Balancing Our Male and Female Energies 4/4


Making Space for the Negative Aspects of the Male Energy to Heal - is the theme of this part 4 of Balancing Our Male and Female Energies, In Part 1, I discussed that the reason for much of the confusion and conflicts between males and females has been the misunderstanding of our male and female energies; in Part 2, I showed that the imbalance is a left-over from Humanity's past where the positive aspects of these energies morphed into aggressive and victim modes; and in Part 3 how re-balancing our male and female energies is a win / win undertaking . For Part 1 See  here         Part 2  here       Part 3  here  Making Space for the Negative Aspects of the Male Energy to Heal. We all know that the victims of this patriarchal society we were born into need a safe space to heal. But so do the aggressors! Our history has shown that those with the dominant male energy used its power and unleashed aggressive tendencies to control, marginalize, and abuse women, anyone who was vulnerable, and other males with the female energy – emotionally, physically, and sexually. Many movements in the last century aimed to dislodge the inequalities our patriarchal society brought about, such as a women’s right to vote early in the 20th century and the feminist movement of the 1960’s. Great roadways were made. However, the problem was always seen, perceived, and discussed as a women’s issue. Women do need to heal from all inequalities. and abuses put on them. However, perpetrators also need to heal- heal from is causing them to act in abusive ways. As a society, we also have to look at the whys and wherefores of the perpetrators. This article/blog post is based on concepts in my books, Your Journey to Peace ... and my upcoming  Relationships in an Evolving World. About Journey ... Here    About Relationships ... Here As we move into this next phase of our evolution we will continue to address the issues these controlling and abusive behaviors brought about for both women and men (and any other minority who has been marginalized or abused) and work together to support their healing and movement towards equality. But we will now also be addressing the real cause. The misuse of the male energy. Recent events have brought male aggression to the surface. The recent focus of the rampant misuse of power and sexual misconduct have given us all cause to examine our pasts. Many women are discussing their experiences, however subtle, among themselves. Some are probing their pasts to see if they were ever treated unfairly – because of their gender, sexual orientation, or of another having power over them – and how and why this was allowed to happen. Many men who have been sexually mistreated or abused are also breaking their silence. And there is support from all levels of society for those who are stepping forward. Women and men who have [...]