Offering Small E-books is one of the MOST Effective E-mail Gathering Tools.

Whether you are reaching out to individuals or businesses …

… offering free information about your product, service, coaching business, or your passion project is the BEST way to draw potential clients to you.

The value of E-books over simply offering blog posts full of information is the look.

There are many templates to choose from to give your little book a look that matches the length, style, colors, and tone to best suit your needs.

Your E-book can be as short as 1000 words to give the reader just a little taste of your offering or as long as 5000 words to explain the scope of your business or offering more fully.

No matter your business or subject, I will do the research needed to fully understand your project, service, or the idea you want to share.

As a writer, published author, copywriter, editor, and blogger, I have written on various subjects and for multiple types of businesses.

My writing is of a spiritual/personal development nature. As a copywriter, my client projects have ranged from marketing for the Natural Gas Industry, Editing for an Immigration Agent to writing Website Content for a Transport’s Co’s website.

Whatever your subject matter …

… I will write a thoughtful, informative, and concise little book for you – in the tone appropriate for the project and that gives the reader just enough to pique their interest – so they click through  – and  your E-mail list grows.

© Rosemary McCarthy, March 28th, 2023

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