The names on your client email list are high-quality contacts.

Many of them are good bets to purchase or sign-up again because they have already shown interest in you and your products or services by at least once purchasing or signing up.

However, most are on your list only by default.

Email lists cost money to maintain. So, you must use them to their full advantage.

To keep the contacts on your client list – and to move them

towards purchasing or signing up again, you must be gentle and nurture them😊

You do this with regular communications that keep them engaged, interested, and seeing you as an authority in the area of your business or service.

And although many of them are prime candidates to buy or sign-up again, you cannot be sure where they stand on you, your company, or the product or service they once purchased.

Because of this uncertainty and the knowledge that most are on your list only by default, communicating with those on your email list requires a gentle touch and nuanced copy … that is also concise and at least ensues they keep their finger away from the “unsubscribe button.”

When contacting them, you need to walk the fine line of writing witty and captivating copy that offers them value and keeps them interested and engaged – while still giving them a gentle nudge that moves them closer to repurchasing or resubscribing.

You do this with regular email communications (best done using an ESP system***). You can offer them,


🔹Related or relevant new information

🔹Updates on the product or service they purchased or signed up for

🔹Information on your new products or services

🔹Renewal reminders. (You can include some information as to why they should renew with YOU


Surveys are a great way to gather more information about those on your list, such as their likes, dislikes, purchasing habits, etc., and their level of satisfaction. This information helps you target them more closely (in substance and tone) for future email messages.

The emails can contain their own simple message or be used as a vehicle to share your newsletters, blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, or links to others’ interesting and related tidbits of information. And, of course, they are the perfect vehicle to conduct surveys.

Phew! All this must seem like a lot to consider – just to write a few emails😉. It is.

But consider it all you must – if you are to get the best results possible, and use your effort, time, and money wisely.

And to use your effort, time, and money wisely, the results you want are to,

  1. Keep the names on the list
  2. Move the reader towards eventual repurchase or resubscribing

Writing Effective Messaging that gets the best results possible by hitting all the right points – and in the right way is a skill and craft.

Unless copywriting and modern digital marketing techniques are your forte, creating winning copy and knowing what to say or how to say it must seem daunting to you.

I Get It.😉

My forte is writing and copywriting and marrying these with modern marketing techniques. This comes easy to me. But anything more than minor tech issues stresses me – and is a huge time waster for me.

Time is money. If copywriting is not your forte, let me take one daunting task off your shoulders – so that you can use your time wisely doing what you do best.

My name is Rosemary McCarthy 🙋‍♀️, and I am a writer, published author, editor, copywriter, ghostwriter, and French to English translator – with a background in marketing.

I know how to walk that fine line to create clever and effective copy with the appropriate tone and modern, up-to-date marketing tools that,

  1. Holds the reader’s interest in you and your offering(s), so they are primed to repurchase or resubscribe, or
  2. At least keeps their finger away from the “unsubscribe button.”

And I do all this while still maintaining that essential sense of integrity. The fine line I walk to be effective and honest requires tact. This is where good, creative copywriting skills come in.

I service all types of clients and businesses, including Business to Business communications, helping them to effectively reach out to their audience – wherever the individuals are on their journey to repurchasing or resubscribing/

Let Me Help You Use Your Client List to its Best Advantage as we keep them informed, interested, and engaged with you, your industry, and your offering(s).

Email me to set up a discovery call, or for more information visit my writing services page at the link below.

@Rosemary McCarthy, July 15, 2022, updated Nov 7, 2022.

Hope we can talk soon,

Rosemary McCarthy🦋

Writer, Published Author, Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, and French to English Translator

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*** An ESP or autoresponder provider automatically gathers, stores, and separates email addresses. You program it to send out specific emails to certain people, and depending on their response or non-response, it divides them into categories. Most of the programs are user-friendly, with their basic package free, or reasonably priced. Some commonly used ones are Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, and GetResponse.