Whatever your project, as a Ghostwriter/Co-Writer …

… I will ensure the end product I present to you has the perfect combination of Heart, Smarts, and Integrity  as appropriate to the piece  and that it Sounds Like You.

I Can Write, 0r Co-Write with You, Your

  • Memoir,
  • Autobiography,
  • Book Idea,
  • or Passion Project …

from whatever stage it is in*and ensure it sounds Just Like You.  


I will write what you want to share in a way that reflects your intention be it informative or heartfelt.

And, I will find your voice. You will think to yourself, “that is exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to sound …” 

… and I will do so with a sense of integrity. (My personal writing is of a spiritual nature, so I can only write with a sense of integrity😊)


Hello🙋‍♀️, my name is Rosemary McCarthy and I am a Writer, Published Author, and Ghostwriter. My Books

So, whether you are at the idea stage, you already have notes and files, or you simply want some guidance on what you have written, I will work with you until your manuscript is completed and Publisher Ready   no matter what stage it is in now🙂

*For my 2 published books I came up with the ideas, and wrote, segmented and created the chapter titles and headings (+ over 300 notations on my 1st book) all from my years of gathering information on scraps of paper, filled copybooks, and dozens of files of information.

Whatever your project, my goal will be to:

🔶Write or Co-write Your Memoir or Autobiography that breathes of your life

🔶Write or Co-write the Manuscript that is bursting to come forth from you that you will be proud of and that weaves together your ideas and insights in a way that educates, intrigues, or enthralls your readers.

🔶Write or Co-write with you the Passions Project that is in your heart to share with the world.

I will craft a smart, honest, and interesting manuscript  that hits all the right notes and tones and that shows you or your subject in its best light.  

I will start with,

🔶Our Discussions  for me to get a feel of what your intentions are with the piece and of your intended audience

🔶Interviews if needed if you are still in the idea stage or only have a few rough notes

🔶Create chapter titles  and present them to you

🔶Create headings  after we have confirmed chapter titles

🔶Research anything that needs clarification or checking on such as facts, stats, or find necessary citations, etc.

🔶Collate it all and put it together in the most effective way and with the appropriate tone to get your intended message across

🔶Write the 1st draft ensuring the tone and approach is what you want, 0r is needed to ensure your success  and that it speaks to your intended audience

🔶Create the 2nd draft  as per our discussions or your notes on the 1st draft

🔶Present it to you  for any final tweaks

🔶Finalize the Text  and do the Final Edit

🔶Lay It Out making it Publisher Ready

I usually work within a timeline of 4-6  months. Still, the final timeline depends on the readiness of the project, it’s length, and your time availability for reviews.


I will write the words you need in the appropriate tone and rhythm  so that your message is

🔶Clear and Concise

🔶 Rings Honest and True

🔶Keeps the Reader Interested and Wanting to Read on

🔶Know More  

🔶 Follow You

🔶 or they feel enthralled enough to Sign-up, or Purchase if that is your end-game

From the information you give me to draw from, I will ensure to “hit the right balance” of informing and captivating your readers  so that they stay engaged with you and if appropriate see you as the authority on the subject.


I would love to work with you to bring your book idea, bio, memoir, article, or idea or passion project to the world.

With my warmest regards and in the hope that we can work together soon 🧏‍♀️

Rosemary McCarthy🦋



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