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Let me help you Effectively Communicate with Your Current or Potential Clients, Subscribers, Followers, or Readers as you ... 🔸Promote Yourself  and Your Offering 🔸Move Your Product, Service, or Message out into the World 🔸Supply Support Material for Current Clients 🔸Promote Your Coaching Business 🔸Craft or Tighten up or E-book Ideas or Manuscript Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a Writer, Copywriter, Published Author, Editor, Ghostwriter/E-book Writer/ Manuscript Fixer-Upper. My contact is:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com Whether you are reaching out to Individuals or Businesses, I will string words together that will have you saying: "this is  what I wanted to say – only better, clearer, and more to the point than I could ever have come up with." This is the beauty of a good writer /copywriter. Whatever our project together, the words I string together will pique your intended audience's interest in an effective, clear and concise manner that keeps them interested in you – and your offering. So whether you need, 🔸A Bio / LinkedIn Summary / About Page 🔸General or Website Content 🔸Blog Posts / Newsletters / Articles 🔸Emails /Sales Letters / Opt-Ins (like small E-books) 🔸An Editor to Ensure Your Communications are Clear and to the Point 🔸A Ghost Writer / E-book Writer / Manuscript Compiler or Fixer Upper, I will ... 🔸Show YOU – and your product, service, coaching business, or passion project in its best light 🔸Ensure YOU stand out from the crowd 🔸Create a connection with your current – or potential clients that will entice them to read on – and follow through 🔸Work with you to bring Your e-book, book idea, or rough manuscript to being publisher ready And whether you are a small or large business owner, a marketer, a personal development / relationship coach, or an individual, ... whatever you offering, I will find the right tone so that your offering Shines, is Effective, and Reflects You, your ideas, and goals – or that of your company. I LOVE to write. It is my passion. It is what feeds my soul. And when I sit down with pen poised, the right words and appropriate tone seem to appear almost magically on paper.  This, along with … … My Writing Experience, Marketing Background, Love of Research – and my Spiritual Slant***  are what allow me to create the perfect combination of words that will best fit your needs. ***My writing is of a spiritual nature, and as such I bring a heightened sense of insight and integrity to each project. This allows me to come up with the perfect tone that will capture your audience’s attention by connecting with them on an emotional level – keeping them engaged with you and interested in your offering. If any of this speaks to you drop me a line at:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself, your business or passion project, your needs, and aspirations so that we can set up a discovery call. I would love to help you reach out to your [...]

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Market Effectively to the Holistic or Personal Development/Relationship Audience


When marketing and promoting any type of wellness or personal development product, service, or material, is tricky to maintain that Vital Sense of Integrity that aligns with the intent of your Product or Service – and Still Attract with Your Ideal Audience. However, you CAN Effectively Reach Your IDEAL Market with Your?Health Product or Service ?Coaching Business ?Passion Project?or Book Idea – and do it with Integrity. Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy?‍♀️ and I am a Writer and Published Author of Spiritual Material – with a background in Marketing and with Digital Marketing Training – and I offer a variety of writing services. See My Writing Services Page. (A link to my other Marketing  Blog Article is at the end) The Marriage of my Spiritual Slant with my Marketing Background and Digital Marketing Training allows me to walk that fine, nuanced, tricky, line of marketing with integrity. Firstly: I do the work to understand your offering, how you want to present yourself,  and your goals Secondly: I thoroughly research your ideal audience to understand their needs  so that I can craft your piece in the tone, cadence, and language needed to draw them in. Then, my inspiration hits, and the words that Effectively Communicate with your audience flow through me – Ensuring Your Offering is Clear, Concise, Hits all the Right notes, and it's Intent remains Sacred. Whether you are reaching out to Prospective Clients or Your Current Ones, to Keep them Interested and Engaged, you may need, ?a Bio ?LinkedIn Summary ?Pages ?Promo Emails (Funnel marketing) ?Sales Letters ?a Content Writer?Website Content ?Articles ?Blog Posts?Newsletters ?An Editor, or ?a Ghostwriter or Co-writer ... I can help you EFFECTIVELY connect with your Ideal Audience and Market. What you have to sell, share, or the information you have to offer fills a need, because ... ... all products, services, ideas, and written material fill a need. Your product, service, idea, or writing fills a need. Reaching out to Your IDEAL Audience where Your Offering Fills their Need – is Intentional Marketing. It is 21st Century Marketing! And Intentional Marketing is especially important in the health and personal development areas ... ... so that the energetic lines of communication are not marred by gimmicks and hooks or blurred by the negative energy of people communicated to who have no interest in your offering. With thoughtful, honest, and engaging copy that points out how YOUR offering fills their need – and does so best, I will Draw in Your IDEAL Audience with sound – but smart marketing tools – that maintain the integrity and spirit of your offering. And I will use the perfect touch of whatever tone is appropriate – be it Spiritual and Uplifting, Sparkle and Pizzaz, Thoughtful and Informative, Fun and Quirky, or Peace and Calm. I service all types of clients and businesses, including Business to Business, to help them reach their audience and goals. And I bring gusto to ALL my projects. Let Me Help You bring your much-needed offering [...]

