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?Our Evolution and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Newsletter Message, July 2022


Individuals – and our planet are on an upward evolutionary trajectory. We are reaching the pinnacle of our evolution. Up until recently, and for eons, we were in survival mode – concerned about our Physical and Safety needs: the bottom two rungs of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. (See list of levels below). This is my July 2022 Newsletter Message. You can sign-up or read past messages HERE Maslow's basic premise in his hierarchy of needs is that we must satisfy the needs on one rung before we can concern ourselves with the needs on the next rung. We Have Stepped Off the 2nd Rung of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Starting in the last century, we have been moving past the everyday concerns of our physical and safety needs noted on the bottom two rungs. And as our natural impulse is grow, evolve, and better ourselves, we have been seeking more satisfaction and meaning in our lives. This impulse to grow is not just for ourselves, but extended out into the world. All my Writing is Based on Concepts in My Books ?I also offer a variety of writing services See My Writing Services Page (You can also find links to related posts at the end) We are starting to feel inspired to be fair, compassionate, and understanding of others, help the disenfranchised, be more considerate of our world's animals, and be gentler towards the planet. Just like us, our planet is a living, breathing organism. She is our home. Our mother. Our individual evolutions and that of the planet are related and intertwined. The Indigenous people of the world have always known this. We would be wise to listen to their take on our connection to Mother Earth and how to look after our home? Satisfying Our Needs of the Top Levels of Maslow's Hierarchy Most of us are now living to satisfy the needs of one – or more than one rung – on of the top three levels of Maslow's pyramid. ?Level 1:  Our Physiological Needs ? Level 2: Our Safety Needs ?Level 3: Loving/Belonging ?Level 4: Esteem ? Level 5: Self-actualization Although we don't move fully into the next level until the current one is completely satisfied, many of the elements in the top three rungs are intertwined. This is why we can attempt to satisfy some of the needs on all three levels simultaneously. As we manage and arrange our lives and look for satisfaction and meaning, we may be attempting to satisfy our needs on, ? Level 3: Loving/Belonging. We may be on our way to mastering – or struggling to meet the needs noted on this level – to become more loving and able to create a sense of belonging with others and within society. Life will be giving us opportunities – and challenging us to help us satisfy the need for love and belonging. ?Level 4: Esteem. We may be on our way to mastering – or struggling to satisfy the needs noted [...]

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?Understanding Our Hearts; Understanding Others’ Hearts – Newsletter #52, May 2022.


I've created t his post from my May 2022 Newsletter message. Link to sign up or read past messages is below? ????? When we are connected to our heart we are in tune with our true feelings. In tune with our true feelings, it is easier for us to understand another’s heart and how they are feeling, being, and their motivations. How we feel affects our attitudes and behaviors and how we navigate life, how we show up in the world, and where we are coming from. Sometimes we come from a place of honesty within ourselves. Sometimes we don’t. We all have a little denial within us that we fall victim to – at least from time to time. The degree of honesty or denial within ourselves dictates whether, ?We live life coming from a place of true feelings.    Or, ?We live life coming from a place of surface feelings. ????? All my Writing is based on my published and upcoming books About My Books I also offer a variety of   Writing Services Sign-up to receive my Free Newsletter.   You can also read past ones on the link. ????? True Feelings vs Surface Feelings Feelings are complicated and many elements affect how we feel. The closer we are to our true self and the higher level of Peaceful Honesty we live from or have attained, the truer our feelings are. ?In Their Truest Form, Our Feelings Show Us an honest picture of what our heart, or soul, is whispering to us. What we feel and what we show to the world are pure and honest feelings that come from our heart. ?If Tainted, Our Feelings Show Us a false picture of what our heart is whispering to us. Our true feelings are buried and remain below the surface. How we feel and what we show to the world are surface level feelings that mask our true feelings. We are afraid to scratch below the surface.  Unconscious Influences Cause Tainted / Surface Feelings Unconscious Influences are the barriers we erect over our hearts and feelings. We erected these barriers as a result of buried, unacknowledged, and unaddressed hurts, pains, confusions, or unresolved or conflicting events from our past. When unconscious influences are at play in our life, our feelings are marred with the fears or confusion of the original event they grew out of. Unconscious influences run our lives – without our consent. Buried hurts or pains (emotional or physical) or unresolved conflicts or confusing events from our past caused us to put up protective mechanisms to protect our hearts and psyches. These protective mechanisms cause us to be reactive and they play out as negative, harmful, or bad attitudes or behaviors. We either, Turn them Inwards – and we are tentative, needy, are easily frustrated, often get hurt feelings, are passive-aggressive, disempowered, unable to make decisions, or become dysfunctional (or addictive) in some way, or Turn them Outwards – and we are critical, judgmental, controlling, defensive, blame others, or [...]

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