Attract Your IDEAL Clients with Smart, Engaging - and Effective Communications

If You Are Having Trouble Crafting Your Own 🔸Bio, LinkedIn Summary, or About Page🔸Emails or Sales Letters🔸Website Content 🔸Blog Posts, or Newsletters ...

... or Maybe You Need 🔸a Ghost Writer/Manuscript Helper/Collator 🔸or a French to English Translator, 

Then I’m your gal,  Hello🙋‍♀️My name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a writer, published author, and copywriter with a marketing background and digital marketing training. I offer a variety of writing services. My contact is: 

Whatever our project together, My Aim Is to Create a Bond of Trust between you and your current or potential clients or readers.

All products, services, and writing fulfill a need, and so to help me create that bond of trust,

🔸I Address a need the targeted readers of your communications may be experiencing - in a way that makes them feel understood

🔸I Point Out the benefits your product, service, or writing will fulfill - once they buy or sign-up

🔸I Explain how their life will become easier or improved by purchasing your product or engaging your service.

And I do so using honest, insightful, thoughtful - but smart copy.

Whether for Individual or Business-to-Business Communications, I do my homework to fully understand all the related elements so that I can craft copy that answers questions or doubts the readers may have, by

🔸Researching Your Offering or Company - with an eye to point to its strengths

🔸Investigating Your Ideal Market - so that I can craft copy that will attract and entice your IDEAL prospects

🔸Working to Understand Your Intention, Needs, and Goals regarding your offering - so that I can marry your requirements with that of those you are reaching out to

🔸Scrutinizing Your Competitors - so that I know how to showcase the advantages of your product or service have over others available

🔸Taking the Pulse of Your Business's Marketplace - so that together we can craft a marketing plan that is honest - and relevant.

Whether you are offering a Product, Service, Concept, a Coaching Business, or Book Idea to the world … as your Writer, Copywriter, Digital Marketer ...

... I will Weave Words Together that Creates Engaging Copy and Evokes that Bond of Trust – so that you Attract your Ideal Clients, Followers, or Reader to You.

Engaging copy and that bond of trust will help Set YOU and YOUR offering apart from the mainstream!

Without using annoying gimmicks, I will simply,

🔸Show You in YOUR Best Light

🔸Highlight Your (or your Client's) Businesses’ Finest Points

🔸 Create Winning Copy that Effectively Communicates with Your Current and/or Potential Clients

🔸 Craft Support Material that keeps your readers engaged

🔸Promote Your Passion Projects with Insight and  Integrity

🔸 Turn Your Book Idea or Notes into a captivating manuscript

🔸Find the Perfect English Words to convey the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and nuances of your French text or story.

I would love to help you reach - and attract your IDEAL audience.

Let's talk soon!

Just drop me a line at: telling me a little about yourself and your needs, and we can set up a time to discuss. Some of my Writing Samples are below - after the next section.


As a Writer, Copywriter, Marketer, and Manuscript Fixer - I Create a Little Magic - and Find the Words You Need to Draw the Reader to YOU.

Whether you are a business owner, have a passion project to bring to the world, are a personal development or relationship coach, or you have a book idea that needs fine-tuning or notes that need collating. I'm sure ...

YOU want to Spend Your Valuable Time on what you do best and are most passionate about.  Of course, you do!

You have YOUR area of expertise,  and 

Writing is my area of expertise. And when I am writing, magic seems to flow out of me.

When I put on my writing hat for a client, that magic is unleashed and I Find the Words YOU Need – so that You Can Effectively Connect to Your Audience.

So, whether you want to reach out to:

🔸Attract   🔸 Nurture    🔸 Give Information to    🔸 Follow-up With     🔸 Sell to Your Current or Potential Clients  🔸 Enthrall Your Future Readers

And whether you require an approach that is

🔸 Gentle      🔸 Strong      🔸 Fun      🔸 Funny     🔸Serious     🔸or even Quirky

With my writing hat on, my special magical pen poised, my creative juices flowing - and the extensive research I do, I Transport the Readers into YOUR world.

