The Universal Law of Openness – (Part 1 / 3)


See below for link to Part 2 The Law of Openness denotes that to fully take advantage of the gifts the universe has to offer us we have to be “open” – in a state of receptivity. Grace, light, energy, and unconditional love are continuously being beamed to us from the higher realms, and to the Planet as a whole. To access these gifts, we must ensure we keep the floodgates to the universe open. Living in faith, with open hearts, and expressing love and its qualities out into the world keeps us in a receptive mode. This is honoring the Law of Openness. Jesus said, “come to me like children” – childlike. With awe. With trust. With hearts open – able to receive and give love. The expression “the heart is the seat of the soul” means that it is through our hearts that we tap into our divinity – our higher selves. To access the qualities inherent in our divinity we have to be in our heart space – not in our mind. (This article/blog post is based on concepts in my first book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here  (note you will be directed to Journey's website). Living Heart-centered vs Living Mind-centered When we live heart-centered and with open hearts, we are living at our highest, purest form. The communication lines to the universe are open: love, grace, wisdom, guidance, and information flows freely back and forth. Insights come to us. Our questions are answered. Our concerns addressed. The messages we receive guide us toward our ultimate happiness, life purpose, and our highest good. When we live from a mind-centered place, we are existing at a lower, denser level. Although living heart-centered offers us more than living mind-centered as we have access to universal flow and the power it holds, the mind is louder than the heart. When we are mind-centered, our hearts desires and any messages we might receive are drowned out. Messages are not heard. The communication lines to the universe either contain static or are blocked completely. Any insights or messages that do get through may be blurred or misunderstood. And as our focus is mainly on mind-centered matters and not on those that feed the heart or soul, the only guidance we hear or pay attention to is geared towards our mind-centered concerns. From an open heart-centered place we can accept unconditional love and freely offer love and its qualities like kindness, understanding, compassion, fairness, and acceptance to others. We live life from a place of me-and-you. From a mind-centered place we are less open to others. We react to people and situations at the level of the mind – not from the heart or the soul. We see life and others through barriers – through the mind’s veil of worry, fear, limitations, defensiveness, judgement, control, prejudice, suspiciousness, etc. We erect protective devices.* From a mind-centered place we cannot fully accept or offer love as our [...]