When marketing and promoting any type of wellness or personmicah parsons jersey 49ers jersey College Football Jerseys fsu football jersey asu football jersey fsu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Ohio State Team Jersey College Football Jerseys 49ers jersey OSU Jerseys fsu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey OSU Jerseys ohio state jersey l development product, service, or material, is tricky to maintain that Vital Sense of Integrity that aligns with the intent of your Product or Service – and Still Attract with Your Ideal Audience.

However, you CAN Effectively Reach Your IDEAL Market with Your?Health Product or Service ?Coaching Business ?Passion Project?or Book Idea – and do it with Integrity.

Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy?‍♀️ and I am a Writer and Published Author of Spiritual Material – with a background in Marketing and with Digital Marketing Training – and I offer a variety of writing services. See My Writing Services Page. (A link to my other Marketing  Blog Article is at the end)

The Marriage of my Spiritual Slant with my Marketing Background

and Digital Marketing Training

allows me to walk that fine, nuanced, tricky, line of marketing with integrity.

Firstly: I do the work to understand your offering, how you want to present yourself,  and your goals

Secondly: I thoroughly research your ideal audience to understand their needs  so that I can craft your piece in the tone, cadence, and language needed to draw them in.

Then, my inspiration hits, and the words that Effectively Communicate with your audience flow through me – Ensuring Your Offering is Clear, Concise, Hits all the Right notes, and it’s Intent remains Sacred.

Whether you are reaching out to Prospective Clients or Your Current Ones, to Keep them Interested and Engaged, you may need,

?a Bio ?LinkedIn Summary ?Pages

?Promo Emails (Funnel marketing) ?Sales Letters

?a Content Writer?Website Content

?Articles ?Blog Posts?Newsletters

?An Editor, or

?a Ghostwriter or Co-writer

… I can help you EFFECTIVELY connect with your Ideal Audience and Market.

What you have to sell, share, or the information you have to offer fills a need, because …

… all products, services, ideas, and written material fill a need.

Your product, service, idea, or writing fills a need.

Reaching out to Your IDEAL Audience where Your Offering Fills their Need – is Intentional Marketing. It is 21st Century Marketing!

And Intentional Marketing is especially important in the health and personal development areas

… so that the energetic lines of communication are not marred by gimmicks and hooks or blurred by the negative energy of people communicated to who have no interest in your offering.

With thoughtful, honest, and engaging copy that points out how YOUR offering fills their need – and does so best, I will Draw in Your IDEAL Audience with sound – but smart marketing tools – that maintain the integrity and spirit of your offering.

And I will use the perfect touch of whatever tone is appropriate – be it Spiritual and Uplifting, Sparkle and Pizzaz, Thoughtful and Informative, Fun and Quirky, or Peace and Calm.

I service all types of clients and businesses, including Business to Business, to help them reach their audience and goals. And I bring gusto to ALL my projects.

Let Me Help You bring your much-needed offering To the World.

You can contact me at rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com For more information, check out my Writing Services Page.

Let’s talk soon,

Rosemary McCarthy?

P.S.  On my Writing Services Page you will find many sample of my writing and copywriting.

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