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Market Effectively to the Holistic or Personal Development/Relationship Audience


When marketing and promoting any type of wellness or personmicah parsons jersey 49ers jersey College Football Jerseys fsu football jersey asu football jersey fsu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Ohio State Team Jersey College Football Jerseys 49ers jersey OSU Jerseys fsu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey OSU Jerseys ohio state jersey l development product, service, or material, is tricky to maintain that Vital Sense of Integrity that aligns with the intent of your Product or Service – and Still Attract with Your Ideal Audience. However, you CAN Effectively Reach Your IDEAL Market with Your?Health Product or Service ?Coaching Business ?Passion Project?or Book Idea – and do it with Integrity. Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy?‍♀️ and I am a Writer and Published Author of Spiritual Material – with a background in Marketing and with Digital Marketing Training – and I offer a variety of writing services. See My Writing Services Page. (A link to my other Marketing  Blog Article is at the end) The Marriage of my Spiritual Slant with my Marketing Background and Digital Marketing Training allows me to walk that fine, nuanced, tricky, line of marketing with integrity. Firstly: I do the work to understand your offering, how you want to present yourself,  and your goals Secondly: I thoroughly research your ideal audience to understand their needs  so that I can craft your piece in the tone, cadence, and language needed to draw them in. Then, my inspiration hits, and the words that Effectively Communicate with your audience flow through me – Ensuring Your Offering is Clear, Concise, Hits all the Right notes, and it's Intent remains Sacred. Whether you are reaching out to Prospective Clients or Your Current Ones, to Keep them Interested and Engaged, you may need, ?a Bio ?LinkedIn Summary ?Pages ?Promo Emails (Funnel marketing) ?Sales Letters ?a Content Writer?Website Content ?Articles ?Blog Posts?Newsletters ?An Editor, or ?a Ghostwriter or Co-writer ... I can help you EFFECTIVELY connect with your Ideal Audience and Market. What you have to sell, share, or the information you have to offer fills a need, because ... ... all products, services, ideas, and written material fill a need. Your product, service, idea, or writing fills a need. Reaching out to Your IDEAL Audience where Your Offering Fills their Need – is Intentional Marketing. It is 21st Century Marketing! And Intentional Marketing is especially important in the health and personal development areas ... ... so that the energetic lines of communication are not marred by gimmicks and hooks or blurred by the negative energy of people communicated to who have no interest in your offering. With thoughtful, honest, and engaging copy that points out how YOUR offering fills their need – and does so best, I will Draw in Your IDEAL Audience with sound – but smart marketing tools – that maintain the integrity and spirit of your offering. And I will use the perfect touch of whatever tone is appropriate – be it Spiritual and Uplifting, Sparkle and Pizzaz, Thoughtful and [...]

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The World Needs Our Gentle Touch – Part 3/3


In Parts 1 and 2 I discussed why individuals need a gentle touch. We all come from a sOhio State Team Jersey florida state football jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms detroit lions jersey custom football jerseys ohio state jersey custom football jerseys OSU Jerseys detroit lions jersey ohio state jersey detroit lions jersey Ohio State Team Jersey 49ers jersey asu football jersey custom made football jerseys ociety that encouraged judgement, criticism, competition - and many other types of disempowering attitudes that caused us to contract from the love that we are at our core. Conflicts from what we experienced or witnessed in our life along with this disconnect from the love of our true self, we are all dealing with our emotional worlds as best as we can. This often plays out as dysfunctions and unloving attitudes and behaviors. This understanding helps us be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate with people who hurt us or act badly. ????? In this part 3, I discuss how Gaia, our planet, has not only been injured by the physical abuses we have put upon her; she has also been negatively affected by the emotional abuses we have put upon her. Gaia is a living, breathing organism. To help her hear, she too needs our gentleness. The Indigenous peoples know this. And just like with each other and with the animals who walk the earth, we have abused her, and so we need help her heal.     Read  Part 1    Read  Part 2 Our Home; Mother Earth In past times, we held a reciprocal relationship with Gaia. She gave to us through her bounty. We took and shared  her gifts – with gratitude, and we looked after her. The Indigenous peoples still adhere to this concept of reciprocity, and still believe in the premise of “enough.” Our planet has suffered physically through industrialization and our greed. We have been inconsiderate of her air, water, land, forests, and resources. We are now seeing the repercussions of many of the decisions made decades ago. Some of these we made unaware of the long-term consequences; others, we knew there would be consequences and either ignored or buried the research. We have gotten used to the many luxuries that we now consider our right – many of them attained at her expense. We have gone beyond the concept of “enough.” ????? All my Writing is based on my published and upcoming books: Cover Images Below About My  Books I also offer a variety of   Writing Services ????? Our planet has also suffered from the emotional abuses we have put upon her. All the unfairness, judgments, prejudices, hate, injustices, and cruelty we have directed towards each other, groups of people, like through genocides and wars, or even towards the animals have affected her. Because she is a living, breathing organism and it all happened within her boundaries, she too has suffered when those living upon her suffered. Gaia, Mother Earth, our beautiful planet has had to shrug off all of [...]

