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I am a Writer and Coach in the Spiritual, Self-help, Personal Development, and Relationship areas.

My writing – and coaching are based on My Journey to Peace. See my 1st published book Your Journey to Peace …,, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science.

Over 30 years ago, I went looking for “a better way” to approach life. I was an angry frustrated person, who often got hurt feelings and always blamed others and circumstances for my unhappiness.  My family life was filled with emotional turmoil, and negative harsh, and hurtful reactions.

I never went looking for God, or why we are here.  I simply wanted to find peace in my life. Many ah-ha moments started to come to my awareness.

I noticed that others around me were happier and navigated life more easily than I did  even when they had more difficult circumstances.

And a recognition started to grow within me that my frustrations and unhappiness had more to do with me (not me-me at my core, but how I was approaching life and others) than with my life circumstances and those around me.

And so began my journey to peace.

All of my writing is based on the concepts surrounding “Our Journeys to Peace.”

In 2018 I published my 2nd book, Book 1 of my “Our Journeys to Peace ‘Series'” Why  We Are the Way We Are. 

Book 2 in that series, Relationship Intelligence:  Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, and Make Peace with Your Family Relationships  will be published Summer 2024.  For more info see:  My Books

On this website you will also find ⭐ my dozens of blog posts   workshops (none are currently offered).  I have also written many, many articles for magazines based on concepts in my books, which I share from time to time.

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My current coaching program, focusses on empowering women by guiding them to bring a sense of Consciousness and Intentionality to their dating life  so they can call-in   and explore a relationship ONLY with men who align with their long-term relationship and family goals.

To support this program, I have set up a Private Facebook Group, where I regularly share tips, hold live Q&A’s, and shortly will host other Relationship Experts offering their wisdom and answering questions. See:  Call-in and Choose Your Ideal Partner – for Women

My Ultimate Aim is that my words, insights, concepts, workshops, and coaching programs help people to better understand themselves  and others so they can have a happier, more peaceful, and empowered life and create more harmonious relationships.



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About Rosemary McCarthy

Over thirty years ago I embarked on a journey to find peace in my life. I never went looking to find God, per se. In fact, I was actually ambivalent about the concept of God. And I never felt the need to ask, “Why am I here?” One day I realized I simply didn’t like myself. This realization started my journey to peace.

There was never anything in my background to suggest that I would be writing anything – never mind personal development/self-help/spiritual books. However, when looking for a creative outlet,  I started writing children’s stories.

I fell in love with writing. I had a marketing background, and so wanting to improve my writing skills I went back to school and obtained a Certificate in Professional Writing.

I now have three published books: one for children ages 4-8, and feeling inspired to write about my journey to peace, I have penned two in the personal development/self-help/spiritual area – with two more in the works (more on all these below). I also have many stories floating around in my head that I hope to bring to fruition one day.?

For years now, I have written a themed monthly publication, many articles for various magazines, and have an extensive blog – that all focus on our personal and collective journeys to peace. 

My contact is  rosemary@spiritedfawnpublications.com

The insights I learned in my 30+ years of personal development work (reading hundreds of books, partaking in dozens of workshops, and listening to and watching hundreds of hours of podcasts and audio and video presentations) helped me to find

  1. Peace and contentment within myself – no matter the circumstances
  2. The sense of empowerment to make healthy life choices, and
  3. Harmony in my relationships

These insights and ah-ha moments are what I share in my books and my Workshops and Coaching Program on Personal Development and Relationships. The Event Page shows past ones held. (Find info about my upcoming book, Relationship Intelligence in my Books Page

My journey to peace started as “I went looking for “another way to navigate life.” I felt deep unhappiness, and …

⭐ I easily got hurt feelings

⭐ I was always angry and stressed

⭐ I often felt frustrated

I tried to control everything but was ineffective in getting what I wanted or others to cooperate with me

I blamed everyone around me for my unhappiness

I continuously lashed out at those close to me

My journey to peace led me to major understandings of myself – and others, especially that …

My Unhappiness Had More to do With Me – than Those Around Me

and that it Was Unconscious Influences were Causing My Unhappiness and Bad Feelings – Not 

What Others Said or Did, or Did Not Say or Do.

Unconscious Influences Run Our Lives – Until We Overcome Them

As I delved into the Unconscious Influences that were causing me to act and react in ways that were not bringing me peace and happiness or getting me the results I wanted, I started to connect the dots between what I was putting out into the world, and how I was experiencing life.

⭐ I began to realize that it was my lashing out and inappropriate reactions that caused me to be ineffective in my requests/demands, hurtful emotions I experienced, and created disharmony in my relationships.