Whether for Your Current / Potential Clients, or Your Future Readers - I Get into Their Heads by creating an emotional connection that draws them in,

And I do so with integrity. (With my spiritual slant I can only work in honesty and with integrity.  You can find out more about me, my other writing, and the journey that led me to my spiritual writing on my About Me Page.


Between Our Conversation and My Extensive Research, I weave words that draw the readers to YOU – and to your offerings ...  because I do my homework.

I LOVE ❤️ the investigation and research part of copywriting and writing for others. I have often thought that the best job in the world is to be a storyteller who can spend all their time researching the people, culture, and habits, etc. of the country their next bestseller will be set in.

Well, I feel I’ve got the 2nd best job in the world 😃. As I delve into the research for each client, the magic starts to happen and it feels like I am transported to other lands.

For YOU, the magic creates the perfect blend of words for YOUR needs.

As a Writer/Copywriter, I stand out because ...

... as I start to write for YOU, that little touch of magic will help me carve out a world where words meld together creating an emotional connection that draws the readers to YOU as I bring together …

🔸 the Extensive Research I do on your products/services, your current and potential clients. and on your competitors, or, on your future readers.

🔸 my Understanding of Digital Writing/Copywriting 

🔸my Creative Writing Abilities

🔸 my Marketing Background  

🔸my Organizational Skills

This all comes together because of Our Conversations About

🔸Your Marketing Aims   🔸Your Companies Values and Philosophies   🔸Your Product(s) or Service(s)  or 🔸 Your Book Aspirations

... in addition to ...

My Extensive Research about what you are offering, your current and/or ideal clients and your competition, or your future readers - allowing me to Connect the Dots between your offerings, how to keep your current clients satisfied, and/or how to pique the interest of your potential clients/readers,

... by using ...

🔸An Underused Email Gathering Toolthe one now used by avant-garde online marketers

🔸Soothing Sequential Emails – moving potential clients through your Funnell – from curious or mildly interested – to purchaser

🔸Speak-to-the-Heart Sales Letters – that create an emotional connection – enticing the reader to Click – to Buy, Sign-up, or Subscribe. YAY. We have a winner📣

🔸Relationship Building Nurturing Emails to current clients -  keeping them satisfied, interested, and engaged, thereby making them good candidates for new products or for upselling.

🔸 Creative Writing Tools and Practices - that nudges a ghostwriter/collator to perfectly reflect your thoughts, ideas, and story and turn them into an enthralling finished manuscript - you will be so proud of. (I have felt this pride! There is nothing like the thrill of holding your first published book in your hand). 

All this + that little touch of magic created when I sit down with pen in hand ... Will Transport YOUR readers into Your World.

So, whether you are looking for someone (my hand is up🙋‍♀️) to write warm, charming, serious, informative, funny, or witty copy or a manuscript

I’d Love To Create A Little Magic For YOU with my words - and transport your readers into YOUR world. 

You can connect with me at:

(My Sample Area is just below. You can read a variety of examples on different subjects and with different tones).

Samples: Writing, Copywriting, Manuscript Help

Sample Emails (Sequential / Autoresponders for Your Funnell

Sequential Emails are part of your Funnel and are aimed at soothing the recipient to buy, sign-up, or subscribe. They are shorter than Sales Letters.

In the example below, Susan had given her email address to be able to listen to a free personal development video. This series of emails gently guides her to sign up for a personal development/self-help Workshop.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  

This is part of the 1st email to Susan

[subject line] 🦋 Feel Calmer, More Peaceful, Contented, and Create Harmony in Your Life.

H there Susan

I hope you found a few little tidbits of valuable information in my recent “Your Journey to Peace” video. (You can find the replay HERE) [this is disabled].

