Individuals – and the World Need Our Gentle Touch – Part 1/3


We are now living in a time of huge social change that is affecting all of us – and in various ways. And we are all feeling the fatigue and stress of the past few years. No matter our thoughts and beliefs about it all, our best option is always to be loving, hopeful, compassionate – and forgiving towards others – and the world ... because ... We – and the World Need a Gentle Touch! None of us have liked the restrictions of the past few years that have been put upon us. Some of us have made peace with them. Others of us feel they are a huge imposition on our human rights and freedoms – and they are. However, they are attempts to keep people safe. And most of us are doing a magnificent job staying positive, compassionate, and loving – at least most of the time ? There are good arguments for both sides. Either way, time has heightened the frustrations and stress levels for all of us. Many are baffled or angered with the divisiveness this has brought to the forefront – especially with the protests now going on (in Canada).  Many are concerned about the disruptions. Others feel the protests are necessary so that individual freedoms are respected. Most of Us Are Managing Our Emotions – Most of the Time. Most of us are doing a magnificent job staying positive and being kind and compassionate towards others. However,  as frustration and fatigue has grown, some of us may have become more reactive, or even grumpy and argumentative. And some people may even have become distant as being reclusive feels more comfortable to them. NO matter the circumstances of the day, our beliefs, and how well or badly we have acted or reacted these past few years – we are all only ever just doing our best to deal with how life has, or is now, playing out. As well as my spiritual / personal development writing, I also offer writing services.  See my Writing Services Page It helps us, others, and Humanity to extend kind gestures – general goodness, which may often just be a nod or smile towards all who cross our path – even those we disagree with. I see this happening much of the time, but it is easy to fall into the "poor me" head down rut these days and forget to extend to others– especially when we are tired of it all and feeling frustrated by what is now going on. The thing is, when we feel a little down we often forget that when we extend any of the expressions of love, we feel better. It raises our mood. It's a win-win. This is a post from a few years ago that I re-post from time to time – with a little tweaking to address the current energy and situation. It's a reminder that no matter what is happening around us, it's a time to be ... ?especially kind,  gentle, loving, and compassionate towards everyone we [...]

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Creating Feelings of Contentment – January 2022 Newsletter Message


Feeling contented helps us weather life's ups and downs more easily. ?Sign-up for My Newsletter - and  read my past messages at:  Sign up for My Newsletter ? I also offer a variety of writing services, see My Writing Services Page There are many ways to get to a place of feeling contented, with the most obvious one being from externals, such as ... - Getting the job, reaching a goal, or becoming successful. These give us a sense of accomplishment, bringing feelings of contentment. - Moving into a house, finding the perfect partner, or starting a family also brings feelings of contentment, however … For Most of Us, Feelings of Contentment  that Come from Outside of Ourselves Is Fleeting  ? ?  ? Contentment That Comes from Within – From the Depths of Our Being – Has More Staying Power Once the newness of what we accomplished or have gotten has worn off, we seem to need to reach for the next thing. The wanting, satisfying, and wanting again trap humans fall prey to is one of the major reasons that true and lasting contentment eludes us. ? ?  ? All my writing is based on themes from my books: Your Journey to Peace …,  and Why We Are the Way We Are, See below for info on My Upcoming Books, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences…, and Relationship Intelligence … ? ?  ? This month's message was inspired by a friend's recent question on a Facebook post – and my answer. Traci asked: "What is one good thing you are experiencing even with the times we are in?" My answer (which came to me quickly) was: "I'm feeling even more contented than usual – even though I've had some tough times lately, and I feel blessed for all those who helped me get there. And I realize that there is nothing much else that beats the feeling of being content." Since that day, I've been pondering where that sense of contentment came from. I realized that it came from a combination of: ? *Loving the Holiday Season ? **Making peace with recent disappointments ? ***Appreciating what was now good ? ****And partaking in three powerful meditations with Allison Carol Blackburn just before and between Christmas and New Year. ? ?  ? ? *Loving the Holiday Season (or any other Celebration) – is an easy one because … Embracing the Spirit of Celebrations Heightens Our Senses Allowing Contentment to Grow in Our Being ? **Making Peace with Disappointments (*or True Forgiveness as taught by A Course in Miracles. See below for a fuller explanation). I had been feeling disappointed that my extended family could not attend my usual brunch (it wasn't the numbers but more distance and the many commitments the young adults had). Slowly, as the week went on, I started to make peace with this, until suddenly, it felt ok. With the acceptance that they were all growing up and had their own lives, a huge shift occurred in me, and I realized [...]