⭐At one point I became aware that I had been reacting from a place of neediness, defensiveness, unvoiced expectations, and low self-esteem and disempowerment – all caused by my Unconscious Influences. As these act upon us without our conscious consent, we are powerless to change until we become aware of them,

And finally …

I learned that to create the life I wanted – the peace and happiness I longed for and to ease the conflicts in my relationships,

I Had to Address the Way I Was Navigating Life. I Had to Address My Unconscious Influences, and so …

I did a deep dive into my emotional word.  Into past events that created my Unconscious Influences. And I did the healing that was required to become more conscious of what I was creating around me and inviting into my life.

My writing – and workshops help the readers and participants to understand – and overcome their Unconscious Influences – so that they can create the life they ultimately want – and deserve. We all deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and to feel – and able to express love’s qualities out into the world.

We were created from love. And we were given the gift to create – to create the life we want – and deserve. However, we have to remove what is keeping us from doing so. We have to remove the effect our Unconscious Influences have on us.

To be happy, feel peaceful, have harmonious relationships, and create the life we want, we must become more intentional in how we approach life – and thereby how life shows up for us. Removing our Unconscious Influences helps us be more intentional.

More About Me, My Background, My Journey – and How Unconscious Influences Form

I was brought up in the small town of St. Bruno, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I married young and was blessed with a son a few years later. I loved being a mom, but like everyone around me I also wanted to have a career, so I went back to school.

This was the mid-seventies – the generation that women were not going to be left behind career-wise. So, when my son was two years old I returned to university part-time while working three days a week to help with the finances.

I completed about half of the requirements for a business degree but had burnout. A few years later in the early ’80s when I had recovered I felt able to complete my family and had two more wonderful sons.

I spent the next twenty years or so engulfed in family life, while at the same time running a small marketing company. And even though I had more comforts and my life was easier than most women around me, I was always angry, frustrated, and could not see life as the glass half-full. It always seemed half-empty to me.

At one point I went “looking for another way” to navigate life. And so my journey began.

Being brought up Catholic, I started by going back to church and even attended bible studies and workshops. However, I did not find any practical solutions to my issues.

I was then guided to various basic spiritual books and practices, and later, onto more advanced and even profound spiritual practices, like A Course in Miracles.

Some of these opened me up energetically and allowed me to connect to the love that was latent within me, others exposed the many false perceptions and their Unconscious Influences I had unknowingly erected because of the atmosphere I grew up in.

I started to understand that my unhappiness and frustrations had less to do with my circumstances and more to do with the misperceptions I held of myself, others, and the world around me. I realized that often I let the attitudes or actions of others affect me, and I projected my needs upon those around me. And if they did not answer my call to satisfy them, I felt hurt and disappointed.

I was finally able to really understand that the problem was how I was navigating life. Life wasn’t happening to me; I had and was creating stories in my mind about how life should be and what I needed to do and who I needed to be to feel happy and empowered in my life, and I reacted from those misguided beliefs.

I lived most of my life unaware that I was navigating life from these misperceptions I had erected, and as I projected them onto others and the world around me I was oblivious of how this impacted my inner peace and happiness, and how they created many of the conflicts in my life I often blamed others for.

So, I am offering some of the wisdom I have discovered throughout my journey from anger and frustration to peace and happiness within myself and with others in my books, workshops, and my blog articles.

My Books

I first published Cap Finds a New Boy, the story about a red baseball cap who loses his boy (he falls out of the car window as Brad, his boy, is leaning out. The story is about the trials and tribulations Cap faces until he gets a new owner. For ages 4 to 7, it is filled with lovely illustrations and helps children overcome fear – especially of change and an unknown future.

About Book:  Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science flowed out of me once I had completed the lessons in A Course in Miracles, which helped me undo the egoic way of looking at, perceiving, and managing my life, which had become my default way of navigating the world.

While I was reading, learning, doing workshops,  I was also becoming aware of how science, our health, the Planet, our treatment of Indigenous peoples, and many other areas of study and concern are also related to our personal/spiritual growth. Your Journey to Peace, … covers, and links all of these.

My Current Writing Project is ‘Your Journeys to Peace’ Series.

About Book 1, Why We Are the Way We Are,  is published,

About Book 2, Relationship Intelligence: Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, Make Peace With l Your Family Relationships, will be out Summer 2024

About Book 3,  Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, .such as Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness.. (working title), will be out Fall 2024

I also have many other books rumbling around in my head? Some fiction, some on personal development.

Your Journey to Peace …  and my ‘Our Journey Peace’ Series are the result of my years of study, practices, and training, coupled with my awe and curiosity that grew as I studied and investigated the different self-help, religious, and spiritual thought systems. It was the similarities held within them that piqued my curiosity to investigate further.

Rosemary McCarthy@ updated May, 2024

Please browse the Books section, and you will note that I also hold workshops (on hold for now) based on overcoming what is keeping us from being our Best Self. See Events.

This bio of me is copyright protected @ Rosemary McCarthy, updated July2022. If you wish to use it, or any part of it, please contact me for permission at:   rosemary@spiritedfawnpublications.com   Thank you kindly and blessings to you and all those you hold dear???