Imagine having a crystal ball that tells you How – When – and How Often – to Communicate with Your Email List – so that Your Communications are More Effective, Get More Click-throughs, Optimizes Your Budget – and Increase Your Profit.

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Well, surprise, surprise. There are no crystal balls in marketing, but there are good basic online marketing strategies that can optimize your online marketing budget by,

     ?Increasing the number of responses and follow-throughs

      ?Getting you more sales and sign-ups

      ?Keeping the interest going on you, your company, and your product(s) or service(s) by staying with you – and at least not hitting the “unsubscribe button.

You may have different types of email lists – and a different approach is needed for each to get the most out of each list.

These different approaches don’t use magic, or crystal balls, they just use Online Marketing/Copywriting smarts. (More details on each – and how to best communicate to them are below) You may have,

     ? A Client Email List

     ?A Permission-based Email List

     ?An Industry List, or

     ?A Purchased List

Contacting your client email list requires various themes and a different tone than marketing emails. They are mostly geared towards keeping a good relationship with your clients – and from time to time used for up-selling or gently marketing for repeat business.

Marketing emails are geared towards an eventual purchase or sign-up. And there are many variables that make them successful and that ensure good profit margins (such as how updated your list is and the cost-to-profit on each transaction or sign-up), However, it is, …

… how well the marketing email messages are crafted vis-à-vis

  1.  The type – and quality of your email list, and
  2. Where the receiver is on their journey to becoming your client or subscriber

… that significantly impact your email marketing campaign’s success and profitability.

It is good, smart, compelling, heartfelt, and accurately targeted copy that speak to your readers’ needs and how they may be feeling towards your product or service that ensures you get the best results possible – no matter the type or quality of your list.

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The Various Types of Email Lists – and their Advantages and Disadvantages

A Client Email List

This is the list you have of your current clients. These Contacts Are Gold

They are easy to market to for repeat business and up-selling. To keep them engaged with you or your company you must nurture them with regular communications via newsletters, articles, or blog posts offering them tips, updates on the product or service, related or relevant information, new products, renewal reminders, etc.

A Permission Based Email List

This is a list of people who have given you their email addresses in response to an ad, flyer, or social media posting that interested them: they opted-in for more information. These Are High-quality Contacts.

They have shown interest in your product or service but are not yet clients. We need to gently nudge these people towards purchasing or signing up with a series of emails that each touch on a different feature of your offering.

And to cover all bases, I would also address any possible concerns or fears they may have about your offer before giving you their hard-earned dollars.

Industry Email Lists

These are cold-call email lists of key personnel in the industry or industries you want to target. Used mainly for business-to-business (B2B) promotions, industry lists are often easy to procure or compile. You can also buy them. These Contacts Can Also Get Good Results.  

However, as cold-call emails, these are more of a shot in the dark than the two mentioned above. This series of emails requires finely nuanced, well-researched copy that takes into account 1) the current marketplace 2) industry issues, 3) and address the various ways we can captivate the reader’s interest so that we get the best possible response.

Purchased Email Lists

These are lists compiled by companies who sell you industry lists, subscriber lists, demographic lists, etc. These are used to market to individuals or businesses. (You may first want to try Opt-in strategies) * – Purchased Contacts Can Still Bring in Results.

*(Opt-In Strategies are where we offer some kind of freebee, such as a small into video, chapter 1 of a book, part of an article or research, etc., and to get more info they give you their email address. We know that those who do click-through are at least somewhat interested). 

With purchased email lists, unless you get lucky response rates will be lower than the email lists mentioned above. Still, if this is your only option and you have the budget – go for it. To get the best possible results when using a purchased list for a series of marketing emails … 

  1. Research the companies who sell the lists. And spend as much as you can to get a list as close to your target audience as possible
  2. Hire a good copywriter who can wield words together that cause the reader to sit up and pay attention and draw them in so that they stay interested and keep on reading – without unsubscribing.

As a professional writer, copywriter, and marketer,

I pride myself on knowing how to create – and keep reader interest.

 And while I know – and use the tricks of the trade and the best digital marketing tools, my communications are heartfelt and always maintain a sense of integrity, as these are both a vital component in attaining and maintaining the reader’s trust.

 For Your Blog Posts, Newsletters, Articles, or Video Texts

?I will write clear and thoughtful pieces for you – with the perfect touch of whatever tone is appropriate to the subject you – or we decide upon.

?I will do outside research on the subject vis-vis the marketplace and current and popular events. And along with the material you give me to draw from, I will write relevant material that nurtures your existing clients, followers, or readers or draws new ones to you.

For Your Email Sequences

     ?I will write you interest-grabbing subject lines and opening sentences that entice the reader to open your email – and continue to read on.

     ?I will follow this up with intelligent, well-thought-out, and captivating copy that draws the reader in – and keeps their fingers away from the “unsubscribe button.”

     ?Subsequent emails in the series I write for you will nudge the readers closer to becoming your client. Each will focus on one specific area of your product or service that can fulfill a desire or need, give valuable information, or solve a problem they may have. I will also address any fears or concerns they may have about it.

And wherever we are in our sequence of emails, I will always maintain that vital sense of integrity. I will focus on the benefits of YOUR offering– not pie-in-the-sky stories.

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Not everyone contacted will become a client. And unsubscribes are part of the game; be glad of it. You don’t want to keep those who ultimately are not interested in your product or service to muck up your analytics or email list.

Sequential emails have other names, such as autoresponder emails, drip emails, etc. And they work best in conjunction with an Email Service Provider (ESP).

At their basic level, ESPs can capture and store email addresses and be programmed to send out batch emails safely and automatically segment the results. Most are pretty user-friendly.

Whether you are reaching out to individuals or businesses or communicating with your current or potential clients, I can help you reach your goals. And I always bring a sense of integrity – and gusto to all my projects.

I would love to help you reach out and Nurture Your Current Clients or Attract New Ones.

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