avoid. Buy yourself flowers. Make a Spa Day appointment. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. Do something you like. We do this for ourselves because we are worth it!

And extend Love outwards into the world. Because the energy of whatever we extend outwards affects our vibration and how we feel. It helps feelings of Love grow within us.

Extending Love to Others and Out into the World

?Wish everyone you meet a Happy Valentines Day/Week. Your warm greeting may be just what someone needs to brighten their day.

?Send a message, or even better, make a phone call to someone far away you know who may be sad, alone, or feeling lonely.

?Drop in on, and maybe bring a little something to someone you know who may be alone or feel lonely on this day. The elderly are the most vulnerable and sometimes have little contact with others and may feel alienated from the world – especially if they are not computer /social media savvy and miss out on shared messages.

?Bring treats to work – to share with your co-workers. Leave some in the landing in your building.

Small unexpected gestures can do a world of good for anyone feeling lonely or disconnected from others and life. Knowing someone is thinking of them helps make a person feel loved – and more connected to others and part of the world.

Let’s express Love all through Valentine’s week in a way that makes us, and others, feel good.

We can take this commercial phenomenon that many feel conflicted over and turn it around to become the highest expression of Love by appreciating ourselves and extending ourselves to others in loving and thoughtful ways.

Blessings to you, and I wish you a very Happy Valentines Week and Day.


©Rosemary McCarthy, February 6th, 2022

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