Newsletter # 42, June 2021: 7 Ways to Create Loving Feelings


Most of us aspire to be positive and express love out into the world. However, sometimes we simply cannot feel love in our hearts, at least not enough to be loving towards others. Eons ago, we could! We were intended to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally able to express love towards others and out into the world. However, at some point in history, negativity arose, and as this played out, our connection to joy and loving feelings inadvertently became weakened. Many of us were victims of or inherited these ways of being from past generations, and so our connection to loving feelings may be weak or even blocked.  ?My message this month is from the essay I submitted last year to the Love Foundation’s Annual Contest for their Global Love Day, whose them was “Love Begins with Me,” – for which I got an honorable mention. (Here is the image of my certificate).   ✍Oh, and my Writing/Copywriting Business’s “friends and family rate” has been extended until July 31st?  We now know that light, positive, uplifting high-vibrational thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors create feelings of general well-being. They burst through any weakness or blocks we may have to joy or loving feelings, and they send sparks of light and love to our whole being, allowing us to reconnect to loving feelings. The more we embrace high-vibrational thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, the better we feel. The better we feel, expressing love out into the world comes more naturally to us. If we cannot easily tap into joy or loving feelings, we can conjure them up.  Creating Loving Feelings We create loving feelings by passionately evoking loving feelings with our thoughts, words, attitudes, and behaviors. And doing so with gusto, relishing, delighting in, reveling in, and with exaggerated feelings gets the ball rolling. We are attempting to override years, generations, and even eons of our feelings of love being dulled and subdued, so we must approach this with enthusiasm. Here are a few of the ways we can create loving feelings within ourselves. ⭐️ Hug yourself or your pillow. Create a practice by summoning up feelings of love as if you were hugging a baby, your child, your most precious loved one, a cute kitten, or whatever will create pure, unabashed childlike pleasure within you. Doing so causes love to become part of your internal make-up, allowing you to connect to – and express love more easily. ⭐️ Embrace joy and light-heartedness. Regularly do what brings you joy. Bring fun and light-heartedness to whatever you do, as this creates a sense of joy around it, anchoring joy into your being. Joy then becomes part of your make-up. ⭐️ Be passionate and bring abandon to all you do. Being passionate and bringing abandon to whatever you are doing creates a positive vortex around it. Everyday tasks start to become more pleasurable. The mundane starts to feel extraordinary. Life – starts to feel extraordinary! ⭐️ Delight in small things. When you allow [...]

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May 2021 Newsletter: Attached to the “Idea of Things”


Attached to the “Idea of Things” is the theme of my May 2021 newsletter message; here is some of the body of the message. Sign-up to receive future ones  ? ? ? Shifts and change are inevitable in life. Some of us manage change quite easily. For others of us, they throw us for a loop. Sometimes we are truly attached to what has been lost because it feeds our heart and soul, but at other times we are simply attached to the “idea of it.” Our daily habits, jobs, routines and schedules, family and friends time, as well as our passions, hobbies, and social activities bring us a sense of structure, balance, normalcy, and purpose. And our loved ones, passions, and social activities bring joy into our lives. These all work together to create a foundation that we stand on. And without realizing it, we count on these various parts of our life to give us a sense of security and stability. We also derive our sense of identity from all of this. But is this sense of identity real, or are we holding on to the “idea of things” to feel stable and secure? ? ? ? ?I am now offering my writing services as a Digital Copywriter / Marketer (as well as continuing with my personal development / spiritual / self-help writing Full details of my writing services HERE   Oh, and I have extended my “friends and family” rate until June 24th? ? ? ? Our routines, jobs, relationships, families, and even our passions are outward influences that awaken the sense of safety, stability, balance, love, and joy that is already within us at our core. Our True Sense of Identity Comes from the Spark of The Creator In Us In our purest form, we do not need outside influences to create that sense of safety, stability, balance, love, and joy within us. We can access the inner sense of well-being these bring us from within ourselves – at any time, and free of the drama, worry, and unreliability that often comes with “worldly” things, ideas, and values. Outside influences we often draw our sense of safety, value, and identity from, like our status, what we own, the idea of an intact family, the security of a stable job, being a respected member of society, our political views, etc. are not based on solid, long-lasting foundations. These can easily crumble. And then we feel lost. They may give us some sense of security and/or identity – at least for a while. However, outside influences we look to are fickle, undependable, and ever-changing. What’s liked, appropriate, acceptable, and approved changes like the wind. They cannot give us the lasting sense of security and well-being we can find from within. To connect to our internal sense of security and well-being, we must have a strong connection to our Source Creator. To our True Self. To Spirit. However, none of us – except for the Masters and the holiest ones of the past [...]

