Embracing Quiet; Embracing Inertia

Feeling Expanded, While Physically Restricted


When we live life from an expanded place, our whole being feels loose and free. We are happy, contented, open, curious, and we feel unlimited in what we can do, or attain. Not feeling or living expanded, we are sensitive to – and focus mainly on physical and sensual cues. This causes us to internalizes them  – mentally and physically, which creates contraction in our being. When we live from a contracted place, we may be overly serious and prone to focusing on the dramas of live. This causes us to feel tight and restricted. We are closed, cautious, fearful, and feel limited in what we can do, or attain. Living expanded we feel light, calm, contented, and trusting that our life will go well. And our life flows easily. Living contracted we feel heavy, concerned, and tentative about life and unsure that it will go well. Our life often seems like a struggle. We are meant to be happy, open, and feel unlimited. We now understand the importance of living in this way, but putting it into practice in difficult times is not always easy. Still, it is in challenging times like this that we have to make the extra effort to remain happy and open, so that we can live expanded – not contracted, and still able to reap the benefits of living from the higher states of consciousness living expanded bring to us. This article is a repeat from 2020, tweaked a little. It is derived from my upcoming book, Overcoming Our Unconscious Influences, like Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, Impatience, and Control and Blame Tendencies - due out in early 2021. About this and my published books see here  Living expanded we are aligned with Universal flow, which embodies love, trust, hope, co-operation, and fearlessness. Living contracted we are aligned with the limitations of our mind and the power of our emotions, which lure is into drama, fear, doubt, exaggeration, competition, suspiciousness, and limitation. The more we are conscious and connected to our True Self, the easier it is to live from an expanded place. Some of us live from an expanded consciousness most of the time. But most of us live life from an expanded consciousness some of the time – mostly when life is going well. When life is going well, it is so much easier to be positive and approach life with openness, and free of worry and restrictive and thinking.  With a bump here and there along our path, most of us can weather life’s ups and downs, and easily return to being positive and open to life’s possibilities. However, when too many bumps or real concerns cross our path at the same time or consecutively, even those of us who are conscious and have a strong connection to our True Self, fall prey to worry, doubt, stress, and become tentative and distrustful of life, and our future. However, to lessen the blow, we must remain hopeful, instead of fearful. We must keep dreams of a good future [...]

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Newsletter #37, January 2021, Allowing Quiet and Inertia Do their Work


Being quiet allows us to tap into Universal flow, giving us the advantage of connecting to the love, peace, wisdom, and guidance it holds. Making peace with inertia gives Spirit a chance to work on our unconscious and psyche in unseen, positive ways. The Value of Quiet – of Slowing Down We have all recently been forced to slow life down. Some of us have embraced – and even welcomed the extra quiet time; some of us have hated it. Some of us have recognized the value of it; others of us have become frustrated with it, or even angry about it. Having this recent forced quiet in our life is a gift. It has made us slow down – out of business, and able to take stock of our life. Business: Robs us of the peaceful feelings we all so yearn for. Keeps us from giving fully to the really important people or things in our life. Creates stress in us, reducing our capacity to tap into joy. Business keeps us tethered to our mind, as it is constantly beset with all the details it must hold in attempts to keep everything organized. It distances us from the wisdom and guidance found when we live connected to our heart. Keeping busy also acts to delay us facing issues we don’t want to face, don’t know how to face, or are afraid to deal with. (You can see this message in your browser, Sign-Up for future ones, and read my past ones here  ) Whether we have been unaware of how our business has affected us, simply got caught up in always being busy, or have been keeping busy to avoid facing things, we have been given the opportunity to take quiet, personal, or family time to recognize – and embrace what is really important to us, and/or to deal with what our business has been masking. Working with – rather than fighting what is currently happening in our life, holds great opportunities for personal growth. If your tendency is to fight having extra or quiet time, shifting from the frustration of it all or the anger it brings up in you – to using the time effectively by getting things done – with gratitude for the opportunity to do so will make life more pleasant for you once restrictions are lifted, as well as lift your mood. At the same time, allowing yourself to get comfortable with some quiet time will help you get through this next little while more relaxed and less anxious about it all. All my writing focuses on some aspect of "Our Journey to Peace," from understanding our anger, frustration, blame, hurt feelings, etc., and how to make the shifts to finding peace with ourselves - and harmony with others.  About my books here These newfound skills of working with “what is” and “allowing for some quiet time” can be brought forward in life, and will benefit you in the future. Working with what is [...]

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