Overcome Your Unconscious Influences (Book 2) – Fall 2022

(You can return to Journey's blog page here ) Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness ... ... is your guide - that helps you Overcome what is Keeping you Unhappy, Frustrated, in Mediocrity, or in Conflict with Others, by ... Explaining that the Path to a happy, peaceful, empowered, [...]

Relationship Intelligence: Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Couple Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships – Late Summer 2022

Relationship Intelligence ...  is the 3rd book in 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series ...and explains ... (Link to Stay updated on the release below) 🔹The Importance of - and How to - Vet for Your Ideal Partner 🔹That You Can Alleviate the Friction in Your Current Partner Relationship 🔹The Value of - and How to - Make Peace [...]

Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1)

Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1, 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series) (available in print and e-book) Purchase from Amazon  – USA Link Purchase from AMAZON - Canada Link Return to Journey’s blog page here) Why We Are the Way We Are ... Guides You to Better Understand Yourself -  and Others - so that ... 🔸You Feel Happier, [...]

Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap …

Your Journey To Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. (Links to Purchase Below) (For my other book, Why We Are the Way We Are, - and my upcoming books: Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, and Relationship Intelligence  see here Your Journey to Peace  ... Guides us to become Our Best Self by, (Purchase Links below) Showing [...]

Cap Finds a New Boy

“CAP FINDS A NEW BOY" (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Is a Beautifully Illustrated Book for Ages 3 to  7 (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) It is about “Cap” a red baseball cap who loses his boy, and the trials and tribulations he goes through until he finds another boy. The story is told from Cap’s perspective. He [...]


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