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Newsletter #38, February 2021: Is What I’m Feeling Coming from Me, or Others?


Energy is all around us. We all emit energy – to different degrees – and of different strengths and qualities. And all the energy swirling around can be felt by others. Harsh, strong energies emit far and wide, and we can easily pick them up. Gentle energies also emit, but they have a shorter reach.  Because of their gentler nature, these don't bother us, however, sensitive people do pick up on them more easily.  It is sometimes hard to distinguish if what we are feeling is coming from within us, or from outside us. This year, with all the repercussions of the coronavirus, we've felt more vulnerable. This has caused us to become more emotionally sensitive, allowing us to be more negatively affected by the energies outside of us. However ...., Not all that we are feeling – or have been feeling – this past year may belong to us. This past year has been a monstrous attack on all areas of our life. And we have all been affected in different ways – and to different degrees. We may have had to deal with real-life situations, like keeping someone safe, losing a loved one, or having our livelihood affected. Or, we may have become stressed, angry, fearful, frustrated – or even fallen into dysfunction. However, all of what we feel doesn’t always belong to us. There is an invisible energy thread that connects us all – that connects everyone to everyone. It is because of this connection that we sometimes pick up on another’s energy, or on the atmosphere around us. I’m sure you have experienced this at some point in time when walking into a room where the atmosphere was palpable – where it felt positive and uplifting or negative and heavy. What Emits Positive Energy Uplifts Us What Emits Negative Energy Depletes Us To feel good, positive, and hopeful, we must ensure our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, and behaviors are positive. We must also ensure that what we expose our self to has positive energy around it. That it uplifts us. Stress, anger, fear, frustration, doubt, conflict, judgment, etc. all hold negative energy. These deplete us. However, acknowledging and allowing for any negative feelings we are experiencing is healthy. Burying our feelings puts up blocks to connecting to the good feelings and other benefits of Universal flow. Having said that, holding on to our feelings or frustrations for longer than the time it takes to process them or to figure out if – and what action needs to be taken is counterproductive. It creates a negative energy field within us that we must consciously break out of. We Can Create Negative Energy; We Can Also Pick It Up from Around Us As well as creating a negative energy field by allowing our inner feelings and emotions to percolate, we can also negatively affect our energy field by our habits, such as: What we focus on – television or videos we watch, the music we listen to, games [...]

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Newsletter #39 March 2021: I Am Humming Again


We all have our contentment barometers that help us realize that we are feeling – or doing better than we were – whatever feeling or doing better means for each of us. Mine is humming. I’m sure you have yours.  Maybe it’s eagerly hopping out of bed in the morning, exercising more regularly, eating better, picking up that guitar or paintbrush again, watching less tv, going to bed earlier or … And these – or any good, uplifting, or healthy habits work off each other to further make us feel better – because once we do start to feel better, we have stepped onto a more positive life track. Spring Has Sprung ? And I Wish You A Delightful Season.  Whichever Spring Religious Traditions You Embrace, I Hope Your Holi Celebration Was Spirited; Your Passover Week Is Feeling Blessed; or that You Have a Beautiful Easter   (You can also read this in your browser, see it as it was sent out, and sign-up for this free monthly publication here ) When I realize that I have been humming again, and/or I automatically start singing a beautiful / uplifting song that just comes to me – either out loud or in my head (sometimes dancing or even skipping to it – which is kind of embarrassing if this happens when I am outside as I’m not always immediately aware I am doing it?), I get this ah-ha moment where I realize … oh yeah, I am feeling better. We have all been affected in different ways this past year, and we’ve probably all had up and down days, weeks, or even months. I find it a beautiful testament to our global spirit that most of us have managed through it all – without being too badly scathed.    For me … Throughout the latter part of the winter, I had just been feeling dull. Not exactly depressed, but just a low – couldn’t care less sort of energy. But recently, my contentment barometer went off. I found myself humming again. Towards the end, I have given a few simple instructions on how to create your custom-made affirmation practice  – similar to one that helped me come out of my winter funk. And at the very end, I have included a beautiful, uplifting Latoka Prayer.  A few weeks ago, when I was out walking one quiet evening, I realized I was humming again – and to be honest, I was skipping a little (it was quiet and dark, so Phew! there were no embarrassing moments. ? And since humming is my contentment barometer, I got that ah-ha moment … ah yes, I am feeling better again – more light-hearted. Humming became my contentment barometer one day many years ago .., when I was in the gym changing room and a woman nearby was humming as she was getting changed into her everyday clothes. (This was shortly before I started doing inner work to address how I was allowing my frustrations to play out in [...]