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Moving From “Its Not Ok” to “I’m at Peace With This” – Newsletter September 2021


Our ultimate purpose is to return to love.*  And as we start to see others and life through the eyes of love, we can  … ?Overcome – and effectively deal with our issues and challenging situations ?No longer focus the differences we hold with others, ?Make peace with situations around us we disagree with. *A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson, was one of the first books that opened my eyes to the depths that we can perceive others – and situations through the eyes of love. We emerged from love. We were created out of love. We ARE love. And our purpose is to return to love. Our world is a classroom in that journey back to fully embracing love – in all its forms – with everyone, everything, and all situations. ??? My passion is writing in the personal development and spirituality genres. I am also a copywriter and offer various writing services to businesses and personal development and spiritual communities.  My Writing Services Page Whether the Garden of Eden was real or metaphoric, it is clear that we once had a connection to unconditional love, but at some point, we lost it. Over time, Humanity's ways of dealing with others and life shifted to fear-based. We inherited fear-based concepts, ideas, perceptions, reactions, and habits from our past. These became ingrained in our DNA and developed into our current default ways of navigating the world. Many qualities encompass us feeling and showing love, and there are many qualities we express when we come from a place of fear. See my post: the Qualities of Love / the Qualities of Fear  (The links to all my related blog posts are also at the end). Fear-based ways of approaching life limit our connection to – and outward expressions of unconditional love. Coming from this constricted place, we may be reactive or emotionally distant, hurting those around us.  When hurt, our default may be that we become defensive and over-reactive, or we become protective of our hearts and shut down. Coming from a place of love we exude light.  Coming from a place of fear we exude darkness.                  The Masters came to lead us out of the "darkness" or "our sleeping state, but we were too stuck in our ways to understand or embrace their messages – at least enough for them to become the norm. It is now time for Humanity to come out of the darkness into the light: To awaken to embracing the love we are at our core and extend that love to others. Moving Beyond How Humanity Has Navigated the World Influenced by what we have been taught and shown, people are only ever doing what they think they need to do to feel good or safe, or do what they think is best, right, good, or necessary. We are all on different legs of our Journey to Peace (my 1st book?) to coming out of the darkness and awakening to seeing [...]

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Self-forgiveness and Becoming Our Best Self – Part 1/2


No matter what “bad things” we have thought, believed, supported, done, or not done, time we have wasted, money we have squandered, or any addictions we have succumbed to, we can turn our life around and rise above what has held us in negative attitudes or patterns hurting our self or others. Forgiving ourselves is vital to becoming our Best Self To do so we must embrace the concept of unconditional love for ourselves. The Universe (God, Spirit, Source, or whatever we call the creative universal power) offers us only unconditional love, and within that premise is complete forgiveness. It is OUR egoic thinking that we inherited from Humanity's way of approaching life that causes us to blame and be unforgiving - of ourselves and others. The understanding is that we only ever hurt our self, others, or act badly because we are disconnected from the love within our True Self, and are thereby misaligned from universal understanding. This blog article is based on concepts in my new book   (available in Print and E-book) About Book found here  (Links to my blog pages and free monthly newsletter below) Even though at our core we are all pure love, most of us have been disconnected from that love - and unable to feel it or express it because we succumbed fear scenarios and defensive attitudes because of hurts put upon us, or situations we misunderstood or misinterpreted in our past. These protective devices caused us to contract, close our hearts, and thus we become distanced from our True Self and the unconditional love within it. Not aligned with love, we are not attuned to the nuances of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness it holds - for our self and towards others. Our hurts cause us to hurt others, or act in unloving, judgmental, and bullying ways. Detached from these loving qualities we do not always act in our own best interests. This disconnect from the love within us causes us to see others through a clouded lens, which induces us to act negatively towards them. We are all somewhat misaligned from our True Self and this shows up in the various ways we navigate life. This coupled with our various personalities, habits, preferences, upbringing, sexual identities, and our racial and cultural backgrounds make us all look, speak, and behave differently. When we have a strong connection to our True Self and the love within it we do not see or focus on the differences – we see from a loving place and beyond the differences to the core of the other person – to the love within them. When we have a weak connection to our True Self and thereby to the love within us, we see others through the clouded lens of the unconscious influences that run our lives and lie between us and our True Self. These causes us to judge, blame, shame, belittle, criticize, ignore, or act in other non-passionate ways towards others. Most of us have somewhat of a [...]

