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TESTIMONIALS Promotional Email Writing (Editing testimonial below) I recently reached out to Rosemary McCarthy to write a couple of emails to send to my prospective client list. Rosemary was a pleasure to work with. Through our communications and her questions and own research, Rosemary fully grasped my industry's nuances with its ins and outs. I was pleased with what she came up with. I am a natural gas consultant for businesses, and it has been a tricky time to be vying for new clients. Rosemary crafted honest, smart emails addressing corporate consumers' cost issues and their worries about how to deal with rising natural gas costs. She clearly laid out the strategies we discussed and how they could best approach their current and future energy needs – even amidst the oil and gas industry crisis. Despite these tough oil and gas industry times, I can say that this marketing campaign was a success. From the 358 cold-call emails I sent to known natural gas users, I got a dozen feedbacks, with four in-person meetings. These are good numbers for contract-based business-to-business projects in my industry – especially these days. Rosemary seamlessly married good, basic marketing strategies – without seeming pushy and gave the necessary information while addressing my prospective customers' needs and fears.  I highly recommend working with Rosemary McCarthy for your online copywriting needs and marketing programs. I give her ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ May 2022, ~ Erika Abrahao, Energy Consultant and Principal & Founder – Teal Energy, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, June 2022. www.tealenergy.ca ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to My Writing Services Page. My email contact: rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Editing Services Rosemary McCarthy recently edited 5 cover letters for me that were 4 to 5 pages long. I was very satisfied with her work and will call on her for my future contracts. As an Immigration Consultant, I often receive written material from clients whose mother tongue is not English that require a good edit before being submitted to various government bodies. Rosemary’s task was to edit the letters to ensure they were clear, concise, and easily readable, with the crucial points standing out, all while maintaining the writer’s voice. She fulfilled all these requirements. I highly recommend Rosemary for all your writing needs, whether editing or otherwise. October 2022. Warm regards, Dr. Mehdi Saboori, Immigration Consultant. Consultant RCIC number: R711370  Saboori Immigration Services Corp. Email: saboorim@saboori-immigration.com Phone: +1 514 533 1360. Fax: +1 514 533 1361. Toll free: +1 855 999 1360