Maybe you even used one of my suggestions and found that you really can change 🔸how you feel,  🔸how you react,  and 🔸how others respond back to you - once you become intentional and navigate issues more effectively. If you did, I’d love to hear about it😊

Have you ever thought …   I’d Love to …  

🔸Be Less Stressed 🔸No Longer Be Impatient 🔸Worry Less 🔸xxxx 🔸No Longer Easily Anger 🔸xxx

Wouldn’t this be great … and make life so much more pleasurable?

If you’ve been struggling with one – or some of the above, you’re probably now thinking – Nah … come on, but at the same time you're probably saying,

HECK YES, I WANT SOME OF THAT!   Make Sure You Read on to see how you can GET SOME OF THAT

READ MORE of this Sample Email

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~

Sample 2: From the same sequence of emails to Susan.

Hello again Susan,

In my video and recent messages, I discussed some of the ways you can Create Peace in Your Life and Have More Harmonious Relationships. (You can watch the replay HERE [this is disabled]

Here today, I will be connecting the dots between …

  1. The small shifts you make when you find Peace in Your Life
  2. The communications skills you learn to Create Healthier and Happier Relationships

… and how these positively impact ALL areas of your life. Below, I'll be offering 5 tips on how to Become More Empowered ...

And in Next Week's Online Interactive Workshop [this is disabled] you can learn even more.  It is set up to dig deeper into what is keeping you unhappy, frustrated, stressed, angry, overly reactive, etc. - so that you can ...

As well as the 5 listed below, you will learn many effective ways to communicate ... READ MORE 

Website Page Content +  Opt-In (Email gathering tool)

This is a part of a Website Page "New Flavors this Year" for Ice Cream Shops with the Opt-In of a Coupon for 10 free ice cream cones.

The Page is informative, while the Coupon acts as an Opt-In and gathers email addresses for further promotions.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~ 

🍨Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. To all our Ice Cream lovers

We are soooo glad you dropped by to check out our "out of this world" new flavors of the season.

Or maybe, (probably more than maybe) you're here for the Coupon for … drum roll … 10 FREE ICE CREAM CONES.

Of course you are 😊!  Sign-up for Your Coupon for 10 Free Ice Creams Cones ... and it will magically appear in your inbox lickety-split. [Link is disabled].

Did someone say banana split? No? Darn. ...

Getting ready for YOU, our staff is churning and churning to fill up our counters with ...

Your Best-Loved and Tried-And-True Favs,

As well as Our "5" NEW  Delectable Flavors

🍨Raspberry Green Tea Swirl, (With organic green tea)

🍨Pecan Pie Delight (We use organic pecans)

Don’t these just wet your appetite?

With all our mouth-watering flavors, how will you ever be able to choose 1? Don’t even try 😊

Have  2, or even 3 scoops. Often. You sure can with the coupon. Bring the family.

Heck, bring the whole neighborhood. (Or not! You could keep it all for yourself. HeHe).

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~ 

Oh ... and, before you click out of here, make sure you scroll down to the end  ...

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Sample Sales Letter 

Here are a few parts of a 5-page Sales Letter offering a discount on a newly published Healthier Eating book for Diabetics.

Sales Letters highlight ALL the benefits of the product or service you are offering, and so they are longer than Sequential Emails.  Those in your Funnel who are now primed to buy, sign-up, or subscribe - through the series of Sequential Emails already sent,  are now ready for the full-out Sales Letter and its offer.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~ 

JUST PUBLISHED: Limited offer. 40% off for the first 100 people who order my much-anticipated new book, A Healthier Approach to Stabilizing Insulin.

Following My Tried-And-Tested Recipes, You’ll Be More Energetic,

 Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol, and Best of All ...


Hello Eric,

Being a diabetic, I’m sure you constantly struggle with what to eat, when to eat, and how to combine foods to ensure your blood sugar stays at optimum levels – all while keeping your taste buds happy.

Like most of us, you’ve probably followed, or attempted to follow, the recommended standard diabetic diet your physician recommended – which includes a protein with every meal – and all animal-based.

Well, so did I. Did you notice, I said US above? Yes, I too am diabetic.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~   

I love Delicious food. Pasta. Meat. Sauces. Sweets. I love to snack – and  Yes, I occasionally hit one of my fav fast-food joints.