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Self-Forgiveness Returns Us to Our Innocence – Part 3/3


Self-understanding is the path to self-forgiveness. And it is sacred work. Working hand in hand, they strengthen our connection to our True Self, which paves the way to peace, happiness, and feeling empowered, and becoming our Best Self. We forgive our self of all ways we hurt our self, or others, because we are all innocent and loving beings at our core – we have just forgotten this. We only ever feel, react, or behave badly or in unhelpful ways from our unmet wounds, or from current stressors we cannot deal with. We inherited this way of dealing with life from Humanity's past. We are all influenced by left-over attitudes and behaviors from past generations that were based in fear, blame, projection, and protectionism, causing us to feel, react, and behave in hurtful, unhelpful, and unloving ways. Humanity is at the pinnacle of its evolution, and we are primed to address, and overcome, our injured selves.  In Parts 1 and 2 I discuss in depth why we act in ways that hurt our self – and others, and the importance of looking at what is driving us to act or react in unproductive or hurtful way.  I explained that it is Unconscious Influences we inadvertently anchored into our being that act upon us without our consent, and that must be addressed. In this Part 3, I will focus on Self-understanding and Self-reflection, which together allow for Self-forgiveness. This lays the ground work to connect the dots to the associated Unconscious Influences that are causing us to feel, react, and act in unhelpful and harmful ways – so that we can be free of their influence. Link for Part 1  HERE  for Part 2  HERE Unconscious Influences will have been affecting us – one way or another – whether we are aware of it or not: they act upon us without our conscious consent. And with all the stress and uncertainly we are living with these days, our Unconscious Influences may surface more than usual. Whenever they do, we either hurt our self, others, or both – as negative reactions and behaviors affect all involved. We hurt our self when we turn our fears, hurts, insecurities, and disappointments back onto our self. We may be overly-sensitive when disappointed by others and get hurt feelings. We may be tentative and afraid to try things. We may suffer from angst, apathy, insecurity, guilt, shame, or be overly-passive and not stand up for our self. We may become dysfunctional, or even an addict. As these all cause further internal angst and pain, we continue to think, act, and react in disempowering ways, and the cycle continues. We hurt others when we project our Unconscious Influences onto those around us. We may lash out in anger, blame them for our unhappiness, or are judgmental, critical, demanding, bullying, controlling, uncooperative, abusive – or any other harmful or disempowering way that may hurt or stress them. This causes conflict in our life and disharmony our relationships. It is the denial [...]

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Self-Forgiveness Reconnects Us to Love – Part 2/3


In Part 1, I discussed how we only ever hurt our self, others, or act badly in any way, because we are disconnected from our True Self and misaligned from the unconditional love within it. (link for Part 1 HERE) Valid fears, and continual onslaughts of unexpected changes, bad experiences, and stressors – much of what many of us are now experiencing because of the corona virus can cause us to become misaligned, and therefore act badly – act uncharacteristically. Recently we, or those around us, may have acted or reacted badly. And even though these days we may have less patience than usual, at this time we all need extra compassion and understanding – for our self and for others.  This is why it is so vital to forgive our self, and those around us – for recent or current poor attitudes, reactions, or behaviors. This post/article focuses mainly on self-forgiveness. As we are all evolving, which is about reconnecting to the love within and living life from that place of love,  we have to clear our emotional bodies of what blocks this connections. The ways we view and approach life and the attitudes, reactions, and behaviors that stem from these all affect our sense of peace, happiness, empowerment, and our relationships. Hurts we experienced, or those we put upon our self  – as well as those we put onto others, create blocks in our emotional bodies. We are not aware of these blocks, nonetheless, they affect us. Because unless or until addressed and dealt with, blocks in our emotional bodies distance us from our power-base causing us to see and navigate life in ways that may be ineffective for our self, or hurtful to others. This blog article is based on concepts in my books  "Your Journey to Peace ..."  About here  and "Why We Are the Way We Are"  About here "Overcoming Our Unconscious Influences, such as Anger, Hurt Feeling, etc ..." due out this Fall. About here  (Cover images below)  The ego loves to incite drama, and it will instill guilt and/or shame into our psyche over anything it can – especially anything with a hint of negativity. This causes us to experiences subtle feelings of unease, and we further start to think, act, and react in ways that do not serve our ultimate peace and happiness. The underlying causes of this unease are from the past, and therefore have no substance. As such, they are only a trick of the mind and should be relinquished. Although we have the ability to move past hurts, guilt, shame, and how these affect us, we inherited Humanity's habit of  holding onto to them. Self-forgiveness frees us from the hold the past has on us. It requires looking at and releasing the underlying past buried emotions that actually cause any negative, hurtful, or disempowering way we may have approached life that did not come from a loving place. Clearing Our Emotional Bodies We clear our emotional bodies by: acknowledging and working [...]