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Testimonials – My Writing Services


TESTIMONIALS Promotional Email Writing (Editing testimonial below) I recently reached out to Rosemary McCarthy to write a couple of emails to send to my prospective client list. Rosemary was a pleasure to work with. Through our communications and her questions and own research, Rosemary fully grasped my industry's nuances with its ins and outs. I was pleased with what she came up with. I am a natural gas consultant for businesses, and it has been a tricky time to be vying for new clients. Rosemary crafted honest, smart emails addressing corporate consumers' cost issues and their worries about how to deal with rising natural gas costs. She clearly laid out the strategies we discussed and how they could best approach their current and future energy needs – even amidst the oil and gas industry crisis. Despite these tough oil and gas industry times, I can say that this marketing campaign was a success. From the 358 cold-call emails I sent to known natural gas users, I got a dozen feedbacks, with four in-person meetings. These are good numbers for contract-based business-to-business projects in my industry – especially these days. Rosemary seamlessly married good, basic marketing strategies – without seeming pushy and gave the necessary information while addressing my prospective customers' needs and fears.  I highly recommend working with Rosemary McCarthy for your online copywriting needs and marketing programs. I give her ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ May 2022, ~ Erika Abrahao, Energy Consultant and Principal & Founder – Teal Energy, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, June 2022. www.tealenergy.ca ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to My Writing Services Page. My email contact: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Editing Services Rosemary McCarthy recently edited 5 cover letters for me that were 4 to 5 pages long. I was very satisfied with her work and will call on her for my future contracts. As an Immigration Consultant, I often receive written material from clients whose mother tongue is not English that require a good edit before being submitted to various government bodies. Rosemary’s task was to edit the letters to ensure they were clear, concise, and easily readable, with the crucial points standing out, all while maintaining the writer’s voice. She fulfilled all these requirements. I highly recommend Rosemary for all your writing needs, whether editing or otherwise. October 2022. Warm regards, Dr. Mehdi Saboori, Immigration Consultant. Consultant RCIC number: R711370  Saboori Immigration Services Corp. Email: saboorim@saboori-immigration.com Phone: +1 514 533 1360. Fax: +1 514 533 1361. Toll free: +1 855 999 1360

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E-Books as an E-Mail Gathering Tool


Offering Small E-books is one of the MOST Effective E-mail Gathering Tools. Whether you are reaching out to individuals or businesses … … offering free information about your product, service, coaching business, or your passion project is the BEST way to draw potential clients to you. The value of E-books over simply offering blog posts full of information is the look. There are many templates to choose from to give your little book a look that matches the length, style, colors, and tone to best suit your needs. Your E-book can be as short as 1000 words to give the reader just a little taste of your offering or as long as 5000 words to explain the scope of your business or offering more fully. No matter your business or subject, I will do the research needed to fully understand your project, service, or the idea you want to share. As a writer, published author, copywriter, editor, and blogger, I have written on various subjects and for multiple types of businesses. My writing is of a spiritual/personal development nature. As a copywriter, my client projects have ranged from marketing for the Natural Gas Industry, Editing for an Immigration Agent to writing Website Content for a Transport's Co's website. Whatever your subject matter ... ... I will write a thoughtful, informative, and concise little book for you – in the tone appropriate for the project and that gives the reader just enough to pique their interest – so they click through  – and  your E-mail list grows. © Rosemary McCarthy, March 28th, 2023 Let's talk soon, Rosemary? rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com

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Compelling Content – for Your About and Web Pages, Blog Posts, Articles, E-books, etc.


