Overcome Your Unconscious Influences (Book 3 – Spring/Summer 2023)

(You can return to Journey's blog page here ) Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness ... ... is your guide - that helps you Overcome what is Keeping you Unhappy, Frustrated, in Mediocrity, or in Conflict with Others, by ... Explaining that the Path to a happy, peaceful, empowered, [...]

Relationship Intelligence … ( Book 2 – Early 2023

Relationship Intelligence, Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Couple Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships is the 3rd book in 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series ...and explains ... (Link to stay updated on the release below) 🔹The Importance of - and How to - Vet for Your Ideal Partner 🔹That You Can Alleviate the Friction in Your Current Partner [...]

Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1)

Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1, 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series) (available in print and e-book) Return to Journey’s blog page here) Why We Are the Way We Are ... Guides You to Better Understand Yourself -  and Others - so that ... 🔸You Feel Happier, More Peaceful, Contented, and Satisfied in Life  🔸You Create Harmony in Your  [...]

Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap …

Your Journey To Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. (Links to Purchase - and Reviews are Below) (About my other published book, Why We Are the Way We Are.  My 2023 Upcoming books: Relationship Intelligence, and Overcome Your Unconscious Influences Your Journey to Peace  ... Guides us to become Our Best Self by, (Purchase Links [...]

Cap Finds a New Boy

“CAP FINDS A NEW BOY" (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Is a Beautifully Illustrated Book for Ages 3 to  7 (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) It is about “Cap” a red baseball cap who loses his boy, and the trials and tribulations he goes through until he finds another boy. The story is told from Cap’s perspective. He [...]


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