OVERCOMING: Hurts, Anger, Frustration, Neediness, Blame and Control Tendencies

Sunday, Dec 8, 2019

1:30pm – 4:00pm

Workshop 1  of ‘Becoming Your Best Self ‘ Series 


like: Hurts, Anger, Frustration, Neediness, Controlling Tendencies, and Blaming Others for Our Unhappiness

I Have Overcome – So Can  You

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‘Becoming Your Best Self ‘ Series of Workshops is based on my books: “Your Journey to Peace …; “Why We Are the Way We Are;” and “Overcoming Unconscious Influences …. ” (Links to About Me and Books below).

When: Sunday, December 8th, 1:30  – 4:00 pm

Where: Studio 77, 271, Lakeshore Drive, Pointe Claire. H9S 4L1. (Where exactly to find room below)

Cost: $20 prepaid (registration link below). $25 cash at door.  All materials supplied.

(WHERE TO FIND US: Go through the coffee shop to the back through 2 doorways. Go in door on the left. Go through kitchen and along the hallway, turn left into main room. You will see me and my set-up there).

In this 1st Workshop You Will Learn (I will hold follow-up workshops early in 2020)

1) Why We (and Others) Act in the Ways We Do.

2) Why We Often Feel Hurt – and Disappointed by Others.

3) That it is Unconscious Influences that Cause People to Feel Bad, or to Act Badly.

4) How these Unconscious Influences Causes Conflict and Misunderstandings – With Those Close to Us, and People Different than Us).

5) How to Recognize the Triggers Cause Your Unconscious Influences to Play Out – Without Your Conscious Consent.

6) How to Connect the Dots between the Feelings and Emotions that Cause Your Triggers.

7) Learn Tools to Override the Automatic Responses to Your Triggers.

8) Learn to Make Peace with Loss (not major losses like death of a loved one, but divorce, job loss, children leaving home, etc.)

We Will Focus on Whichever Issues You are Most Interested Exploring (such as anger, frustration, controlling tendencies, feeling hurt by others, etc.). And there will be a Q & A at end.

We Can Also Explore:

1) What is Creating Disharmony or Conflict with Those Close to You.
2) Any Disempowering Attitudes Not Serving You Becoming Your Best Self.

This workshop will be: Informative – and Interactive – with many Handouts, as well as Worksheets that can help us see ourselves – those close to us – and all others through a clearer and kinder lens.

As an attendee, you will receive lots of practical information and tools you can incorporate into your every day life.

I will also hold follow-up Workshops early in 2020 that will focus on how to best to apply the concepts from this Part 1  – for us individually and in our relationships.

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Hope to see you there ❤️


Rosemary McCarthy



Event Location

275 LAKESHORE Drive (just beside the Studio 77 coffee shop)
Pointe Claire, Québec, H9S 4L1

Event Fees

CAD 20.00