My Coaching Services 2023-24: Personal Development/Growth and Relationship Areas


My Coaching Services  are Based on My Journey to Peace - and  My Published  and Upcoming Books: 1)Your Journey to Peace ... 2) Why We Ae the Way We Are;   3) Relationship Intelligence ... (due Fall 2024) My aim is to support people become more Conscious us and Intentional - so they are happier, feel more contented and empowered, and are able to create more harmonious relationships. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Contact me at:🎈For more info 🎈If you are interested in one of my coaching services below.  (I will create groups this Fall where there is most interest) 🎈 To Join My Journey to Peace - or - Relationship Intelligence - Newsletter Stream 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 My approach is gentle and understanding. I come from a place of understanding that we are all just doing our best to navigate our circumstances, this world, the people in it, and our relationships with others. I can easily work with people of all ages, from all walks of life, and with or without a religious or spiritual lean. Because although I now have a strong spiritual background - and can align with all the wisdom teachings, I started my journey to peace as a non-religious / spiritual person just wanting to find peace in her life. So, I can relate to all. My Coaching Services are in Personal Growth / Development and Relationship areas. I offer: 1-on-1 coaching (where I work directly with the person and we address a specific issue or concern - either in one session, or a few. (See below for My Mentoring Program where we work together for a longer period of time) group coaching (where I work in groups of 10 or less people to address more general themes, which could be Personal Growth, Relationships, etc. This always includes Q&A's, so your specific issues are addressed. live workshops (Next ones in West Island of Montreal area- Fall 2024 online workshops (Next ones Fall of 2024) 2-6 month mentoring programs (where I work directly with the person and we work to address - and solve your concern or issue over a regularly scheduled time frame) Compassion Key Healing Sessions, which are 1-on-1. I am a Certified Compassion Key Practitioner. This practice/technique helps us heal our current hurts, pains, frustrations, and fears by offering compassion and unconditional love to our inner- child and the original, unconscious wounds that are causing many of hurts, misunderstanding, and conflicts with others. Visit My Blog Page - to see articles on a variety of subjects on Personal Growth, Relationships, and areas of General Interest to the World For more info About Me  My focus is as always on Personal  Growth / Development, but now also on the 3 sub-headings of my up coming Relationship book. Choose Your IDEAL Partner;  Improve Your  Current Relationship; Make Peace with Your Family Relationship To support the 1st section, Choose Your Ideal Partner,   I have recently created a Dedicated Facebook Group  Choose Your Ideal Partner - for Women where I regularly give live presentations, post dating tips, [...]