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E-Books as an E-Mail Gathering Tool


Offering Small E-books is one of the MOST Effective E-mail Gathering Tools. Whether you are reaching out to individuals or businesses … … offering free information about your product, service, coaching business, or your passion project is the BEST way to draw potential clients to you. The value of E-books over simply offering blog posts full of information is the look. There are many templates to choose from to give your little book a look that matches the length, style, colors, and tone to best suit your needs. Your E-book can be as short as 1000 words to give the reader just a little taste of your offering or as long as 5000 words to explain the scope of your business or offering more fully. No matter your business or subject, I will do the research needed to fully understand your project, service, or the idea you want to share. As a writer, published author, copywriter, editor, and blogger, I have written on various subjects and for multiple types of businesses. My writing is of a spiritual/personal development nature. As a copywriter, my client projects have ranged from marketing for the Natural Gas Industry, Editing for an Immigration Agent to writing Website Content for a Transport's Co's website. Whatever your subject matter ... ... I will write a thoughtful, informative, and concise little book for you – in the tone appropriate for the project and that gives the reader just enough to pique their interest – so they click through  – and  your E-mail list grows. © Rosemary McCarthy, March 28th, 2023 Let's talk soon, Rosemary? rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com

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Compelling Content – for Your About and Web Pages, Blog Posts, Articles, E-books, etc.


If You Want to Reach - or Exceed Your Goals, You Need Relevant, Compelling Content - with just the perfect touch of personality and heart for your business or offering. It takes honest, smart, and to the point content to draw your intended readers in, pique their interest, and keep them engaged with you and your offering. Whether you are wanting to: 🔸Improve brand awareness and create traffic on your website to expand your business's reach 🔸Attract new clients 🔸Reach out and nurture your current clients 🔸Educate or share information or your ideas, 🔸Promote or give pertinent information about your Coaching business, or 🔸Offer your passion project to the world ... ... Your content must be Intentional, Targeted, to the Point - and in the Right Tone and Cadence - and it must walk that fine line of being informative - while still intriguing the reader. As a Seasoned Writer, Published Author, Copywriter, and Ghostwriter - with a Marketing Background and Digital Marketing Know-how, ... I Will write - or Co-write With You the content you need to inform, promote to, or entice your audience - whatever your product, service, or sharing by, 🔸Doing the research needed - to fully understand your product or services and your intended audience - so that I can craft copy that speaks directly to their level of interest and understanding 🔸Focusing on the important points - to create the perfect balance of your content being  informative - while still inviting and captivating 🔸In the appropriate tone for the project - that speaks your intended reader's language so that your product, services, or offering feels relevant and relatable to them 🔸With strategically placed phrases - that show you, your company, or your offering in its best light, and last but not least 🔸Speaking to your readers' needs - by pointing out the benefits of your product, service, or sharing and how it will improve their life It is a fine line to walk to create a flow of words to bring this all about, and I would love to walk that fine line for you ... ... to help you create enough of an impact when reaching out to your audience – so that they are drawn to you and your message or offering. Let's talk soon, Drop me a quick note at rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself and your needs, and we can set up a discovery call. Let’s talk soon! 🌞 My Full Writing Services Page My Recent Testimonials

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