My Fall 2023 Coaching Program is

“Attracting and Choosing Your IDEAL Partner – for Women”

I am holding in-person Workshops this Fall (And will hold more early in 2024 + online ones sometime in 2024)

If are interest in this theme but cannot attend,  I invite you to join my Dedicated Facebook Group  Choose Your Ideal Partner – for Women where I regularly give live presentations, post dating tips, host dating expert guest speakers, and hold Q&A’s.


Dating and “finding the one” you can spend the rest of you life with can be quite disheartening.

Still, there is no better feeling than having a loving, juicy, and satisfying partnership/marriage …

.. and being able to relax into that safe and secure feeling of having that special someone to share life’s joys and challenges with.

Although you may have lost hope, “finding the one” is possible with,

  1. An Understanding of Dating Today
  2. Knowing Exactly What You Want in a Relationship – and Being Aligned With It
  3. Understanding How Men View Dating and Relationships – and Knowing When to Step Away
  4. By Bringing a Sense of Consciousness to Your Dating Life
  5. And Ensuring You Are Relationship Ready.

And whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 60’s, 50’s and beyond, and whether you want – or have children or grandchildren, and you’ve been looking for a fulfilling, long-term relationship or marriage – but you’re frustrated and fed-up of …

🔸Dating that goes nowhere

🔸Disappointing relationship after relationship that leave you baffled and heartbroken because,

  • they loose their sizzle and fall apart
  • he pulls away
  • it ends abruptly for no apparent reason
  • he ends up not being who he promoted himself to be
  • you are not attracting men who are worth your time and energy to even explore having a relationship with.

You CAN still Attract – and Choose Your IDEAL Partner” – from the many men out there – the one you can share the rest of your life with in harmony, whereby

🔸Y0u feel loved, cherished, and supported

🔸He respects your time, opinions, and efforts

🔸You effectively communicate – in a way where you get the results YOU want, and he keeps engaged in the conversation –- instead of tuning out or getting angry)

🔸You are listened to – and feel safe expressing your desires, expectations, and even your disappointments – knowing there will be no recriminations

🔸You enjoy many activities together – while still allowing each other alone time needed

🔸 You hold the same values on important things:  money, family, vacations, children, etc.

🔸You can openly discuss issues that crop up – without blow-ups and before they become mountains


My coaching programs are based on my 30+  years of spiritual and personal development work whereby I went from an angry, frustrated, person who blamed everyone else for my unhappiness …

… to feeling peaceful and contented within myself – and able to create harmony in my relationships.

“Attract – and Choose Your Ideal Partner – for Women”  is also based on my books, especially my upcoming Relationship book – due out later this year or early 2024

Relationship Intelligence: Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships

To support you through the process of finding the one, I will be offering:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • writing dating profiles
  • group coaching
  • live workshops (currently in Montreal area*
  • online workshops
  • 2-6 month mentoring programs
  • Compassion Key Healing Sessions. I am a Certified Compassion Key Practitioner. This practice/technique helps us heal our current hurts, pains, frustrations, and fears by offering compassion and unconditional love to our inner- child and the original, unconscious wounds that are causing our current issues.

To support the coaching program,

 I Have Created a Dedicated Private Facebook Group: Choose Your Ideal Partner FB Group – for Women where I will regularly give live presentations, post dating tips, host dating expert guest speakers, and hold Q&A’s. Click for more info

My current Workshops will be on the West Island in November and early December – tentatively on a few Tuesday or Wednesday evenings + 1  Saturday afternoon (which will include creating a vision board).  Contact me for more details.   

I hope to see you at one of my events, on the group Facebook Page, or at one of my online workshops in 2024🦋

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