So, believe me when I say that in my research, I truly investigated

  • whether or not eating a vegetarian diet was better for diabetics,    and
  • I scrutinized the plant-based world of food to come up with a variety of delicious – and tasty dishes that excite ALL the taste buds.

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

 Here Are a Few Quotes from Reviews from my Recipe Tasters ...

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

you can still get this book at the One-Time-Low Price Of $ xx.xx -  ...[this is disabled]

READ MORE of this sample

Blog Post Writing

See the My Blog Post Page where you will find many articles I have written on various subjects, such as,

🔸Personal Development



🔸Spirituality, Spiritual Growth

🔸Our Planet

🔸 The Indigenous Peoples

Ghost Writing / Manuscript Collating

I am a Published Author

I have written,  collated, edited (again, again, and again🙂) researched, and self-published 2 books (+1 children's book), SO,

If you need Ghost Writer to take your ideas and notes and turn them into a full-fledged manuscript ready to publish. I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU.

If you need a Collator to take your rough manuscript and make it publisher-ready I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU.

No matter what stage your book idea is in I can turn it into a beautiful thing. For my 1st book, I had notebooks filled with scribbled notes, 100's of scattered sheets of paper tucked into various places, and many, many computer files of odds and ends to to work with. (So, yes, I can work with a box full of scraps of paper and copybooks half filled with notes and/0r dozens or 100's of badly filed computer files.  You would be surprised how many great and successful books start out like that😊)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~

My first book, Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science, was published in 2016, is over 450 pages, has an extensive 10-page table of contents, and a bibliography of over 300.  About Book

My second book, Why We Are the Way We Are, was published in 2018, is 220 pages, and is the 1st (of 4 so far) in my "Our Journeys to Peace' Series. About Book

Due out Summer 2022 - Book 2 of my 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences About Book 

due out later in 2022 - Book 3 of the series, Relationship Intelligence,  Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Couple Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships About Book

Newsletter Writer

I Have Written over 48 Newsletters. See My List of Published Newsletters

If you need someone to regularly write YOUR newsletters, I'm you're gal.🙋‍♀️

I will work from your ideas, material, or website and create weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or seasonal newsletters for you current clients to keep them engaged - and MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER by taking one job of your to-do-list.

Visit the above link, or contact me directly at

I'd love to work with YOU - just drop me a line.


Testimonial from Erika Abrahao, Energy Consultant, June 2022.

I recently reached out to Rosemary McCarthy to write a couple of emails to send to my prospective client list. Rosemary was a pleasure to work with.

Through our communications and her questions and own research, Rosemary fully grasped my industry's nuances with its ins and outs. I was pleased with what she came up with. I am a natural gas consultant for businesses, and it has been a tricky time to be vying for new clients.

Rosemary crafted honest, smart emails addressing corporate consumers' cost issues and their worries about how to deal with rising natural gas costs. She clearly laid out the strategies we discussed and how they could best approach their current and future energy needs – even amidst the oil and gas industry crisis.

Despite these tough oil and gas industry times, I can say that this marketing campaign was a success. From the 358 cold-call emails I sent to known natural gas users, I got a dozen feedbacks, with four in-person meetings. These are good numbers for contract-based business-to-business projects in my industry – especially these days.

Rosemary seamlessly married good, basic marketing strategies – without seeming pushy and gave the necessary information while addressing my prospective customers' needs and fears.

I highly recommend working with Rosemary McCarthy for your online copywriting needs and marketing programs. I give her a 5-star rating.

~ Erika Abrahao, Energy Consultant and Principal & Founder – Teal Energy, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

For Your Business Needs:  Website Pages, Blog Posts, Content

For Your  Potential/Current Clients

Sales Letters


Nurturing Emails to keep current customers engaged with you

Series of  Sequential  Emails to gently guide potential clients to click-on, buy, or sign-up


Email gathering Call to Action

Nurturing Communications for Current Clients

Blog Posts and Newsletters