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Angles: Light-Beings 

Angels are God’s representatives whose purpose is to offer us love, comfort, reassurance, and guidance, or to deliver messages.

They are androgynous in nature and can manifest with feminine or masculine qualities and appear in whatever form is appropriate to us or the situation.

If our religious background taught us that angels with wings love and protect us, we will feel Spirit’s love and protection through angels.

What we call angels are really light-beings. They are the etheric, energetic beings who currently reside in the higher spiritual realms whose purpose is to serve as behind-the-scenes support for us and the universe as a whole.

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They have either returned there by overcoming the constraints of duality while in form, like the Masters, or chose never to take form during the creation of the universe, like the archangels.

The energies who speak through Esther Hicks call themselves Abraham (as in Abraham-Hicks) are light-beings and reside in the highest realms.

The well-known Archangels Gabriel and Michael also abide in the highest realms, with Michael being the protector and comforter, and Gabriel God’s messenger.

In Meetings with the Archangel, Stephen Mitchell writes of his encounter with Archangel Gabriel, who at first appeared to him in all his winged, magnificent glory in a masculine form dressed in kingly garb, but later changed into a “seven-foot-tall ellipse of light.”

Gabriel said he was just a mirror of Mitchell’s consciousness, and his visit was to help Mitchell overcome his judgments of those who derive comfort from angels. In a previous book Mitchell had declared the use of angels as guides and comforters as nonsense. (1)

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(1)Stephen Mitchell, Meetings with the Archangel: A Comedy of the Spirit, advanced uncorrected proof (HarperCollins, n.d.), 1, 2, 5–9.


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