? Saying “I Love You” – December 2022 Newsletter Message


This is from my December Monthly Newsletter Message. ????? February's Message will be " "What Would Love Do." Sign-up to Receive it. You Can Read Past Ones there too. The words I love you are very powerful. They touch the heart of the recipient. However, not everyone can say the words. They may feel love for the other, but cannot bring themselves to express it verbally. Its as if the words are stuck in their throat. Saying I love you is often learned from our birth family as it may have been normal to regularly say the words. And even for those who grew up in a family where saying I love you wasn’t the norm, we may still be able to verbally express love later in life – if we have a strong enough heart connection. The stronger our heart connection, the more we can feel love in our hearts and come from a place of love, and the easier it is to express love – in all its ways, including verbally. The More Love We Feel in Our Hearts, the Easier it Is For Us to Express Love – Including Words The purest form of saying I love you comes from our heart-space and being unafraid to be vulnerable. Saying I love you makes us vulnerable because we are opening our hearts – and the other may not reciprocate the love we are expressing. But the purest form of expressing love to another requires no reciprocation. However, most of us get hurt feelings or confused if another does not reciprocate our expressions of love. Sometimes they may not feel it, but most likely, the other has not returned the feelings because they cannot. Still, even if it feels awkward to say the words or it makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, uttering them will benefit you greatly. Our Words Are Powerful. They Are Like Mantras Mantras are valuable because they anchor the meaning of the words into our being – into our heart-space. The more often we make an effort to connect to or express love, the more we connect to our heart-space. And the more we connect to our heart-space, the easier it is to express love – in all its forms. (See my blog post The Qualities of Love) Words are most powerful when felt deeply in our hearts. But even words whispered to ourselves or forced words voiced have benefits – because we are making an effort. The “fake it till you make it” concept has value. So, if you are uncomfortable saying I love you to others, there are many ways to get the energy of it in you – so that you can override any blocks to verbally expressing your love. This - and my February message are excerpts from my upcoming book, Relationship Intelligence ... – due out later this Winter. See my Published and Upcoming Books Practice saying the words when alone – and repeat them many times, ?Out loud to [...]

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Love Is A Decision – Newsletter, November 2021.


This month's theme, Creating Loving Feelings, is from an essay I wrote a few years ago for The Love Foundation, for which I received an honorable mention?. I have tweaked it a little to reflect the Holiday Season and the impact the current state of the world may be having on us and our emotional world. Sign-up to receive my future messages - and read past ones Most of us aspire to feel good, be positive, and express love out into the world. However, sometimes we cannot feel love in our hearts – at least not enough to be joyful, happy, and contented, or loving towards others. Even if we are usually calm, loving, and are a positive person, personal stress and stresses from outside sources – like what we have recently been experiencing with the restrictions put upon us – dull our senses. Feelings of joy and happiness and our sense of aliveness may weaken. For many of us, our ability to connect to loving feelings is fragile and can easily be upset. ??? All my blog posts are from themes in my books, Your Journey to Peace …, and Why We Are the Way We Are,- which offer the reader valuable insights that can help them feel more peaceful and contented and improve their relationships - as well as my upcoming books, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences – due out early 2022, and Relationship Intelligence – due out Spring 2022. ??? We were created to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally expressing love – and its supportive qualities like fairness, sharing, and compassion outwards into the world. See my post The Qualities of Love. However, at some point in humanity's history, negativity arose. As this played out, our connection to positive and uplifting ways of experiencing and expressing life weakened. As time passed, harmful and disempowering ways of approaching life and others became the norm: our default position. Because of what we experienced, or were exposed to in the past, our connection to loving feelings may be weak. or even blocked ?Some of us were victims of how the negativity played out in others. As they abused, criticized, or belittled us, or were unsupportive of us emotionally, mentally, or physically, our hearts hardened, and we unconsciously erected protective and defensive mechanisms to protect our hearts and emotional world. ?Others of us inherited the negative ways of being from our families and cultures. We learned to view the world through a lens of judgment, biases, and competition: to battle rather than be compassionate and cooperative. To be suspicious of others different than us. Whatever caused us to disconnect from loving feelings, the protective and defensive mechanisms we erected, or any judgment, biases, and competitive ways of approaching life we adopted, habitual reactions and limiting beliefs became entrenched in our being. I call these Our Unconscious Influences. These influences that run our lives – without our conscious consent – are based on fear. They are energetically heavy [...]

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Celebrating Valentines – and Galentines Day – February 2022 Newsletter


Welcome to my 50th Newsletter Message? I can hardly believe that I have written 50 newsletter messages. Putting them all together might just be another book?Sign-up and Read Past Messages link. And in case you are not aware, I also offer a variety of  Writing Services I recently became aware of Galentines Day (February 13th ), and the funny thing is that the theme of my 2nd newsletter (February 2018) is somewhat similar to what Galentines Day is about. February 13th Galentines Day was put forth by the show Parks and Recreation, and it was declared as a day for girls to celebrate their female friendships and support systems. My February 2018 Newsletter message suggested that on Valentine's week, we show all whom we know – and any whom we think may be lonely – some love and appreciation. Below is some of that 2018 message. You can read the entire 2018 Happy Valentines Week message in the post I created. We all want to be happy. We all want to feel loved. And we all feel good when someone SHOWS they care about us Even though Valentine's Day is known and promoted for couples expressing and showing their Love and appreciation to each other, let's use this day/week deemed for LOVE – to express love out into the world. First, let's ensure we Love ourselves. Loving ourselves – forgiving ourselves and being authentic and attentive to OUR soul's desires ups the love quotient in our being. We can then more easily be loving and generous of spirit towards others. During Valentine's week, let's spread that Love – wherever we can, with whoever crosses our path, and with those we know who would benefit from an expression of Love – or simply a little bit of attention. ❤️❤️❤️ ?All the beautiful – and delish looking sweets you see here were created by Scott Taylor – baker extraordinaire. If you are in the Montreal area, you can order your own Valentine or Galentine treats. Check out his links below to see his wonderful Birthday and Wedding creations. Scott’s Website   Scott’s Instagram  Although many of us look forward to and experience wonderful Valentine's Days, many do not – and for many reasons. With Valentines Day being so hyped up, it brings with it mixed feelings for many of us. Because Valentines is deemed for sweethearts, people who are not in a relationship – or not in a loving one, often feel bad. Valentine's week may bring a sense of loneliness for people not in a relationship – even if they usually do not feel lonely or are alone by choice. The commercial build-up is so in-your-face that it's hard not to feel any effects from all the hype. For people in a relationship who are not getting along, this week promoted for loving couples may bring with it sadness – for what is not. Let's use this day to ensure we feel good; our loved ones feel loved, and extend simple expressions of [...]

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