Peaceful Honesty: Clearing Away the Cobwebs of Our Past


Most of us have at least encountered moments of peace and even pure bliss in our life. Some of us feel peaceful most of the time. Others us of vacillate between feeling peaceful and being worried, stressed, and even fearful. While others of us can rarely access feeling peaceful – never mind feel blissful. Whenever we experience life from a peaceful place, we are living connected to our soul – to our True Self. Connected to our soul, we are in touch with our emotional world. Peaceful Honesty is a concept from my first book, Your Journey to Peace ..., About book here We are open, honest, and fearless. We are authentic. We have no need to hide our feelings, desires, dreams, hurts, pains, or fears. Nor do we feel the need to defend, react, or attack. We trust life, and the insights that come to us. When we do not live connected to our soul, or cannot tap into feelings of peacefulness, we are living life at the beck and call of our mind. Any negative or hurtful experiences we are still holding onto, or any from our past we buried, influence our mind to work from a place of fear, suspiciousness, and protectionism. Living mind and fear centered, we are disconnected from Our true feelings – afraid to show – or even acknowledge our vulnerabilities. Being mind-centered causes us to bring echoes of the past into present circumstances. These echoes of the past created stories in our mind about how life should be and how others should be towards us. We then create expectations based on these stories that have nothing to do with what is happening in the present. We may be afraid to show our vulnerabilities, but they come out anyway in covert ways – by our reactions and behaviors. We therefore navigate life from limited, superficial, dishonest place. However, once we acknowledge and look at the real cause of current anxieties, disappointments or angers, and clear away the cobwebs from our past that are causing these, we open the door to living in Peaceful Honesty. A little later this winter, I will be holding online courses that help us uncover, deal with, and overcome what is keeping us away from Peaceful Honesty. For keep updated, stay tuned to my newsletters, or sign-up here if you are not already on my email list. Peaceful Honesty The term Peaceful Honesty came to me one morning about 10 years ago, as I awoke with an intensely peaceful feeling. It was as though every breath I took that morning went deep down into the core of my being. For years I had worked on acknowledging, accessing, and releasing much of my old, buried hurts and feelings. By the time this feeling of Peaceful Honesty came upon me that morning, I had unraveled many layers that lay between me and my True Self, and the peace that was lying beneath them started to reveal itself. My True Self and the inner peace it held simply [...]