My Coaching Services 2023-24: Personal Development/Growth and Relationship Areas

My Coaching Services  are Based on My Published  and Upcoming Books Your Journey to Peace ...;  Why We Ae the Way We Are;  and Relationship Intelligence ... (due out Spring 2024) My aim is to support people become more Conscio49ers jersey asu football jersey OSU Jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey micah parsons jersey Ohio State Team Jersey custom football [...]

For Women: Find, Let In, and Only Choose Your IDEAL Partner/Spouse

To Transform Your Dating Life – and  greatly improve your chance of calling-in – and choosing the life-partner you dream of, it is vital to … … bring more consciousness and intentionality to your dating – so you can co-create the beautiful life with the man you yearn for. Maybe you’ve been frustrated and fed-up and have almost given up [...]

Relationships: As We Evolve Our Relationships Improve – Part 1/3

(I am currently setting up a COSU Jerseys custom football jerseys detroit lions jersey custom football jerseys College Football Jerseys asu football jersey College Football Jerseys custom made football jerseys Iowa State Football Uniforms detroit lions jersey custom football jerseys micah parsons jersey fsu football jersey asu football jersey custom football jerseys  Online Workshops in November. Contact me at: [...]

Relationships: Partnering Up Consciously – Separating Consciously 2/3

The more consciousness we bring to our dating, the better they turn out for us. The more consciousness we bring to our current relations49ers jersey custom made football jerseys custom football jerseys custom football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey Florida state seminars jerseys micah parsons jersey asu jersey custom football jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey [...]

Understanding Our Feelings, Emotions, and Reactions

When we have no true connection to the honesty of our feelings and the depths of the emotions they hold, we feel and react from unconscious influences that have no bearing upon current situations – rather than respond to what is presenting itself now. When our feelings and reactions are based on unconsciou49ers jersey custom football jerseys micah parsons [...]

What Would Love Do? February 2023, Newsletter #56

What Would Love Do? About Ourselves – and Regarding Others This text is from my February 2023 Newsletter Message. Sign Up to Receive Future Ones or Read Past Ones.  ?How we perceive and internalize what happens to us –detroit lions jersey OSU Jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys custom made football jerseys OSU Jerseys fsu football jersey fsu football jersey [...]


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