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Newsletter #37, January 2021, Allowing Quiet and Inertia Do their Work


Being quiet allows us to tap into Universal flow, giving us the advantage of connecting to the love, peace, wisdom, and guidance it holds. Making peace with inertia gives Spirit a chance to work on our unconscious and psyche in unseen, positive ways. The Value of Quiet – of Slowing Down We have all recently been forced to slow life down. Some of us have embraced – and even welcomed the extra quiet time; some of us have hated it. Some of us have recognized the value of it; others of us have become frustrated with it, or even angry about it. Having this recent forced quiet in our life is a gift. It has made us slow down – out of business, and able to take stock of our life. Business: Robs us of the peaceful feelings we all so yearn for. Keeps us from giving fully to the really important people or things in our life. Creates stress in us, reducing our capacity to tap into joy. Business keeps us tethered to our mind, as it is constantly beset with all the details it must hold in attempts to keep everything organized. It distances us from the wisdom and guidance found when we live connected to our heart. Keeping busy also acts to delay us facing issues we don’t want to face, don’t know how to face, or are afraid to deal with. (You can see this message in your browser, Sign-Up for future ones, and read my past ones here  ) Whether we have been unaware of how our business has affected us, simply got caught up in always being busy, or have been keeping busy to avoid facing things, we have been given the opportunity to take quiet, personal, or family time to recognize – and embrace what is really important to us, and/or to deal with what our business has been masking. Working with – rather than fighting what is currently happening in our life, holds great opportunities for personal growth. If your tendency is to fight having extra or quiet time, shifting from the frustration of it all or the anger it brings up in you – to using the time effectively by getting things done – with gratitude for the opportunity to do so will make life more pleasant for you once restrictions are lifted, as well as lift your mood. At the same time, allowing yourself to get comfortable with some quiet time will help you get through this next little while more relaxed and less anxious about it all. All my writing focuses on some aspect of "Our Journey to Peace," from understanding our anger, frustration, blame, hurt feelings, etc., and how to make the shifts to finding peace with ourselves - and harmony with others.  About my books here These newfound skills of working with “what is” and “allowing for some quiet time” can be brought forward in life, and will benefit you in the future. Working with what is [...]

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Newsletter #36, Dec. 2020, Feeling Blessed: I Have Loved Ones Who Usually Grace My Table


My wish for you is that however you celebrate this Holiday season, that you can feel the love and spirit of it – even though our usual ways of preparing for and celebrating it is, and will be, greatly altered from what we are used to. (This was sent out Dec 20th, but I was only able to post here today, so my apologies if some of it seems outdated now;  the sentiments still remain :) Sign up to my newsletter here Link is also below). Myself, I’m focusing on feeling blessed because I do have loved ones nearby who I would be celebrating Christmas with, and will feel comforted that my son and his family who live far away are safe, doing ok, and have each other. I also have a few creative ideas to help me feel close to my family, and that will also help keep the spirit of the season alive in me. Sadly, not everyone does have loved ones to see during the Holiday season. Others do, but they live very far away and cannot ever get together, while some people are estranged from family members and never see them. Those of us who do have loved ones we usually celebrate with are truly blessed. Focusing on this, and getting creative in ways that help us  feel close to them, will help get us override any sadness or loneliness that may arise in us this Holiday season. This year we are all being called to dig deeper to feel the full spirit of the season. Our usual traditions will be altered, as well as our usual gatherings. Year after year, these bring a magical and mystical feeling to the season, and they reconnect us to loved ones in a special and spirited way no other time can. However, traditions and gatherings only create a framework for the magical feelings of the season to arise in us. The feelings actually belong to us. We all have the capacity to create wonderful feelings within us, and the warm feelings the Holidays bring with it are no exception. (My recent posts, I Have Loved, and Loving - Instead of Missing What Was, follow and expand on these themes. See HERE for I Have Loved, and for Loving - Instead of Missing What Was see HERE  Links also at end of message). To create the special and magical feelings our usual traditions and gatherings give us, we can: Bring to mind past celebrations/gatherings where we felt the love, connection, and spirit of the season, and focus on the feelings these created in us. Those feelings come from within us, and we can recreate them. So does dreaming of wonderful future gatherings. Both of these uplift us. Missing our loved ones, or focusing on what was or should be, depresses us. It is also helpful to let go of “the ideas of how things were – and should be,” Becoming more flexible in our ideas around how the Holidays should play out, helps us to [...]

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The Value of Deep Breathing, Newsletter, October 2020.


