The World Needs Our Gentle Touch – Part 2/3

The World Needs Our Gentle Touch – Part 2/3

In Part 1, I discussed how we all emerged from love, and at our core we are all still connected to that love, but that many of us need a rekindling of the love that is inherent within all of us.

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This is why we need to be gentle with each other – and why the world needs our gentle touch – especially these days as our world and lives have been disrupted to a degree we were not prepared for, and that has stressed us and changed our lives so completely.

(This is an article/post I wrote a couple of years ago and repost from time to time – tweaked to reflect the world’s current situations).

Because of what we inherited from Humanity’s history, most of us have, or have had, a weak connection to our True Self – to the love we all hold within our hearts, and therefore have been unable to experience the full benefit of this connection – or to express it fully out into the world.

We have all come from the same history of what Humanity perpetuated, but were unaware we were carrying forward baggage that created attitudes and behaviors that either hurt our self or others.

Most of us have experienced hurts, pains, or unwelcome repercussions or circumstances – either from generational or cultural influences, our own bad choices, or at the hands of others. And because of this, many of us have been the perpetrators and hurt others.

So, we need to forgive ourselves for what we have done,

or not done – to ourselves and to others.

Being Generous; Offering Gentleness; Extending Love

And we need to be generous to each other and extend true and authentic forgiveness to those who have acted badly towards us, others, or the world. We need to offer the gentle hand of reconciliation – an olive branch – whenever possible.

Being the recipient of a gentle gesture

can open our hearts so that we too can forgive.

When we are offered gentleness, it helps us to heal the wounds of hurts or unwanted circumstance that caused us to be disconnected to the love within.

The more we offer gentleness and other qualities of love to others, the faster we will all be able to reconnect to the love within and embrace its benefits for ourselves.

The more of us who extend love out into the world, the faster we will be able to create the world we all want. As well as offering gentleness to people, we also have to offer it to the animals on our planet.

The Animals Who Share the Planet With Us

Animals share the planet with us to help us, to feed us, to offer us love, and help us grow spiritually. But just like with us, many have been victims of cruelty – for sport, for food, for greed, and even simply because of ignorance and meanness.

Animals have always helped us with our crops and for getting around. And so long as we treat them with kindness, ensure they are given what they need to be warm, safe, and healthy, and train them firmly, but gently, we are using them as intended.

Properly and kindly trained animals that are well looked after and not overworked will reward us with good work. They will have served their purpose.

We must ensure that as a society

we value the importance of respecting the animals that help us.

Humans have hunted for eons. In the past, it was for our survival – for food, clothing, and shelter. And it was a normal practice to use the animals fully, and we often made offerings to the gods of our tribes as gratitude. In our more recent history, we have hunted for sport, rather than necessity.

Sometimes this was done with integrity towards the animal and we used the meat and the skins, but at other time we were cruel and disrespected them.

We are moving away from hunting for sport for the sake of killing, but we have to continue to support efforts to overturn this practice.

The commercialization of our meat and dairy products along with the proliferation of our demands for a variety of foodstuffs at our fingertips brought about huge industries and this created immense competition.

This, along with the greed of some of the producers, created the need to cut corners, and cost efficient but sometimes cruel and inhumane practices toward the animals were created.

Since as a society we will still continue to eat meat – for at least a while longer, we must ensure we find our way back to respectful and humane ways of rearing and slaughtering the animals for our tables.

Our domestic animals offer us much needed unconditional love. Our pets fill our homes with fun, love, and laughter. However, many domestic animals are mistreated, while many others are abandoned.

We must ensure we continue to educate people on the responsibilities of owning a pet, of the necessity of having them spayed unless we have definite plans for their offspring, and continue to monitor those who profit from looking after our domestic animals.

Although visiting zoos and aquariums offers families a fun outing and is a wonderful learning experience for children, we have become aware of the unfairness of caging animals for our pleasure.

Animals and the mammals of our Planet need to be free – just like us.

We must ensure that those already in captivity are well looked after – in all ways, and continue to question practices that once seemed acceptable, but no longer are.

Many Animals and Mammals are understood to be Spiritually Advanced.

People who have swan with the dolphins often say they get a feeling they are not the wisest in the water. Our scientists tell us that whales may be the most intelligent mammals on the planet.

And most who own a horse say that a special bond is created between the rider and the animal. Just spending time with these advanced beings can open pathways to our heart. We must ensure we keep these brilliant mammals safe and flourishing.

We must be gentle with the animals, mammals, birds

and all other life forms that share the planet with us.

We must understand the importance of giving voice to and supporting efforts against the cruelty to all of them – whether for profit, pleasure, or sport, or to research that only benefits us.

There are many more animals, mammals, and small creatures than those I have mentioned that we treat badly – for many reasons, and we need to continue to uncover and find ways to alleviate any cruel ways we treat all those we share the planet with.

Our Home; Mother Earth

Our planet, Gaia, is a living breathing organism. The Indigenous peoples know this. And just like with each other and with the animals who walk the earth, we have abused her. She too needs our gentleness.

In past times, we held a reciprocal relationship with Gaia. She gave to us through her bounty. We took and shared  her gifts – with gratitude, and we looked after her. The Indigenous peoples still adhere to this concept of reciprocity, and still believe in the premise of “enough.”

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