Creating Loving Feelings – Expanded Version


  So pleased to be able to say that this essay I submitted to the Love Foundation for their May 2020 Global Love Day Received an Honorable Mention. (You can read it all here on this blog page, or Here on The Love Foundation's website. It is an expanded version of a previous blog post of the same name.) Creating Loving Feelings Most of us aspire to be positive and express love out into the world. However, sometimes we simply cannot feel love in our heart, at least not enough to be loving towards others. We were intended to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally able to express love outwards into the world. Eons ago, we could. However, at some point in history, negativity arose, and as this played out, our connection to joy and loving feelings inadvertently became weakened. Many of us were victims of and/or inherited these ways of being from past generations, and so our connection to loving feelings may be weak, or even blocked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This article/blog post is based in concepts from my books “Your Journey to Peace … “ About Book  here  and “Why We Are the Way We Are”  About Book  here (Book cover images at end) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We now know that light, positive, uplifting high-vibrational thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors create feelings of general well-being. They burst through any weakness or blocks we may have to loving feelings. They send sparks of light and love to our whole being. This allows us to reconnect to loving feelings. The more we embrace high-vibrational thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more easily we can express love out into the world. For those of us who cannot easily tap into joy or loving feelings, we can conjure them up. Creating Loving Feelings We create loving feelings by passionately evoking loving feelings with our thoughts, words, attitudes, and behaviors. Doing so with gusto, relishing, delighting in, reveling in, and with exaggerated feelings gets the ball rolling. We are attempting to override years, generations, and even eons of our feelings of love being dulled and subdued, so we must approach this with enthusiasm. Hug yourself or your pillow. Create a practice by summoning up love feelings as if you were hugging a baby, your child, your most precious loved one, a cute kitten, or whatever will create pure, unabashed childlike pleasure within you. This creates love feelings within your being, which you can later connect to more easily. Embrace joy and light-heartedness. Regularly do what brings you joy. Bring fun and light-heartedness to whatever you do, as this creates a sense of joy around it, anchoring joy into your being. Joy then becomes part of your make-up. Be passionate and bring abandon to all you do. Being passionate and bringing abandon to whatever you are doing creates a positive vortex around it. This makes every-day tasks pleasurable. The mundane starts to feel extraordinary. Life starts to feel extraordinary. Delight [...]