To Transform Your Dating Life – and  greatly improve your chance of calling-in – and choosing the life-partner you dream of, it is vital to …

… bring more consciousness and intentionality to your dating – so you can co-create the beautiful life with a man you yearn for.

Maybe you’ve been frustrated and fed-up and have almost given up “finding the one” because of:

  1. Dating that goes nowhere
  2. Disappointing relationship after relationship that leave you baffled and heartbroken because:
  • The relationship loses its sizzle and falls apart
  • He slowly distances himself from you
  • It ends abruptly – in your mind for no apparent reason.
  • He ends up not being who you thought he was or who he promoted himself to be

By bringing a sense of consciousness and intentionality to your dating, you can avoid these hurtful, confusing, and heartbreaking situations, as

… you can create what you need to call-in – and ensure you choose your IDEAL partner (not the men who may be fun, sexy, gorgeous, charismatic, etc. who ghost you, break your heart, or do not align with you and your long-terms plans

And although it may seem impossible to find a man to co-create the loving, supportive, passionate, long-term relationship you dream of,

You CAN Have Your Dream Relationship, whereby

  1. You feel loved, cherished, and supported
  2. He respects your time, opinions, and efforts
  3. You effectively communicate with each – in a way that gets the results YOU want – and keep him engaged with you – even though he sees and navigates life through a different lens
  4. You are listened to – and feel safe expressing your desires, expectations, and even your disappointments – knowing there will be no recriminations
  5. You enjoy many activities together – while still allowing each other any alone time need
  6. You hold the same values on important things such as, money, family, vacations, children, down-time, work habits, religion/spirituality, etc.
  7. You can openly discuss issues that crop up – without blow-ups and before they become mountains.

Or something more similar to Your Dream Relationship


I am a writer and coach of personal development and relationships

This article / blog post is from a section I have been recently writing: “Decisions for Successful Dating – for Women” from Part 1 “Choose Your Ideal Partner” of my upcoming book, Relationship Intelligence…

If you are a woman looking for a loving, supportive, fulfilling, and passionate long-term relationship or marriage with a man …

you can start bringing that sense of consciousness and intentionality to your dating process by becoming clear on what exactly you are looking for – and setting up parameters that support this, such as,

  1. Your Relationship Goals – Including Being Clear on Your End-goal – and the Details of how you expect each stage to play out as you move forward
  2. Your Dating Boundaries – what is ok for you, what you feel comfortable with – and what will support your long-term relationship goals.
  3. Your Online Profile – so that you only attract men who align with your long-term goals and boundaries – and don’t waste time with those who do not.

And whether you are a young woman in your 20’s, are in your 30’s or 40’s – with or without children, or you are in your 50’s or 60’s, or more …

…this way of approaching dating – with your end-goal in mind and processes to ensure you stick to what assists that goal, you

You CAN Meet a Man to Co-Create Your Dream Relationship With

To help you get there, I offer support in various ways.

  • 1-on-1 coaching (for self-help personal / development, dating for women, improving your couple relationship for women, and healing family relationships
  • Online group coaching
  • In Person Workshops. Currently I have 2  on the West Island of Montreal. Attract –- and Choose Your Ideal Partner – for Women – to give women new found hope in the dating scene
    1.  Wednesday, Nov 15th, 6-9:00pm – where together we will 1) Create Your Relationship Goals, 2) Set-up Your Dating Boundaries 3) Work on Your Online Profile. (This is in a yoga studio where outdoor footwear cannot be worn inside)
    2. Sunday, Nov 26, 12-4pm – where we will do all of the above + Create a Relationship Vision Board. See:

EVENTS – Spirit Fawn (

I also have a Private Dedicated Facebook Group: Attract – and Choose Your Ideal Partner – for Women.

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