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?Understanding Our Hearts; Understanding Others’ Hearts – Newsletter #52, May 2022.


I've created t his post from my May 2022 Newsletter message. Link to sign up or read past messages is below? ????? When we are connected to our heart we are in tune with our true feelings. In tune with our true feelings, it is easier for us to understand another’s heart and how they are feeling, being, and their motivations. How we feel affects our attitudes and behaviors and how we navigate life, how we show up in the world, and where we are coming from. Sometimes we come from a place of honesty within ourselves. Sometimes we don’t. We all have a little denial within us that we fall victim to – at least from time to time. The degree of honesty or denial within ourselves dictates whether, ?We live life coming from a place of true feelings.    Or, ?We live life coming from a place of surface feelings. ????? All my Writing is based on my published and upcoming books About My Books I also offer a variety of   Writing Services Sign-up to receive my Free Newsletter.   You can also read past ones on the link. ????? True Feelings vs Surface Feelings Feelings are complicated and many elements affect how we feel. The closer we are to our true self and the higher level of Peaceful Honesty we live from or have attained, the truer our feelings are. ?In Their Truest Form, Our Feelings Show Us an honest picture of what our heart, or soul, is whispering to us. What we feel and what we show to the world are pure and honest feelings that come from our heart. ?If Tainted, Our Feelings Show Us a false picture of what our heart is whispering to us. Our true feelings are buried and remain below the surface. How we feel and what we show to the world are surface level feelings that mask our true feelings. We are afraid to scratch below the surface.  Unconscious Influences Cause Tainted / Surface Feelings Unconscious Influences are the barriers we erect over our hearts and feelings. We erected these barriers as a result of buried, unacknowledged, and unaddressed hurts, pains, confusions, or unresolved or conflicting events from our past. When unconscious influences are at play in our life, our feelings are marred with the fears or confusion of the original event they grew out of. Unconscious influences run our lives – without our consent. Buried hurts or pains (emotional or physical) or unresolved conflicts or confusing events from our past caused us to put up protective mechanisms to protect our hearts and psyches. These protective mechanisms cause us to be reactive and they play out as negative, harmful, or bad attitudes or behaviors. We either, Turn them Inwards – and we are tentative, needy, are easily frustrated, often get hurt feelings, are passive-aggressive, disempowered, unable to make decisions, or become dysfunctional (or addictive) in some way, or Turn them Outwards – and we are critical, judgmental, controlling, defensive, blame others, or [...]

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Why We Are the Way We Are


Why We Are the Way We Are - is the first book in my 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series About Book Book 2 - Overcome Your Unconscious Influences - will be out later this Summer Book 3 - Relationship Intelligence - will be out in Fall 2022 Sign up for my Newsletter to stay updated on releases    

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Your Email List is Gold … Use it to its Full Advantage