If You Want to Reach - or Exceed Your Goals, You Need Relevant, Compelling Content - with just the perfect touch of personality and heart for your business or offering. It takes honest, smart, and to the point content to draw your intended readers in, pique their interest, and keep them engaged with you and your offering. Whether you are wanting to: 🔸Improve brand awareness and create traffic on your website to expand your business's reach 🔸Attract new clients 🔸Reach out and nurture your current clients 🔸Educate or share information or your ideas, 🔸Promote or give pertinent information about your Coaching business, or 🔸Offer your passion project to the world ... ... Your content must be Intentional, Targeted, to the Point - and in the Right Tone and Cadence - and it must walk that fine line of being informative - while still intriguing the reader. As a Seasoned Writer, Published Author, Copywriter, and Ghostwriter - with a Marketing Background and Digital Marketing Know-how, ... I Will write - or Co-write With You the content you need to inform, promote to, or entice your audience - whatever your product, service, or sharing by, 🔸Doing the research needed - to fully understand your product or services and your intended audience - so that I can craft copy that speaks directly to their level of interest and understanding 🔸Focusing on the important points - to create the perfect balance of your content being  informative - while still inviting and captivating 🔸In the appropriate tone for the project - that speaks your intended reader's language so that your product, services, or offering feels relevant and relatable to them 🔸With strategically placed phrases - that show you, your company, or your offering in its best light, and last but not least 🔸Speaking to your readers' needs - by pointing out the benefits of your product, service, or sharing and how it will improve their life It is a fine line to walk to create a flow of words to bring this all about, and I would love to walk that fine line for you ... ... to help you create enough of an impact when reaching out to your audience – so that they are drawn to you and your message or offering. Let's talk soon, Drop me a quick note at rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself and your needs, and we can set up a discovery call. Let’s talk soon! 🌞 My Full Writing Services Page My Recent Testimonials

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Ghostwriter: for Books, E-Books, Memoirs, Bios, Articles, Blog Posts, Newsletters


As a Ghostwriter/Co-Writer, I can serve you in many ways. And whatever the project  I will ensure your message or communication has the perfect combination of Heart, Smarts, and Integrity – as appropriate to the piece. 1)I Can Write, 0r Co-Write with You, Your Book, Memoir, or Autobiography – from whatever stage it is in – and so it will sound like you. (More details below) 2) I Can Write, or Co-Write with You, the Articles, Blog Posts, Newsletter Messages, E-books*** – or anything else you need help writing to support your product or service, or to get your message out into the world – in the tone and rhythm appropriate to the project.  (More details below)   *** Read More about E-Books for Marketing 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶 Whatever the project, my aim is to write what you want to share in a way that reflects your intention – be it informative or heartfelt. You will think to yourself, "that is exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to sound."  To get your message across to your intended audience in a way that piques their interest, keeps them engaged, and draws them into your world, I will craft, edit, and weave words together that speak to their hearts, needs, or interest – depending on your intentions and the message. And I will do so with a sense of integrity. (My personal writing is of a spiritual nature, so I can only write with a sense of integrity😊) 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶 1)Write 0r Co-Write Your Book, Memoir, or Autobiography – from whichever stage it is in. (See below for more details on How I go about writing your bio, memoir, articles ... etc..) Whether you simply have a idea of where you want to go, or you already have notes or files, I will work with you until the manuscript is completed – and Publisher Ready. Whatever the project, my goal will be to: 🔶Write or Co-write Your Bio, Memoir, or Autobiography – that breathes of your life 🔶Write or Co-write the Manuscript that is bursting to come forth from you that you will be proud of – and that weaves together your ideas and insights in a way that educates, intrigues, or enthralls your readers. 🔶Write your small E-books either for your personal projects or to attract new clients – that give just the right amount of information to pique the reader's interest and keep them engaged with you. I will craft a smart, honest, and interesting manuscript – that hits all the right notes and tones and that shows you – or your subject in its best light.   I will start with, 🔶Our Discussions – for me to get a feel of what your intentions are with the piece and of your intended audience 🔶Interviews – needed if you are still in the idea stage or only have a few rough notes 🔶Create chapter titles – and present them to you 🔶Create headings – after we have confirmed chapter titles 🔶Research anything that needs clarification or checking on such as facts, stats, or find necessary [...]

