Successful Online Promotional Campaigns usually consist of one or all of the following:

  1. Opt-Ins
  2. Emails
  3. Sales Letters

Each of these serve a different purpose, and so they require a different approach – and tone.


Opt-Ins are an email gathering tool. You give something – or part of something for free. If the recipient wants to take advantage or learn more you ask them to give you their email address.

Your freebie may be: a free ice cream cone, chapter 1 of a book, a small introduction to an online service you offer, or valuable information related to your product or service that would pique their interest.

Although they are not yet customers, these names on your list are potential clients, as they have showed interest in your product or service by giving you their email address.

However, as only potential clients you must be gentle when communicating with them. They will be in your Funnel as non-purchasers, however, you can move them along the funnel with a series of emails; messages that gently guides them to purchase or sign-up. (See below in next section for more on Funnels and Funnel marketing).

Email Marketing and Funnels

You may have different types of email lists – and a Different Approach – and Tone is needed for each to get the most out of them.

The various approaches don’t use magic, or crystal balls, they simply use Online Copywriting Smarts. So, whether you are reaching out to,

     ? A Client Email List

     ?A Permission-based Email List (like the Opt-Ins above)

     ?An Industry List, or

     ?A Purchased List,

To ensure you get the best results possiblethe copy must be well-crafted, compelling, heartfelt, and accurately targeted so that it speaks to your readers’ needs – and how they might be feeling towards your company, product. or service.

All this, vis-a-vis,

  1. The type – and quality of your email list
  2. Where the receiver is on their purchasing journey (your funnel tracks this)

… is what will significantly impact your email marketing campaign’s success and profitability.

As a professional writer, copywriter, and marketer – with digital copywriting knowledge, I pride myself on weaving words together that pique the reader’s interest and keeps them engaged – no matter the type of list, or where the recipient is your funnel.

Except for an Email Blast sent out for a specific purpose, product, or promotion,  most email marketing campaigns consist of a series of emails (auto-responders) that are sent out sequentially with each one building on the previous one aimed to gently guide to recipient to purchase or sign-up.

Email Funnel Marketing

A Marketing Funnel is an Automated System that Tracks:

  1. Your customers’ purchasing journeys, and
  2. Potential clients’ responses to your communications. These could be names from a purchased or industry list or people who responded to your Opt-in.

Depending on the responses (or non responses), the names are “funneled” through to the next step, or kept at the same place if no response. You will have set up a series of emails (auto-responders) that speak to different aspects of your product or service – and that addresses where they are in the funnel.

Depending where they are in the funnel, the tone and content of the emails will be different for 1) those who received and opened 2) received and didn’t open 3) and how many emails they have already received.

All the information gathered  is valuable and influences the content and tone of your next communications.

Funnels can be simple, or very complex – depending on your products or business, and on your budget. I have seen funnels with dozens and dozens of small emails – all a little different that act as a reminder to the person who once showed interest.

Again, writing the sequential emails requires smart, nuanced copy that hits all the right pointes – while still keeping the reader interested, engaged, and their finger away from the “‘unsubscribe button.”

Sales Letters

A sales letter’s purpose is to sell. They must,

  1. Outline all the positive aspects of your product or service – while not boring of overwhelming the reader
  2. Speak to the reader’s needs – and how your product or service will better their life
  3. Address any concerns they may have – by using tried and true tools like testimonials, stats, etc.

Sounds easy enough, right? It’s not. You could list all that – but it would be dry and leave the reader yawning – or worse, they direct their finger to the “unsubscribe button.”

All this vital and pertinent information must be conveyed in a way that engages the reader, piques their interest, and speaks to their emotions and heart – all while gaining your trust.

It is a copywriter’s dance to move between informing and captivating, explaining and enticing, showing and intriguing  – all while magnetizing the reader towards you – and your product or service.

Let me do the copywriter’s dance for you so that your next online marketing campaign is your best ever.

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