Individuals – and our planet are on an upward evolutionary trajectory. We are reaching the pinnacle of our evolution.

Up until recently, and for eons, we were in survival mode – concerned about our Physical and Safety needs: the bottom two rungs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. (See list of levels below).

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Maslow’s basic premise in his hierarchy of needs is that we must satisfy the needs on one rung before we can concern ourselves with the needs on the next rung.

We Have Stepped Off the 2nd Rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Starting in the last century, we have been moving past the everyday concerns of our physical and safety needs noted on the bottom two rungs.

And as our natural impulse is grow, evolve, and better ourselves, we have been seeking more satisfaction and meaning in our lives.

This impulse to grow is not just for ourselves, but extended out into the world.

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We are starting to feel inspired to be fair, compassionate, and understanding of others, help the disenfranchised, be more considerate of our world’s animals, and be gentler towards the planet.

Just like us, our planet is a living, breathing organism. She is our home. Our mother.

Our individual evolutions and that of the planet are related and intertwined. The Indigenous people of the world have always known this.

We would be wise to listen to their take on our connection to Mother Earth and how to look after our home?

Satisfying Our Needs of the Top Levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy

Most of us are now living to satisfy the needs of one – or more than one rung – on of the top three levels of Maslow’s pyramid.

?Level 1:  Our Physiological Needs

? Level 2: Our Safety Needs

?Level 3: Loving/Belonging

?Level 4: Esteem

? Level 5: Self-actualization

Although we don’t move fully into the next level until the current one is completely satisfied, many of the elements in the top three rungs are intertwined. This is why we can attempt to satisfy some of the needs on all three levels simultaneously.

As we manage and arrange our lives and look for satisfaction and meaning, we may be attempting to satisfy our needs on,

? Level 3: Loving/Belonging. We may be on our way to mastering – or struggling to meet the needs noted on this level – to become more loving and able to create a sense of belonging with others and within society. Life will be giving us opportunities – and challenging us to help us satisfy the need for love and belonging.

?Level 4: Esteem. We may be on our way to mastering – or struggling to satisfy the needs noted on this level. Here, we will be working on becoming more confident, going after what we want in life, and finding and stepping into our life purpose. Life will be giving us opportunities – and challenging us to satisfy these needs – so that we feel and become empowered in life.

? Level 5: Self-actualization. *** We may be on our way to mastering – or struggling to satisfy the needs noted on this level. Here, we will be attempting to be loving, caring, accepting (non-judgmental), compassionate, open-minded, fearless, etc. to ALL and in all circumstances. Life will be giving us opportunities – and challenging us to satisfy these needs on our way to becoming the best version of ourselves – our best self.

***Although not included in Maslow’s definition, self-actualization also has a spiritual meaning. The Buddhists consider self-actualization akin to enlightenment – of attaining the state of Nirvana. In this state, we see others and life only through the eyes of love. Masters like Jesus and Buddha attained this state of enlightenment.


The pinnacle of our individual evolutionary journey is enlightenment.

And many of us are on our way to enlightenment.

Enlightened, we see through the outward signs others display – to the love at their core – to their true nature, and we respond only with loving kindness.

This is evident in all those encouraging society and governments to right wrongs. And it is evident in the push that is growing to be kind to animals and to look after Mother Earth, our home.

We are all slowly getting there.

We are learning the importance of first loving ourselves

 – so that we can extend that love to others.

We are moving away from listening to the dictates of others and society on how to live our lives.

Self-love, compassion for others, and equality for all were not on the agenda when we were in survival mode.

No longer in survival mode, we are moving up the evolutionary ladder towards enlightenment. And on the way, we will be creating a kinder, gentler, fairer, and more loving and equal world.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your summer filled with fun and sun?


Rosemary ??

©Rosemary McCarthy, July 28, 2022.

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