Ghostwriter: for Books, Memoirs, Bios, Articles, Blog Posts, Newsletters


As a Ghostwriter, I can serve you in many ways. And whatever the project  I will ensure your message or communication has the perfect combination of Heart, Smarts, and Integrity – as appropriate to the piece. 1)I Can Write, 0r Co-Write with You, Your Book, Memoir, or Autobiography – from whatever stage it is in – and so it will sound like you. (More details below) 2) I Can Write, or Co-Write with You, the Articles, Blog Posts, Newsletter Messages  – or anything else you need help writing to support your product or service, or to get your message out into the world – in the tone and rhythm appropriate to the project.  (More details below) 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶 Whatever the project, my aim is to write what you want to share in a way that reflects your intention – be it informative or heartfelt. You will think to yourself, "that is exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to sound."  To get your message across to your intended audience in a way that piques their interest, keeps them engaged, and draws them into your world, I will craft, edit, and weave words together that speak to their hearts, needs, or interest – depending on your intentions and the message. And I will do so with a sense of integrity. (My personal writing is of a spiritual nature, so I can only write with a sense of integrity😊) 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶 1)Write 0r Co-Write Your Book, Memoir, or Autobiography – from whichever stage it is in. (See below for more details on How I go about writing your bio, memoir, articles ... etc..) Whether you simply have a idea of where you want to go, or you already have notes or files, I will work with you until the manuscript is completed – and Publisher Ready. Whatever the project, my goal will be to: 🔶Write or Co-write Your Bio, Memoir, or Autobiography – that breathes of your life 🔶Write or Co-write the Manuscript that is bursting to come forth from you that you will be proud of – and that weaves together your ideas and insights in a way that educates, intrigues, or enthralls your readers. I will craft a smart, honest, and interesting manuscript – that hits all the right notes and tones and that shows you – or your subject in its best light.   I will start with, 🔶Our Discussions – for me to get a feel of what your intentions are with the piece and of your intended audience 🔶Interviews – needed if you are still in the idea stage or only have a few rough notes 🔶Create chapter titles – and present them to you 🔶Create headings – after we have confirmed chapter titles 🔶Research anything that needs clarification or checking on such as facts, stats, or find necessary citations, etc. 🔶Collate it all and put it together in the most effective way and with the appropriate tone to get your intended message across 🔶Write the 1st draft – ensuring the tone and approach is what you want, 0r [...]