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Promotional and Marketing Material:  E-mails (Funnel Marketing), Opt-Ins, and Sales Letters


Successful Online Promotional Campaigns usually consist of one or all of the following: Opt-Ins Emails Sales Letters Each of these serve a different purpose, and so they require a different approach – and tone. Opt-Ins Opt-Ins are an email gathering tool. You give something – or part of something for free. If the recipient wants to take advantage or learn more you ask them to give you their email address. Your freebie may be: a free ice cream cone, chapter 1 of a book, a small introduction to an online service you offer, or valuable information related to your product or service that would pique their interest. Although they are not yet customers, these names on your list are potential clients, as they have showed interest in your product or service by giving you their email address. However, as only potential clients you must be gentle when communicating with them. They will be in your Funnel as non-purchasers, however, you can move them along the funnel with a series of emails; messages that gently guides them to purchase or sign-up. (See below in next section for more on Funnels and Funnel marketing). Email Marketing and Funnels You may have different types of email lists – and a Different Approach – and Tone is needed for each to get the most out of them. The various approaches don’t use magic, or crystal balls, they simply use Online Copywriting Smarts. So, whether you are reaching out to,      ? A Client Email List      ?A Permission-based Email List (like the Opt-Ins above)      ?An Industry List, or      ?A Purchased List, To ensure you get the best results possible, the copy must be well-crafted, compelling, heartfelt, and accurately targeted – so that it speaks to your readers’ needs – and how they might be feeling towards your company, product. or service. All this, vis-a-vis, The type – and quality of your email list Where the receiver is on their purchasing journey (your funnel tracks this) … is what will significantly impact your email marketing campaign’s success and profitability. As a professional writer, copywriter, and marketer – with digital copywriting knowledge, I pride myself on weaving words together that pique the reader’s interest and keeps them engaged – no matter the type of list, or where the recipient is your funnel. Except for an Email Blast sent out for a specific purpose, product, or promotion,  most email marketing campaigns consist of a series of emails (auto-responders) that are sent out sequentially with each one building on the previous one aimed to gently guide to recipient to purchase or sign-up. Email Funnel Marketing A Marketing Funnel is an Automated System that Tracks: Your customers' purchasing journeys, and Potential clients' responses to your communications. These could be names from a purchased or industry list or people who responded to your Opt-in. Depending on the responses (or non responses), the names are "funneled" through to the next step, or kept at the same place if no response. You will have [...]

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Your Email List is Gold … Use it to its Full Advantage


Imagine having a crystal ball that tells you How – When – and How Often – to Communicate with Your Email List – so that Your Communications are More Effective, Get More Click-throughs, Optimizes Your Budget – and Increase Your Profit. ?There is still time to get organized for Black Friday weekend, so to make the most of your email list, contact me at: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com Oh yes, and Read My Most Recent Testimonials Well, surprise, surprise. There are no crystal balls in marketing, but there are good basic online marketing strategies that can optimize your online marketing budget by,      ?Increasing the number of responses and follow-throughs       ?Getting you more sales and sign-ups       ?Keeping the interest going on you, your company, and your product(s) or service(s) by staying with you – and at least not hitting the "unsubscribe button. You may have different types of email lists – and a different approach is needed for each to get the most out of each list. These different approaches don't use magic, or crystal balls, they just use Online Marketing/Copywriting smarts. (More details on each – and how to best communicate to them are below) You may have,      ? A Client Email List      ?A Permission-based Email List      ?An Industry List, or      ?A Purchased List Contacting your client email list requires various themes and a different tone than marketing emails. They are mostly geared towards keeping a good relationship with your clients – and from time to time used for up-selling or gently marketing for repeat business. Marketing emails are geared towards an eventual purchase or sign-up. And there are many variables that make them successful and that ensure good profit margins (such as how updated your list is and the cost-to-profit on each transaction or sign-up), However, it is, … … how well the marketing email messages are crafted vis-à-vis  The type – and quality of your email list, and Where the receiver is on their journey to becoming your client or subscriber ... that significantly impact your email marketing campaign's success and profitability. It is good, smart, compelling, heartfelt, and accurately targeted copy that speak to your readers' needs and how they may be feeling towards your product or service that ensures you get the best results possible – no matter the type or quality of your list. Hello?‍♀️, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a writer, published author, copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, and French to English translator with a background in marketing and trained in online copywriting. I offer a variety of Writing Services. Reach me at: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com The Various Types of Email Lists – and their Advantages and Disadvantages A Client Email List This is the list you have of your current clients. These Contacts Are Gold They are easy to market to for repeat business and up-selling. To keep them engaged with you or your company you must nurture them – with regular communications via newsletters, articles, or blog posts offering them tips, [...]

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