Deep breathing calms us – body, mind, and spirit – in the present moment, and in times of stress. It also creates a connection to that part of our self when calm resides. And each time we breathe deeply, or do a practice that engages our breath, the connection becomes stronger. Together, our breath and our heart-space are the most powerful sparks of the divine within us. Deep breathing, or breathwork as it is often called, has been a part of calming, centering, and spiritual practices for eons. It connects us to our True Self – to our heart-space, which is where we tap into universal flow, and can connect to the love, wisdom, and peaceful feelings found there. --------------------------------- At the end of this message is a small Breathwork Practice. I will be holding a Live Video webinar in a month or so based on my upcoming Book, “Overcoming Our Unconscious Influences, like Anger, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, Control, Blaming Others for Our Unhappiness,” - book 2 of my new series. About my Books HERE. Details on follow in next Newsletter, so stay tuned ?    Sign-up for Newsletter HERE ------------------------------------- In the physical, it is our continued breath and the beating of our heart that keep us alive. But we also have an energetic body – our chi, the Eastern term for our life-force, and deep breathing positively affects our life-force. Together, our breath and our heart-space are the most powerful sparks of the divine within us. It is the quality of our focus/use/connection to our breath and the strength of our connection to our heart space that dictate how calm we are, how peaceful we feel, and how much joy we can tap into. These is turn affect our attitudes, decisions, behaviors, how we view and navigate life, which all affect how our life plays out. Stress Drains Our Life-Force In this time of change, uncertainty, and restrictions, most of us have been experiencing extra stress – at least from time to time. And since it is likely we will be facing this for the next little while, it is vital that we deal effectively with our stress. We now know that stress not only affects our mind and emotions, it also affects our physical body – including our breathing. We do nt to come out of all this as unscathed as possible. We still have control in some areas of our life, like our attitudes about all that is going on and how we deal with the stress. Deep breathing is one of the most uncomplicated habits we can engage in for general health, and to relieve stress.  Breathing and stress and interrelated. Good, full, deep breathing helps to relieve stress, which strengthens our life-force. But when we are stressed, our breathing automatically quickens, and our life-force is weakened. This is why stress can cause us to get stuck in a downward cycle. To ensure we maintain a strong life-force, we must ensure we effectively deal with our [...]

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Newsletter July 2020 – Gratitude and Our Relationships


Relationships are difficult at best of times, but when we are stressed, they present even more challenges. Our mind works in curious ways when we are stressed or frustrated. It can create stories about life, and others that focus on the negative. This is always unhelpful, but especially so these days, as some of us may be acting and reacting in uncharacteristic ways, creating conflicts with others that up our already high stress and frustration levels. Instead of getting hurt, upset, or defensive when those around us act out, we need be each other's soft place to land. We can head off  hurt feelings and conflicts if we remember that we are all reeling from what is now upon us, and by being forgiving and compassionate to ourselves, and those around us if, and when, uncharacteristic attitudes, reactions, or behaviors raise their ugly head, allowing us to keep the peace. We are all managing this as best we can. )This month’s message is from a section on “Gratitude and Appreciation," from my upcoming Book 2 of my ‘Our Journey’s to Peace’ Series, which I have tweaked a bit to reflect how our relationships may be impacted with all we are going through these days). To Stay Updated, Sign-up for my Newsletter  here   As we continue managing as best we can through this pandemic with the stresses that arise and the restrictions put upon us, we must ensure that we remain as positive and grateful as we can for what we do have, what we are allowed to do while still staying safe, and for our loved ones – those we can no longer see, and those we share our homes with. We all have our comfort levels about what we are willing to do as restrictions are lifted. Some of us will do all that is now allowed – while keeping to safety measures, while others of us will still be very slow to venture out or be with people. The alienation we have all experienced may have caused some of us to become a bit more sensitive than before. Those of us who are very sociable, or whose bubble is small or even non-existent, may feel hurt when others we normally see do not yet want to get-together – even when following safety measures. Those of us living in our housing bubble with family, or friends, are still restricted to way less outings and get-togethers than before. We are therefore relegated to spending most of our time with the same people – without much opportunity for other social outlets. The stress of this can pile up. We may get testy. Impatient. And we may start to look at the idiosyncrasies of those we now spend so much time with as no longer cute or helpful, but as annoying. And those of us who have had to create a workspace in cramped or makeshift quarters – especially if with children at home, are very vulnerable to the stress of it [...]

