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It’s Not Me–It’s You. It’s Not You–It’s Me. It’s Both. It’s Neither – Newsletter October 2021


When we come from a place of It's Not Me – It's You, we project our fears and feelings onto the other. Ultimately, we are all responsible for the feelings that arise in us. Projecting our feeliOhio State Team Jersey micah parsons jersey 49ers jersey brock bowers jersey Florida state seminars jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys asu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey asu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey custom made football jerseys ohio state jersey OSU Jerseys Iowa State Football Uniforms Iowa State Football Uniforms ngs back at the other is an attempt to deflect owning our feelings. And rather than get angry, defensive, or blame the other – it is more productive to respond calmly.  When we come from a place of It's Not You – It's Me, we internalize how the other made us feel. We are also responsible for any feelings we internalize, bury, and hide from the other. And rather than allowing our emotions to stew and later erupt or morph into passive-aggressive attitudes or behaviors, it is more productive to speak up calmly – but confidently. Later, we can look to understand why we allow another to make us feel bad and how we allow them to treat us in the way they do. (Sign-Up  to receive my Free Monthly Newsletter where I cover a variety of subjects related to our personal development). ✍?As well as my Spiritual and Personal Development Writing, I am also a Copywriter/Digital Marketing and I offer Various Writing Services. My Writing Services Page ✍? Whether we project or internalize, we take personally what the other said, did, didn’t say, didn’t do, or how they reacted or didn’t react. Don’t take things personally is one of the four agreements from ...  My Recommended Book of the Month is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. When People Disagree or One Feels Hurt, or Gets Disappointed or Disillusioned ?It's Both of Us: because when issues arise, both are coming from a place of misalignment from love. One is unaware that they are feeling bad because of their misalignment; the other is unaware that they are behaving in hurtful ways that stem from their misalignment. And ... ?It's Neither of Us: Our true reality is that we are love. However, we are disconnected from that love. So, when issues arise, both are coming from a place of misalignment from that love – unaware that they are simply feeling bad or acting out from that place of misalignment. With this understanding that It Is Both of Us – and – It Is Neither of Us – and knowing that each is unaware that they are feeling or reacting from this place of misalignment, it is easier to understand and forgive how the other is showing up. To shift from It's Not Me–It's You – or – It's Not You–It's Me” – to – “It’s Both – It’s Neither” we must … ? Come from a place of honesty and authenticity within ourselves ? Bring [...]

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Healing Ourselves Helps Heal Others, and Our Ancestral Lineages


Individuals and Humanity are at a point where we can no longer brush things under the rug. It is our time to lift the rug – to reveal what was buried and hidden – so that we can heal anything that is not of love – and ensure that everyone feels empowered and in control of their life and destiny. As Individuals ?The impetus to look beyond our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors is upon us – so that we can heal the wounds that cause(d) bad, ineffective, inappropriate, or hurtful attitudes and behaviors. ?We are learning the importance of – and the necessity to – stand up for ourselves: for our freedoms, beliefs, and right to live life as our hearts and souls call us to. As a Collective ?We are being forced to look at the inequalities, injustices, and cruelty we have – and still do – put upon the poorer, marginalized, and disempowered individuals and groups, and … ?We are called to make restitution. ??? All my writing is based on themes from my books: Your Journey to Peace …,  and Why We Are the Way We Are, See below for info on my upcoming books, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences…, and Relationship Intelligence … As well as my spiritual/personal development writing, I also offer Writing Services see My Writing Services Page To stay updated on book releases (and to read my past messages) Sign up for My Newsletter ??? In this blog post, I will focus mainly on our individual healing. I have mentioned the healing of the collective to give a fuller understanding that this inner push to heal is part of Humanity’s current evolutionary process and that the healing of the individual and the collective goes hand in hand. Healing Our Emotional Wounds Has Far-Reaching Effects We were created to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally expressing love – and its supportive qualities like fairness, sharing, and compassion outwards into the world. See my post The Qualities of Love. However, Humanity's past caused emotional wounds within us and we  disconnected from that love. Healing our emotional wounds can be done in many ways – but they all start with acknowledgment – with looking at the conscious or Unconscious Influences that cause(d) us to feel, react, or act out of context. Acknowledging how we feel, or what we have said or done that caused us or others pain or upsets, is the 1st step to healing. Once we acknowledge we then work to remove the blocks to love - to undo the Unconscious Influences that may be keeping us from accessing the love within. To go deep enough in the healing to make impactful shifts within us, we must be brave enough to be honest with ourselves.*** There are many simple and professional ways to do this. A few that have helped me are … ?Journaling*** our thoughts, feelings, and what comes to us as we sit to write about a hurt, our feelings, or try and understand why [...]

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I Want to Live in a World That …


Focusing our energies on what we want – not what we don't want or on what is wrong – creates the energy vortex for what we want to come about. And our focus must be positive and uplifting. This article is from a few years ago that I post from time to time; I have tweaked it a bit to address what we as individuals and the world are now going through. There is so much love, support, community banding together, and hundreds of ways we are all supporting each other – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually going around. And we MUST keep it up. At this difficult time, it is even MORE important than ever to focus on what we want – in our lives and in the world – so that we come out of this as unscathed as possible and the world a much, much better, fairer, more compassionate, and egalitarian place. At the end of this post are a few links to aids that have recently crossed my path to help us navigate this time. ---------------------------- Here is the original post - tweaked just slightly. Add to the list near the bottom if you wish. We all want to feel loved and safe, and have all we need to survive – and to thrive. Everyone in the world should have the opportunities for these – to have access to their basic and general needs, and to the paths to help them reach their potentials. This desire to feel loved and safe is born out of remembrance – of a time before we feel negativity – into greed, judgment, inequality, divisiveness, and non-co-operation. And although what we are going through now is harder than what most of us have seen in our lifetime, it is giving us the opportunity to bring about that ideal world we all yearn for. It is forcing us to band together – in love and co-operation – as we have never seen before. And we are passing with flying colors. It is the focusing on love, compassion, sharing, co-operation – and what we want (for ourselves, others, and the world), rather than on blame, criticism, and greed – and what we don't want – that is creating the upward spiral of energy that will usher in the changes we long for – and keep the momentum moving forward. Focusing on the negative, the drama, what we don't want, what frustrates us, or makes us angry blocks the flow to positive change. I'm not saying that today it is easy today to be fully positive and not fall into fear or get involved in some of the drama. None of us can fully do that. But we can try – and check ourselves when we do. In our ever-changing world where one day we are witness to love and compassion and are uplifted because we feel people and the world are finally moving towards being more loving, compassionate, and supportive of one another, and [...]

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