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The words I love you are very powerful. They touch the heart of the recipient.

However, not everyone can say the words. They may feel love for the other, but cannot bring themselves to express it verbally. Its as if the words are stuck in their throat.

Saying I love you is often learned from our birth family as it may have been normal to regularly say the words.

And even for those who grew up in a family where saying I love you wasn’t the norm, we may still be able to verbally express love later in life – if we have a strong enough heart connection.

The stronger our heart connection, the more we can feel love in our hearts and come from a place of love, and the easier it is to express love – in all its ways, including verbally.

The More Love We Feel in Our Hearts,

the Easier it Is For Us to Express Love – Including Words

The purest form of saying I love you comes from our heart-space and being unafraid to be vulnerable.

Saying I love you makes us vulnerable because we are opening our hearts – and the other may not reciprocate the love we are expressing.

But the purest form of expressing love to another requires no reciprocation.

However, most of us get hurt feelings or confused if another does not reciprocate our expressions of love. Sometimes they may not feel it, but most likely, the other has not returned the feelings because they cannot.

Still, even if it feels awkward to say the words or it makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, uttering them will benefit you greatly.

Our Words Are Powerful. They Are Like Mantras

Mantras are valuable because they anchor the meaning of the words into our being – into our heart-space.

The more often we make an effort to connect to or express love, the more we connect to our heart-space. And the more we connect to our heart-space, the easier it is to express love – in all its forms. (See my blog post The Qualities of Love)

Words are most powerful when felt deeply in our hearts. But even words whispered to ourselves or forced words voiced have benefits – because we are making an effort. The “fake it till you make it” concept has value.

So, if you are uncomfortable saying I love you to others, there are many ways to get the energy of it in you – so that you can override any blocks to verbally expressing your love.

This – and my February message are excerpts from my upcoming book,

Relationship Intelligence … – due out later this Winter. See my Published and Upcoming Books

Practice saying the words when alone – and repeat them many times,

?Out loud to yourself.

?To yourself in front of the mirror.

?Write a page filled with the words – and read the whole page regularly.

?Then start practicing with someone you trust.

And even if you can only start saying them quietly because it feels weird, attempt to bring more and more gusto to the words.

You may not be able to find the feeling or bring gusto to the words immediately; however, your intention to connect more deeply to love is recognized by your inner-being, your soul, and the universe.

Our Intention to Connect to or Express Love – No Matter

How Weak Our Effort – Is Recognized by Our Inner Being and by the Universe

Our primary purpose in coming here to this planet is to connect more deeply to the love within and to express love out into the world.

And to connect to that love and become more loving toward others, we often have to overcome or override any blocks we may hold to doing so.

So, if you have trouble saying “I love you” (like I am, but that story is for another time?), try practicing before the holidays and step out of your comfort zone with loved ones and say the words. I will, and I hope you will too.

And if anyone questions you when you do, be honest with them. Tell them you are going out of your comfort zone because you want to start to express the love you feel verbally, as you wish to grow emotionally, grow spiritually, or be more expressive, or (these are a few examples, use words you think the other will understand)

Wishing you much love and blessings this Holiday Season and that you receive – and give many “I Love Yous” when with friends and family??☃️??️


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