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Relationship Intelligence … Book 2 – Summer 2024


Relationship Intelligence, Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, Make Peace With Your Family Relationships – is the 2nd book in my 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series.  It is due out Summer 2024 You can stay updated on release date from: My Newsletter          My Journey to Peace  Facebook Page or   My Choose Your Ideal Partner - for Women Private Facebook Page. The aim of all my writing and coaching programs is to bring a sense of ... ... Understanding, Consciousness, and Intentionality to the reader or attendee. In Relationship Intelligence ... I do this in the sections by explaining: 💗In Choose Your IDEAL Partner:  As you bring a sense of Understanding, Consciousness, and Intentionality to your dating, you greatly improve your chances of finding the life-partner you dream of –and who you can live the rest of your life with in love and harmony.   I show how ensuring you are coming from a place of empowerment; pin-pointing – in detail – your relationship goals; how to put yourself out there in a way that aligns with those goals; the important questions to ask to see if you are on the same page;  and how the different sexes view dating and relationships. – so that you can avoid misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and heartbreaks – are the hallmarks to calling-in and choosing your IDEAL Partner. 💗In Improve Your Relationship:  By bringing Understanding and that sense of Consciousness and Intentionality to  your current relationship, you can work through what may otherwise be difficult and hurtful scenarios with more love, understanding, and patience. We are all different with differing personalities and backgrounds and ways of managing life – that help us feel emotionally safe and secure. Most of us are just doing our best to manage life because we have been birthed from past generations who didn't adhere to the concepts of unconditional love or the value of focusing on the positive. This has caused us to judge and blame others and to focus on the negative – and our couple relationships take much of the brunt of this. With an understanding that most of us unknowingly adopted defense mechanisms and habitual patterns of acting and reacting from past unhealed wounds that aim to protect our emotional world, becoming conscious of our – and our partner's triggers and sensitivities – and offering love and compassion as you each works through these goes a long way to improving your relationship. 💗In Making Peace With Your Family Relationships.  The saying "we cannot choose our families, but we can choose our friends" was birthed from the reality of how challenging family relationships often are. By bringing that same sense of Understanding and Consciousness as in the above section to familial upsets, you can more easily be Intentional in how you deal with those who upset you or who upsets others. And although family riffs sometimes never get resolved, you can still make peace with the fact that you tried your best. [...]

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Cap Finds a New Boy


“CAP FINDS A NEW BOY" (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Is a Beautifully Illustrated Book for Ages 3 to  7 (DELIVERY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) It is about “Cap” a red baseball cap who loses his boy, and the trials and tribulations he goes through until he finds another boy. The story is told from Cap’s perspective. He can see and hear everything that is going on, and he has feelings — just like us. See below for video and images - with text from the book. (Online Sales are Currently Unavailable - see below for list of Montreal West Island stores selling the book**) $8.99 CDN +5% tax + SHIPPING ($4. for 1st book +$2. each subsequent book. Receive within 2 weeks (- Ships to Canada and USA only). BUY HERE See Below for West Island of Montreal locations to Purchase Book - **as well as  its Red Ball Caps and T-Shirts) https://youtu.be/5N-QITl9V6g (See More Images and Quotes below of  Some of Cap’s adventure )   ---------------- (NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE  IN 3 West Island of Montreal STORES - FOR $12.99 (no shipping to pay). 1)Clio Bookstore; 245 Plaza Pointe Claire, Pointe Claire. H9R 3J1. (Has "Caps" to Buy Also) 2) Babar Bookstore. 46 avenue ste Anne, Pointe Claire. H9S 4P8 My contact: rosemary@spiritedfawnpublications.com ---------------- 8.25 x 10.75 in. Softcover / 36 pages, with many Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations Author: Rosemary McCarthy; Illustrator: Andrea Bateman -------------- The story starts with Cap having just blown off Brad’s head, from out of the car window.  Brad doesn’t come back to get him.  Cap spends a rainy night on a street corner where he feels lonely and dejected – and he is SOOOO scared! Cap wonders, “What will happen to me now?                      CAP READ ON TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME A BIT LATER I SURE DO HAVE SOME SCARY TIMES   REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIME I HAD WITH BRAD HELPS ME NOT TO BE AFRAID   I SURE  HOPE YOU RETURN HERE OFTEN ... AS I WILL REGULARLY BE SHOWING MORE PICTURES OF MY STORY HERE            Bye for now, CAP   https://youtu.be/5N-QITl9V6g

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