Imagine having a crystal ball that tells you How – When – and How Often – to Communicate with Your Email List – so that Your Communications are More Effective, Get More Click-throughs, Optimizes Your Budget – and Increase Your Profit. ?There is still time to get organized for Black Friday weekend, so to make the most of your email list, contact me at: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com Oh yes, and Read My Most Recent Testimonials Well, surprise, surprise. There are no crystal balls in marketing, but there are good basic online marketing strategies that can optimize your online marketing budget by,      ?Increasing the number of responses and follow-throughs       ?Getting you more sales and sign-ups       ?Keeping the interest going on you, your company, and your product(s) or service(s) by staying with you – and at least not hitting the "unsubscribe button. You may have different types of email lists – and a different approach is needed for each to get the most out of each list. These different approaches don't use magic, or crystal balls, they just use Online Marketing/Copywriting smarts. (More details on each – and how to best communicate to them are below) You may have,      ? A Client Email List      ?A Permission-based Email List      ?An Industry List, or      ?A Purchased List Contacting your client email list requires various themes and a different tone than marketing emails. They are mostly geared towards keeping a good relationship with your clients – and from time to time used for up-selling or gently marketing for repeat business. Marketing emails are geared towards an eventual purchase or sign-up. And there are many variables that make them successful and that ensure good profit margins (such as how updated your list is and the cost-to-profit on each transaction or sign-up), However, it is, … … how well the marketing email messages are crafted vis-à-vis  The type – and quality of your email list, and Where the receiver is on their journey to becoming your client or subscriber ... that significantly impact your email marketing campaign's success and profitability. It is good, smart, compelling, heartfelt, and accurately targeted copy that speak to your readers' needs and how they may be feeling towards your product or service that ensures you get the best results possible – no matter the type or quality of your list. Hello?‍♀️, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a writer, published author, copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, and French to English translator with a background in marketing and trained in online copywriting. I offer a variety of Writing Services. Reach me at: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com The Various Types of Email Lists – and their Advantages and Disadvantages A Client Email List This is the list you have of your current clients. These Contacts Are Gold They are easy to market to for repeat business and up-selling. To keep them engaged with you or your company you must nurture them – with regular communications via newsletters, articles, or blog posts offering them tips, [...]

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Value of Communicating with Your Current Clients, Followers, or Readers


Sales and marketing are aimed at potential clients and it gets the most attention – and budget. Rightly so! And although attracting new clients IS a marketer’s main purpose – KEEPING Clients is Vital to your bottom line and overall success. And although well-known and proved marketing tools are at the basis of all good marketing programs, Heart Based Marketing is the way of the future. Heart Based Marketing Practices – those infused with Truths and Integrity ... ... and that reach out to people or organizations whose need your product or service fulfills creates a sense of trust – and a bond between seller and consumer. (Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a Writer, Published Author, Copywriter, Editor, and Ghostwriter – with a background in Marketing and with Digital Marketing Know-how. See My Writing Services Page). My Client Testimonials And when you communicate regularly with your current client list, you strengthen that bond. When you communicate with your Current Clients, Followers, or Readers the aim is to Nurture them – to strengthen the bond created with them from their original purchase or sign up.  It keeps them: 🔸Engaged with and Reminded of – you and your product or service 🔸Up to Date – on what’s new regarding their purchase or subscription – such as updates, add-ons, better ways to care for and maintain the product, new ways of using it, etc. 🔸Aware of New Products or Services – keeping you at the forefront of their minds when thinking of changing, upgrading, or when they are in the market for another product or service you provide 🔸Updated and Informed in Your Industry  – so that they see you as the Expert in the field. 🔸Warned in Advance – if an issue arises with their purchase – before it causes a problem for them or they hear about it on the news. Addressing issues as soon as  you are aware of them is the best way to get ahead of it. There are many ways to Nurture Your Client List, such as regular, 🔸Emails 🔸Blog Posts, E-books, and Articles 🔸Newsletters 🔸Pamphlets and Flyers 🔸Audio and Video Presentations. Whichever way you choose to connect with your client list – and for whatever reason … … you must ensure your message is written and presented in a way that connects to the reader's hearts, piques their interest enough to keep them interested – and their finger AWAY from the “unsubscribe button.” This is Tricky Business. A good copywriter knows how to manage tricky business.   We know how to walk that fine line to deliver good, smart marketing – while creating a bond with your reader or strengthen any bond you already have. Your messages will speak to your reader's hearts – while still being compelling enough to keep them engaged with you – even if the subject of the week or month does not interest them. My name is Rosemary McCarthy🙋🏼‍♀️ and I am a Writer, Published Author, Copywriter, Editor,  and Ghostwriter with [...]

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