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Practices, Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Prayers, Qi Gong, etc. There is much available today to help us shift to feeling happier, more relaxed, and peaceful, be more loving, and empowered in life so that we make good, solid decisions and choices that bring us long-term happiness. Here are a few that have helped me    Added October 2021 Meditative Healing Music - For Healing and Cleansing 30-minute Beginner Yoga  Flow  10-minute Meditation. Mindfulness and Focus Meditation from Daily Calm Added September 2021 Tara Bracht's Talk - (with a small meditation): "Facing Fear in a Traumatized World." Tara talks about how stresses and traumas  (like how we may have experienced this past year-and-a-half) can turn us into fear-based ways of navigating life that affect our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. Her guided meditation is at around 53 minutes and is aimed to help us release unwanted feelings and stresses.  At 34 minutes Tara also tells a beautiful story/allegory about how we internalize trauma in ways that aim to protect us, but that may cause others to misunderstand or criticize us. Added August 2021 How to Calm the Voice Inside - Eckhart Tolle's 15-minute guide to calming mind-talk Meditation for Anxiety - Deepak Chopra's. 15-minute meditation to relieve anxiety Meditation for Positive Energy - Deepak Chopra's. 15-minute meditation to shift to feeling more positive Added July 2021 Tapping Meditation - for relieving Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed. Small intro. Approx 15 minutes Tapping Meditation - for shifting from Anger to Feeling Peaceful.  Small Intro. Approx 15 minutes Beautiful, Relaxing Music - 12 hours long Live Guided Meditation from The Buddhist Society of  Western Australia  For July 10th, 3 pm Australia time. You can set a reminder. Added June 2021 Beautiful, Relaxing. Soothing Instrumental Music - 10  minutes  Added: April 2021 10 -minute Meditation Violet Flame Meditation This is is another beautiful - and powerful meditation from Melanie Belkler I have recently been using. It invokes Ste. Germain's Violet  Flame, which helped to put what I was feeling in my heart onto paper when I was first starting to write. I hope it is as powerful for you as it was for me.  Enjoy ??  (Sorry about the add - you can skip it 5 seconds in) 5 hour Beautiful, Healing "Music to Reborn the Soul"  I recently discovered this beautiful music that is so peaceful and soothing. I keep it on during the day as I work, or when I feel stressed, sad, or .... I hope you enjoy it too. ? (Sorry about the add - you can skip a few seconds in) Added: March 2021.   This Lakota Prayer is a beautiful prayer passed down through the generations that encourages us to learn how to trust our minds, our hearts, and our intuition – as it is through listening to the messages they give us that we can “Walk in the Balance” of life.    May it guide you when you need guidance, and uplift you when you need a boost ? The Latoka Prayer [...]

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Creating Feelings of Contentment – January 2022 Newsletter Message


Feeling contented helps us weather life's ups and downs more easily. ?Sign-up for My Newsletter - and  read my past messages at:  Sign up for My Newsletter ? I also offer a variety of writing services, see My Writing Services Page There are many ways to get to a place of feeling contented, with the most obvious one being from externals, such as ... - Getting the job, reaching a goal, or becoming successful. These give us a sense of accomplishment, bringing feelings of contentment. - Moving into a house, finding the perfect partner, or starting a family also brings feelings of contentment, however … For Most of Us, Feelings of Contentment  that Come from Outside of Ourselves Is Fleeting  ? ?  ? Contentment That Comes from Within – From the Depths of Our Being – Has More Staying Power Once the newness of what we accomplished or have gotten has worn off, we seem to need to reach for the next thing. The wanting, satisfying, and wanting again trap humans fall prey to is one of the major reasons that true and lasting contentment eludes us. ? ?  ? All my writing is based on themes from my books: Your Journey to Peace …,  and Why We Are the Way We Are, See below for info on My Upcoming Books, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences…, and Relationship Intelligence … ? ?  ? This month's message was inspired by a friend's recent question on a Facebook post – and my answer. Traci asked: "What is one good thing you are experiencing even with the times we are in?" My answer (which came to me quickly) was: "I'm feeling even more contented than usual – even though I've had some tough times lately, and I feel blessed for all those who helped me get there. And I realize that there is nothing much else that beats the feeling of being content." Since that day, I've been pondering where that sense of contentment came from. I realized that it came from a combination of: ? *Loving the Holiday Season ? **Making peace with recent disappointments ? ***Appreciating what was now good ? ****And partaking in three powerful meditations with Allison Carol Blackburn just before and between Christmas and New Year. ? ?  ? ? *Loving the Holiday Season (or any other Celebration) – is an easy one because … Embracing the Spirit of Celebrations Heightens Our Senses Allowing Contentment to Grow in Our Being ? **Making Peace with Disappointments (*or True Forgiveness as taught by A Course in Miracles. See below for a fuller explanation). I had been feeling disappointed that my extended family could not attend my usual brunch (it wasn't the numbers but more distance and the many commitments the young adults had). Slowly, as the week went on, I started to make peace with this, until suddenly, it felt ok. With the acceptance that they were all growing up and had their own lives, a huge shift occurred in me, and I realized [...]

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