Improve Your Couple Relationship – Online Workshop, May 24, 2023


You CAN turn a Contentious Relationship into a Happy, Healthy, and Supportive one – where you both feel loved, and understood. It just takes a little understanding of our emotional worlds – and some small shifts ... ... that will get you the results YOU want when addressing or communicating with your partner. In this workshop, you will discover Helpful communications skills – that invite the other to share what's in their hearts – rather than repel them and cause them to anger or become defensive How to avoid hurt feeling – and misunderstandings How to deflate a contentious or aggressive situation or partner How to manage your expectations How to rebuild – or create a LOVING relationship where both feel loved, understand – and supported How to rebuild trust in the other – and the relationship when it has been difficult or you feel unheard. +++ much more. Part 2 will be two weeks on June 7th 7:30pm EST. Sign-up at: EVENTS - Spirit Fawn ( Don’t let another day go by living in unhappiness, frustration, and confusion as to why – and where it all went wrong. I turned my life around – from always being angry, frustrated, and blaming everyone else – including my spouse – for all my hurt feelings, disappointments, and issues, so …  let me help you turn your relationship around – before it disintegrates further. My books and workshops are based on my 30+ years of spiritual and personal development. The knowledge, insights, and wisdom I gained and now share can help you  improve your relationship. Hope to see you there🌞 Rosemary McCarthy