Newsletter #39 March 2021: I Am Humming Again


We all have our contentment barometers that help us realize that we are feeling – or doing better than we were – whatever feeling or doing better means for each of us. Mine is humming. I’m sure you have yours.  Maybe it’s eagerly hopping out of bed in the morning, exercising more regularly, eating better, picking up that guitar or paintbrush again, watching less tv, going to bed earlier or … And these – or any good, uplifting, or healthy habits work off each other to further make us feel better – because once we do start to feel better, we have stepped onto a more positive life track. Spring Has Sprung ? And I Wish You A Delightful Season.  Whichever Spring Religious Traditions You Embrace, I Hope Your Holi Celebration Was Spirited; Your Passover Week Is Feeling Blessed; or that You Have a Beautiful Easter   (You can also read this in your browser, see it as it was sent out, and sign-up for this free monthly publication here ) When I realize that I have been humming again, and/or I automatically start singing a beautiful / uplifting song that just comes to me – either out loud or in my head (sometimes dancing or even skipping to it – which is kind of embarrassing if this happens when I am outside as I’m not always immediately aware I am doing it?), I get this ah-ha moment where I realize … oh yeah, I am feeling better. We have all been affected in different ways this past year, and we’ve probably all had up and down days, weeks, or even months. I find it a beautiful testament to our global spirit that most of us have managed through it all – without being too badly scathed.    For me … Throughout the latter part of the winter, I had just been feeling dull. Not exactly depressed, but just a low – couldn’t care less sort of energy. But recently, my contentment barometer went off. I found myself humming again. Towards the end, I have given a few simple instructions on how to create your custom-made affirmation practice  – similar to one that helped me come out of my winter funk. And at the very end, I have included a beautiful, uplifting Latoka Prayer.  A few weeks ago, when I was out walking one quiet evening, I realized I was humming again – and to be honest, I was skipping a little (it was quiet and dark, so Phew! there were no embarrassing moments. ? And since humming is my contentment barometer, I got that ah-ha moment … ah yes, I am feeling better again – more light-hearted. Humming became my contentment barometer one day many years ago .., when I was in the gym changing room and a woman nearby was humming as she was getting changed into her everyday clothes. (This was shortly before I started doing inner work to address how I was allowing my frustrations to play out in [...]