Best Way to Build and Grow Your Email List – the Magic of Opt-Ins


Email lists are one of the most valuable tools in digital marketing. And unless you are well versed in recent digital marketing techniques, building and growing your email list must seem daunting. That I understand. Advanced tech stuff is daunting to me! There are many types of email lists. All are valuable and give you results – some more so than others. Whatever you are wanting to promote, using your marketing dollars effectively is vital. Right? Modern, successful marketers trained in digital marketing suggest that clients looking for new customers, subscribers, or readers focus a considerable amount of their email marketing energy and dollars on attaining a Permission-based Email List. A Permission-based Email List – is a list of people who have given you their email addresses in response to a freebie or some information you put out there regarding your product, service, or message. (See below for links to my posts 0n the other types of email lists, such as client lists). They have Opted-in Because they Are Interested in Learning More This is also known as Pull-Marketing. You have pulled them to you – rather than contacting them out of the blue with unsolicited emails, which is an expensive and outdated marketing strategy. These Contacts Are Gold. They have already shown an interest in you, your product, services, or message by Opting-in and giving you their email address. They are primed to receive more information from you, however, they are not yet clients, so you must tread carefully when communicating with them. You do this by gently nudging them towards purchasing or signing up with a series of emails – also called autoresponders. This works best using an ESP*** provider. You need smart, honest, nuanced, and properly crafted copy for each email in the series to create a sense of trust with the recipient – while working towards converting them from interested – to purchasers. Creating the perfect copy to do so is a skill and a craft ... and a  good copywriter knows how to walk that fine line of ... ... crafting the clever, compelling, engaging copy necessary to move the prospective client closer to purchasing – while at the same time not overwhelming them – and at least keeping their finger away from the “unsubscribe button.” Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a writer, published author, editor, copywriter, and e-book and ghostwriter – with a marketing background and digital copywriting know-how, and so ...  ... I know how to walk that fine line. I create copy with the perfect tone for each situation  taking into account where the recipient is in your funnel – and I marry it with modern, up-to-date marketing – while still maintaining a sense of integrity. I service all types of clients and businesses, including Business to Business. I will help your effectively reach your ideal audience and attain your marketing goals. Let Me Walk that Fine Line for You and Help You Create / Grow Your Email [...]