Understanding Ourselves – Attracting the Right Partner

Monday, May 25, 2020

1:00pm – 4:30pm

Workshop  3 of  ‘Becoming Your Best Self ‘ Series (3/3)

(For Women only)

Understanding Ourselves: Attracting the Right Partner 


This workshop is for women only, and is based on empowering concepts, like: “How to Improve Your Relationship;” “How to Prepare Yourself For a Great Relationship;” How to Attract – and Choose a Great Life Partner.” It will be in conjunction with Iliana Sanchez –  a dating expert. 

Was to be:: Sunday, May 25, 1:00  – 4:30 pm.  To be rescheduled to a later date.  To stay updated on this, or for info if I do Online Workshops – Sign-up for my Newsletter Here or contact me to be put on my email list at: rosemary@spiritedfawnpublications.com 

I have turned off the Registration for now.

Where: Tentative Location: Studio 77, 271, Lakeshore Drive, Pointe Claire. H9S 4L1. (Where exactly to find room below)

Cost: $50 prepaid (registration link below). $60 cash at door.  All materials supplied.

‘Becoming Your Best Self ‘ Series of Workshops is based on my books: “Your Journey to Peace …; “Why We Are the Way We Are;” and my upcoming “Overcoming Unconscious Influences …. ” and “Relationships in an Evolving World.” (Links to About Me and Books below).

In this Workshop Designed for Women, We Will Learn: 

1) What often keeps us from creating satisfactory and harmonious relationships, such as Neediness, Low-self Esteem, Hidden Agendas, Fear of Being Alone, etc.

2) How to override these attitudes

3) How to date and choose partners from a place of empowerment – not neediness, loneliness, or weakness.

We will use Worksheets, Create Life Lists (short and long term , and Use a Visualization technique to See Yourself in a Happy Relationship.

There may be a followed by a Part 2 in June, with a review session and a Q&A session. (If all is delayed because social distancing is still in effect, it will be the Summer or Fall).

(WHERE TO FIND US: Go through the coffee shop to the back through 2 doorways. Go in door on the left. Go through kitchen and along the hallway, turn left into main room. You will see me and my set-up there).

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Hope to see you there ❤️


Rosemary McCarthy


Event Location

Tentative Location: STUDIO 77
275 LAKESHORE Drive (just beside the Studio 77 coffee shop)
Pointe Claire, Québec, H9S 4L1

Event Fees

CAD 50.00