Value of Communicating with Your Current Clients, Followers, or Readers


Sales marketing is aimed at potential clients and it gets the most attention – and budget. Rightly so! And although attracting new clients IS a marketer’s main purpose – KEEPING Clients is Vital to your bottom line and overall success. At the end is a link my other Marketing Blog Article – on Marketing with Integrity See My Writing Services Page. And although well-known and proved marketing tools are at the basis of all good marketing programs, Heart Based Marketing is the way of the future. Heart Based Marketing Practices – those infused with Integrity and that reach out to people or organizations whose need your product or service fills creates a sense of trust. A bond is created between the seller and consumer. Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy🙋‍♀️ and I am a Writer and Published Author of Spiritual Material – with a background in Marketing and with Digital Marketing Training – and I offer a variety of writing services. See My Writing Services Page.  (A link to my other Marketing  Blog Article is at the end) You can share this as long as you include the full copyright message below. And when we communicate regularly with our current client list, we strengthen that bond. When you communicate with your Current Clients, Followers, or Readers the aim is to Nurture them – to strengthen the bond created with them from their original purchase or sign up.  It keeps them: 🔸Engaged with and Reminded of – you and your product or service 🔸Up to Date – on what’s new regarding their purchase or subscription – such as updates, add-ons, better ways to care for and maintain the product, new ways of using it, etc. 🔸Aware of New Products or Services – keeping you at the forefront of their minds when thinking of changing, upgrading, or when they are in the market for another product or service you provide 🔸Updated on Industry Information – so that they see you as the Expert in the Industry. 🔸Warned in Advance – if an issue arises with their purchase – before it causes a problem for them or they hear about it on the news. Addressing issues as soon as  you are aware of them is the best way to get ahead of it. There are many ways to Nurture Your Client List, such as regular, 🔸Emails 🔸Blog Posts and Articles 🔸Monthly or Bi-monthly Newsletters 🔸Pamphlets and Flyers 🔸Audio and Video Presentations. Whichever way you choose to connect with your client list – and for whatever reason … … you must ensure your message is written and presented in a way that keeps them interested – and keeps their finger AWAY from the “unsubscribe button.” This is Tricky Business – especially when keeping to the Heart Based theme. A good copywriter knows how to manage tricky business.  We know the tricks of the trade – and we know how to walk that fine line of good, smart marketing - while creating a bond with the recipient or strengthen [...]