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Self-forgiveness Vital in Stressful Times – Part 1/3


Even the kindest, evolved, and most conscious people among us waver from healthy, kind, compassionate, and forgiving attitudes and behaviors from time to time. And even though we are all more stressed than usual these days with all that is going on and the restrictions we need follow to keep ourselves and others safe, I am thrilled to see mainly kindness and compassion.  Most people seem to be doing fine! Still, what we project on the outside and when we are out and about is not always reflective with what goes on in our homes, or with those we are close to. Stressors do have a way of seeping into our attitudes and behaviors. Whatever the reason, whenever we fall into any kind of negative attitudes or behavior it is always important to forgive our self – but vital to do so these days.  (I wrote this article a few years ago entitled "Self-forgiveness and Becoming Our Best Self." It felt appropriate to re-post it now – with a few tweaks to reflect the times we are living. And so, as well as general themes on self-forgiveness, you will find references to our current situation). Rosemary? No matter what bad or unkind things we have thought, believed, said, supported, done, or not done, time we have wasted, money we have squandered, or any addictions we have succumbed to, we can turn our life around and rise above what has held us in negative attitudes or patterns hurting our self, or others. Our purpose here is to connect more fully to our True Self – TO LOVE, which allows us to feel good, be joyful, stay balanced, become our Best Self, and to bring love and light to the world. We ALL have the capacity for all this – no matter what is going on. However, most of us have simply not been taught this. And the world has forgotten the importance of feeling good and joyful. Forgiving our self is vital to us staying balanced,  feeling good,  able to access joy, turning our life around, and becoming our Best Self However, to allow self-forgiveness to anchor into our being we must embrace the concept of unconditional love for our self!  We ARE LOVE. we emerged from LOVE – from God (Source, Spirit, Holy Spirit – or whatever we call the universal creative force), and it reflects back to us only unconditional love. And unconditional love holds the premise of complete forgiveness.  When we (or anyone) cannot feel love, or express it out into the world, it is only because we are not connected to our origins. We are disconnected from our True Self – from the love we are at our core. (I will be posting a Worksheet on "Forgiving Our Self" shortly. See links below to follow me. Rosemary  Disconnected from this love, we default to egoic ways of thinking, being, managing our life, and navigating the world. These ways of being have all been inherited from Humanity's past, and have [...]

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Self-Forgiveness and Becoming Our Best Self – Part 2/2


Self-forgiveness frees us. However, it requires giving up and releasing the guilt and shame that goes along with what we have or have not done that is causing us guilt. Guilt is the principal thief of emotional happiness, but it is only a trick of the mind and has no substance. The underlying causes of guilt are in the past and should therefore be relinquished. (link for Part 1 is below) Knowing why we said or did hurtful things makes it easier for our psyche to exonerate itself from our attitudes or actions that have hurt our self, or others. We carry guilt and shame for both hurting ourselves and others. People who hurt themselves or others are acting from past hurts. When we understand that we were only projecting our past hurts onto ourselves or onto others helps us to allow for the release of the guilt and dissolution of any associated shame. We have to first honestly acknowledge how we behaved, what we have said, or have or have not done in the past that is causing us to be sad, unhappy, lethargic, or dysfunctional in the present, or that caused rifts with others. We then release the emotions of it all - and free ourselves the effects on us. Room is then made in the deepest part of our self to connect to the peace and general feeling of well-being that is our intended state and that allows us to become our Best Self. This blog article is based on concepts in my 2 books  "Your Journey to Peace ..."  About here  and "Why We Are the Way We Are"  About here (Both available in Print and E-book - Cover images below)  Depending on both our innate personality and what we need to forgive our self for, this can be immediate or take years of work. Even those who have committed crimes and are in jail can tap into universal unconditional love and the forgiveness within it and experience a sense of well-being. However, during this process of acknowledgement and release we must remember to not get stuck in the old story of what we have or have not done.  We practice self-forgiveness when we recognize that the thoughts we had, words we uttered, deeds we did, or things we didn’t do that are causing us angst, guilt, shame, discomfort, or caused us to become dysfunctional or even an addict, and then release the associated negative emotions surrounding the issue. Understanding that we only acted because of being misaligned from our True Self allows us to face what we have done – for release – not for self-condemnation. Peace and feelings of well-being are the goals of self-forgiveness. Adding more guilt is not. It is the denial and burying of these shadow parts of ourselves that keep us in emotional bondage, take away our current peace of mind, and cause us to continue to act in ways that hurt ourselves or others. We forgive ourselves for undermining becoming our [...]

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