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Newsletter May 2020 – Evoking the Power of Nature


Evoking the Power of Nature We are all going through various emotions and reactions to all that is going on because of this pandemic. None of us are 100% immune to falling into stress, worry, or fear at least on occasion. We are human and this is normal. Because of the extra stress that cannot be avoided, we must ensure we keep our physical, mental, and emotional bodies balanced. There are many ways to do this, and people are offering up so much. The sharing of beautiful and heartfelt music, uplifting stories, stunning images that evoke awe in us, jokes to make us laugh keeping us light-hearted, as well as free support, meditations, and prayer circles, give us many options to help keep us keep somewhat up and balanced. All of these offerings reach into our heart-space and connect us to the love within – the place where we can feel more peaceful. (Below are links to a few helpful practices and the download of a free e-book I recently came upon). (All my writings are based on my books, Your Journey to Peace ... and Why We Are the Way We Are - Links to About Books and Cover Images are below) It is connecting to the love within and staying light-hearted that helps us navigate these times more easily, and in the long run, helps heal the world. Stress, worry, anger, focusing on the drama, etc. keeps us tethered to our mind and its limited viewpoints, which distances us from the healing aspects of being connected to our heart-space, where our perspective is much broader. And then there is our connection to Nature – our most powerful ally. Being in nature helps us to reconnect to our origins.  Nature can communicate truths to us, because it is the cleanest and purest channel within our realm. Nature speaks directly to our hearts. It’s trees, water, rocks, plants, sky, moon, sun, and stars, the animals, the insects, etc. are brimming with love, light, and wisdom that can override the stresses and worries of our minds. And it is through a strong connection to our heart-space that stresses and worries abate. Void of stress and worry, we gain clarity. Clarity guides us to make good decisions – not influenced by drama, echoes of the past, or concerns about the future. The Indigenous peoples have always revered – and have had a reciprocal relationship with Mother Nature. As did the ancients. In Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, which is about a man seeking enlightenment in Buddha’s time, this relationship is noted. At one point, Siddhartha tells his friend Govinda that nature in its purest form can speak to us, and tells him the tale of a wise ferryman who said “the river’s voice spoke to him.” The ferryman also told him “every wind, every cloud, every bird, every beetle is equally divine and can teach just as well as the esteemed river.”(1) There is more ... to read the full message see here Stay safe and well, with much [...]

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Newsletter March 2020 – Gratitude: In Good and Challenging Times


As I was recently going over my section on “Gratitude” in the upcoming book 2 of my ‘Becoming Our Best Self’ Series, and the thought came to me to expand it to include a bit about the importance of being grateful – especially in difficult times. I also shared a few meditations. Links are below. Gratitude: In Good and Challenging Times  A little quote from Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, expresses the power of gratitude perfectly. Gratitude seeps through any denseness created when we fall prey to low vibration thinking or ways of being and connects us to our heart-space. It bursts through any blocks we inadvertently created – like those caused by worry, fear, blame, anger, etc. that keep us disconnected from our heart-space. Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life ~Rumi Along with joy, freedom, and love, gratitude and appreciation are listed as the highest on Abraham Hicks’s Emotional Guidance Scale (1). And just like love, joy, and all the high-vibration attitudes, appreciation and gratitude send sparks of light, love, and healing to our cells, allowing for mental stability and feelings of physical well-being. This helps us override as gratitude connects us to our heart-space, we are propelled into higher levels of consciousness. This helps us to override any habitual, negative / unhelpful thought, attitudinal, and behavioral patterns. Worry, fear, anger, blame etc. dissipate, and we see life with more clarity and from a more hopeful – and helpful perspective. With clarity of vision, what we really need to do not only becomes clearer, it also somehow happens more easily. The cobwebs of worry, fear, anger, blame, and what if’s simply fade away. Clarity of vision is not a small thing – especially in these confusing and challenging times. Gratitude does not come that easily to many of us, but there is much we can do to help bring feelings of gratitude and appreciation into our every-day life. Cultivating Gratitude The best way to cultivate gratitude is to consciously and consistently make it part of our every-day life. Including gratefulness and appreciation in our prayer, meditation, quiet or reflection time anchors them into our being.  Feelings of gratefulness and appreciation then become second-nature. Creating a gratitude journal is also helpful. Included it in our everyday practice, or whenever we feel stressed or succumb to fear or negativity, spending a little time writing out what we can be grateful for puts us in gratitude mode. To Read Full Message see  HERE To Sign-up for Future Newsletters see  HERE Louise Hay’s Gratitude Meditation is useful any time of the day. See Here Marianne Williamson’s recent meditation aims to help us physically and emotionally in these challenging days by 1) infusing our bodies with protective and healing light; 2) waylay any fears we may hold about all that is happening regarding the corona virus. See Here Rosemary McCarthy ©  March 31,2020.   To stay updated on new posts and book publish date(s)you can also Follow my Facebook page here  See here  for [...]

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